Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18, 2013 ~ Lunar Phase Reflections ~ Full Moon Eclipse in Aries

Oct 18 ~ Full Moon Eclipse at 25 degrees, 51 minutes of Aries

Climax.  Clarity.  Pause.  Rest.  The opposing forces see each other clearly, and from this vantage point, maybe each side can see that they can compliment each other more than the need to oppose each other.  At this time the Sun is in fair and balancing Libra, while the Moon is in aggressive and self-absorbed Aries.  At the same time there is an eclipse, which intensifies and amplifies the already heightened qualities of the Full Moon.  Doors are closing, and there is completion.  There is a letting go.  The focus is on Aries, however, as the eclipsed Moon is in this sign.  So there is a letting go of a certain aspect of the "war-ing" mentality and perhaps, a deeper understanding of which wars actually need to be fought.  Right now, we are acutely aware of where we stand versus where others stand.  We are acutely aware of what is "me" versus what is "them."  But  this is a quiet moment of pause where we can integrate the experiences of the past two weeks and allow it to become wisdom.

We can see this in the American government "shut-down" being lifted and the sense that there is potential to come to a new and workable balance.  It is happening at the personal level, as well, where we can see more clearly what battles and wars we need to set aside so that our energies can be focused on matters that will actually make more of a difference to what we want to create and experience.  Fighting will lead to understanding...eventually.

The tension of this intense time remains and continues to build, even as we have a small breather and period of rest.  The next two weeks will see us negotiating and coming to many valuable compromises and resolutions before tackling the next round of issues and challenges that face us.  We are still in the "getting down to the nitty-gritty" phase of our evolutionary transition.  We are rolling up our sleeves, diving in and doing the work of sorting through all the mess in order to create something that serves us better.

Key Astrological Alignments

* Jupiter Exalted in Cancer Square Sun/Moon Opposition (Growth Potential & Expansion)

Jupiter is leading the way, giving us forward motion, optimism and a sense of WHAT IS POSSIBLE.  From a traditional Astrological perspective, Jupiter is the Greater Benefic that symbolizes FAITH, TRUST, WISDOM and EXPANSION.  He can also represent INFLATION, ARROGANCE and IRRESPONSIBILITY.  We are definitely seeing both ends of the Jupiter spectrum at this time.  However, Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, which means we are all hearing the call of that WISE ELDER that lives within each of us.  We all have tremendous support, now, for growth and expansion and transforming vision, potential and possibility into reality.

Tarot Reflections ~ 3 of Wands (Virtue)

There is much virtue when the mind, heart and body are aligned.  One could say that this alignment equals a force that is similar to the power of the Sun entering Aries at the Spring Equinox.  There is an outpouring of energy and creativity.  There is a vitality that pulses through Life.  Every Spring we begin again, and we have this same capacity for renewal in each moment.  Even as the challenges of life press in on us, our inner spirit is ALIVE with CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES and an awareness of how to meet each challenge with PRESENCE and INTEGRITY.  We must all begin somewhere.  This card reflects the energy, spirit and drive to put the wheels in motion, to start the new adventure.  This is a symbol of the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR that is in each of us that must come forward, if we are to meet the challenges facing us at this time.  We are ready to begin again with expanded creativity and vitality.

~ Old Sage

Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013 ~ Lunar Phase Reflections ~ New Moon in Libra

Oct 4 ~ New Moon at 11 degrees, 56 minutes of Libra

Of course, these are intense and dramatic times.  They always are when you are shifting from one paradigm to another.  The collective has been shifting from a paradigm of competition and "looking out for number one," to a paradigm of equality, cooperation and "we're all in this together."  This lunar month will highlight these transformational and turbulent times.  The renewal and new beginnings are in the area of RELATIONSHIPS, COOPERATION, BALANCE, HARMONY and DIPLOMACY.  You may feel a new impetus to work together to create a win-win in various areas of your life.  Beauty and harmony are emphasized, and ART may stand out as more than mere entertainment.  Art can be a way of life that soothes the soul in these disruptive times.  The energy is swift and intense.  This is a time to be social, to communicate with others, to exchange heartfelt dreams and goals.  Partnerships are highlighted along with the realization that you will "get there" only with mutual support and teamwork.  If you are having trouble figuring out what you want or what your next steps are, turn your attention toward another and seek to HELP THEM with their goals and next steps.  More and more you are discovering the OTHERS with whom you are sharing time and space.  It can all be so much lighter, more pleasing, more beautiful.  But you have to come to agreement and work toward these ideals together.  There may be turbulence before the dynamic balance is allowed/created, but it will have been worth the struggle.

Key Astrological Alignments

* T-SQUARE between Sun/Moon, Uranus and Pluto (creative conflict, being "forced" to grow)

The Sun represents Spirit, while the Moon represents the Soul.  Uranus is the AWAKENER.  He awakens through SUDDEN SHOCKS and DISRUPTION OF THE STATUS QUO.  When he is involved, CHANGE is a given.  Pluto is the GREAT DESTROYER, as well as the GREAT CREATOR.  Her power cannot be denied.  She brings EVOLUTIONARY ERUPTIONS.  These forces are in dynamic alignment at this new moon, infusing the collective with more energies that continue to catalyze our evolutionary growth and shake our foundations.  These are times of GROWING PAINS, but the only way out is through.

Tarot Reflections ~ 10 of Cups (Satiety)

The 10 of Cups signifies COMPLETION, FULLNESS and EMOTIONAL ABUNDANCE.  This reflection may seem at odds with the intense and chaotic nature of the times, but it is "right on time."  During intense times of challenge and uncertainty, of tragedy and war, RETURN TO YOUR INNER SOURCE OF HEALING AND LOVE.  There may be strife all around you, but there is always a quiet place of peace within.  There is always healing and love overflowing from your inner cup of soul and spirit.  RETURN TO YOU.  Remember the love that is around you, the others who love you, your family, your friends.  Help each other.  Turn to each other.  Let yourselves reflect the unconditionally loving spirit within.  We are entering a place of completion and fullness before moving into a new cycle.  Take frequent dips in the inner springs of love.  You are eternally sustained from within.

~ Old Sage