Monday, June 20, 2011

"ENJOY YOUR BEING AND BECOMING" - Tarot Healing Message for JUNE 20-26

CHANGE.  OPPORTUNITY.  EXPANSION. CREATIVITY.  This week the Wheel of Fortune signals a time of much activity and shifting sands in your external reality.  Do you see your fortunes as rising or falling?  Do you label the events of life as good or bad?  Truly, all experience is neutral until you give it meaning.  Though it may sometimes appear as if a momentum is carrying you along to some kind of destiny that you have not chosen, you always have the power to CHOOSE HOW YOU RESPOND TO EVENTS.  Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to experience the center of your being.  Choose to remain centered within your higher perspective.  Choose to see POSSIBILITY and OPPORTUNITY within every experience and in the world around you.  Choose ACCEPTANCE and PEACE...come what may.  There will never be a time when you will not face change.  So, embrace it, and hold to the center of the wheel of life.  Go ahead and let yourself experience a calm and trust in life's unfolding that can only come when you are at the center of your BEING and BECOMING.  With every turn of the wheel, life is giving you the opportunity to experience more of your PERFECTION and WHOLENESS.  Go can smile, laugh out loud and be in awe at the mystery of life...the mystery of you.  It is more than okay to ENJOY EVERY EXQUISITE MOMENT OF YOUR BEING AND BECOMING.

~ Old Sage

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"CAN IT GET ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL?" - Tarot Healing Message for JUNE 13-19

Day-in-day-out, you rise, you eat, you travel, you work, you play, you love, you hurt, you dream.  What is it all for?  What is it all leading to?  No one knows, except you.  YOUR LIFE IS YOUR LIVING WORK OF ART.  Through trial-and-error, you mix and blend the components of your life in order to create something beautiful.  It takes PATIENCE to "get it right."  It takes SELF-REFLECTION and HONESTY.  It takes TIME and EXPERIENCE to find the perfect DYNAMIC-BALANCE that will allow all of your parts to express themselves as one beautiful whole.  This week, go into the stillness and quiet of your being and FEEL THE WORK OF ART THAT IS YOU BEING CREATED.  At this stage in the game, the focus is on BEING and all that you are BECOMING...the doing will follow naturally.  Take a deep breath, and feel all of the various parts of yourself and your life coming into the perfect dynamic-balance.  In every moment this week, see yourself as THE ARTIST, patiently chipping away at the stone to reveal more and more of your true self.

~ Old Sage

Monday, June 6, 2011

"BE YOURSELF" - Tarot Healing Message for June 6-12

BE YOURSELF.  That is all that is necessary.  "Get-off" on being you.  Align your truth with your heart and act accordingly.  There is great energy and vitality and courage in you, and you can feel it when you value your own authenticity.  BE YOURSELF.  The sun is rising, bringing a new dawn into your life.  BE OPEN.  BE HOPEFUL.  BE OPTIMISTIC.  New possibilities are erupting around you heralding Springtime.  There is new life, new passion, new creativity and new love all around you.  Commune with you and see what life wants to express through you.  Allow joy to be your guide.  Follow your heart, and watch this new energy open and blossom new projects and new relationships before your very eyes.  Pause, now, and feel yourself being flooded with the life force, with new possibilities, with energy, with courage, with boldness to think, feel, and act in alignment with who you really are.  This week, let yourself be inspired by the truth of YOU.    YOU ARE LIFE. YOU ARE LOVE. YOU ARE ALL POSSIBILITY.
~ Old Sage