All of the work I do falls under the concepts of SPIRITUAL HEALING and COUNSELING, and though some of the work most obviously falls into one category or the other, all counseling contributes to healing, and more often than not, any healing work includes counseling.  Our work together is rarely one or the other and oftentimes BOTH.

Spiritual Healing 
Phoenix Wisdom Healing, Reiki Healing, All Energy Healing & Bodywork

Spiritual Counseling 
Intuitive & Psychic Work, Tarot Play, Astrological Work, Channeling, Teaching, Counseling, Mentoring, Coaching

Please read the descriptions below to get an idea of specific ways of working that are available to you.  All of it is healing and counseling in some form, but each service represents different pathways and "tools" that we might use to support your evolutionary process.  If you feel you are drawn to do any of this work with me, please email me any questions you have about the work, your phone number and some good times to call.  I will call you, and we can talk about what your needs are, and how I might be of service to you.  After our conversation, and after we have decided that I can indeed support you in fulfilling your intentions, we will schedule your session, and I will direct you back to this page in order to make your payment.  At the bottom of this page, you can choose how much session time you would like: 30-minutes ($60), 60-minutes ($100), 90-minutes ($150) and 120-minutes ($200).  I do this work in-person, via Skype or over the phone.  I record all sessions and use a third party service to email you the recording within two days of your session.  For my international clients, due to challenges in scheduling Skype or phones sessions, I also offer recorded sessions and email reports for the appropriate services.

 * A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all sessions. With the exception of non-work related emergencies, FULL COST of the missed session is incurred by the client.

* If you feel a resonance with me and feel that working with me might truly support you on your evolutionary journey, please don't let your financial circumstances keep you from contacting me.  I will always try to work with you, and I may be able to offer you the choice to pay for your session(s) through weekly or bi-weekly payments or through a sliding-scale.

I look forward to our sacred work together.

Many blessings!



Phoenix Wisdom Healing
To assist me in this healing work, I partner-up with my causal plane healing guides and teachers - "The Council of One."  This work is done with you lying on a massage table and focuses on cleansing and repairing your energy system so that you can house more of your own soul essence in your body, and therefore, have clearer communication with Spirit.  In addition to channeling healing energies into your body and fields, we unify your fields, clear your fields of all astral entities and debris, depolarize and harmonize your electromagnetic field (if necessary), balance your brain circuitry and endocrine glands, balance, cleanse and repair your chakras, and repair any "lower" and "higher" meridians as needed.  We also share with you any insights and information that may support your ongoing healing and evolution.  * Channeling is a delicate, sensitive and and a not-so-well understood process.  No physical channel is 100% accurate.  All channeled information must be self-validated.  View this information not as the absolute truth but as merely another perspective or opinion.  Please take and use what rings true for you and discard the rest.

Usui Reiki Healing
Sometimes, you may not feel drawn to work on healing specific issues or doing deeper and more specific energy system repairs and healing.  Sometimes, you don't necessarily have any questions or want to receive any intuitive or channeled simply feel like resting and letting your inner wisdom use the life-force to cleanse and rejuvenate you.  You know that what you receive will be perfect for you in that moment, and that the healing will support your continuing evolution towards experiencing more and more of your wholeness.  During a Reiki session, you get to lie down on a massage table, let go, relax and "turn it over to Spirit."  There is nothing you have to do other than breathe, relax and receive.

Reiki TUMMO Healing
Reiki TUMMO is Reiki with a kundalini boost!  "Tummo" is a Tibetan word that refers to the "inner fire" or kundalini energy that lies coiled like a snake at the base of the spine.  Are you dealing with heartache, grief, old wounds, resentment and/or depression?  Is anger covering-up all the vulnerability and pain?  Have you become numb to your own pain?  Are you unable to find the joy in your life?  Are you dis-connected from your Self, others and life?  Is your heart "closed" with protective armor and defensive walls?  Are you ready to forgive yourself, others and the past?  This work focuses on healing and opening the heart.  When the heart is open, you can feel Spirit showering down its blessings and grace, cleansing your heart of all its hurt and pain.  If you would like to open your heart wider, all that is needed is for you to lie down, breathe, relax, smile to your heart and let love do the rest.

Michael Guidance
When the Michaels join me during a session, they will often share with you bits of their teaching about essence, essence dynamics, personality, "overleaves" and more.  As they have no agenda of their own, other than to answer your questions in such a way as to help you validate your own knowing, you are the one who guides this conversation.  You may ask whatever you like, and you will always receive a compassionate answer from a much broader perspective than you might be used to accessing on a daily basis.  But be warned!  Michael does not flatter or pander to you, and they can be quite blunt.  They do not coddle you, as they desire to support your growth and evolution.  If you speak with Michael, you may not always hear what you would like to hear.  Besides being able to speak directly with Michael, you can also order your own "Michael Profile" email report.  In this report/profile, Michael gives you the results of their research (on your behalf) into the Akashic Records and gives you various elements of your soul essence and personality dynamics, as they understand and teach it.  Please click on the link above, which will take you to the "Michael Teachings" page so that you can learn more about what is included in the profile. * Channeling is a delicate, sensitive and and a not-so-well understood process.  No physical channel is 100% accurate.  All channeled information must be self-validated.  View this information not as the absolute truth but as merely another perspective or opinion.  Please take and use what rings true for you and discard the rest.

Astrological Guidance
No matter what work we do together, in order to help me align with our resonance and begin to receive guidance as to how to support you, I will always get your full birth-date, birth-time and place of birth, so that I can look at your Natal-Chart and Transit-Charts.  Your birth-chart gives me information about the major karmic themes in your life, as well as hints as to your life-task.  The current transit and progression charts help me to see what karmic themes are being activated at the times we are working together and what themes may be activated in the near future.  Many of my clients love to get in touch with me around their birthday so that I can give them insights into their Year-Ahead by looking at their Solar Return chart and transits.  Through the use of Astrology, we can also seek insights into Relationship Themes and Compatibility.  All that is needed for this is the accurate birth information for the other person in the relationship.  All Astrological guidance is given with the understanding that the astrological symbolism gives only glimpses into the territory you may be navigating at any given time and the karmic themes you may be exploring.  You always have the power of CHOICE with which to navigate any moment with grace and wisdom.  YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR SHIP, and fate only comes into play when you choose to "let go of the wheel."

Tarot Guidance
My cards are always with me, and at any point during our time together, you can ask me to do a spread for you.  The cards often reflect what we already know.  Therefore, they are great tools to help us confirm and validate our own inner guidance and intuitive wisdom.  We can use the cards to get you a general past/present/future overview, or you can ask for guidance about a specific question, challenge, concern, relationship or person.  During this Tarot exploration, we are not limited to the actual card symbolism and their positions in the spread.  Intuitive information is always flowing, whether we use the cards or not, and we can flow back and forth between receiving pure intuitive information and using the cards as a creative catalyst to explore more subtleties and nuances about the guidance being given.  As with all of this spiritual healing and counseling work, it helps to approach your seeking answers with a certain lightness and sense of playful exploration.  Be open to surprises, and never take any of it too seriously!
* Spiritual healing and counseling is not a replacement for medical or psychological services.  This work supports and compliments traditional medical and psychological services.

Private Tutorials & Classes
I teach Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3/Master.  I will often schedule Reiki 1 and 2 classes for small groups, but if I do not have a class scheduled, you are always welcome to study with me privately, or with a few friends who are also interested in learning to practice Reiki.  Depending on how many are in the class (1-8 students), the class takes place over two consecutive days and 4-8hrs each day.  Please contact me if you would like to learn more or have any questions.

Reiki 1 ~ $200 (Includes manual, 4 attunements, 2 meditations, self-care hands-on healing protocol, chair-session hands-on healing protocol for others and a certificate upon completion of all outside practicum work)

Reiki 2 ~ $200 (Includes manual, 3 attunements, 3 mantras and symbols, distance healing practice, 2 meditations, review of self-care hands-on healing protocol, table session hands-on healing protocol for others certificate upon completion of outside practicum work)

Reiki Master ~ (More information coming soon)

I also offer private and small group tutorials for learning how to use the Tarot and Astrology to help support you on your evolutionary journey.  These tutorials are in-person or via Skype.  The cost for these tutorials is the same as the cost for purchasing session time with me.  You would simply purchase 30, 60, 90 or 120-minutes of time below, and we would use that time for your Tarot or Astrology tutorial.  These tutorials are very flexible and are tailored to wherever you are in your learning curve.  Please contact me if you would like to learn more or have any questions.

Tarot ~ (You will need the book You Are Psychic: The Free Soul Method by Pete A.Sanders and a tarot deck that excites you, "speaks to you" and sparks your imagination.  You will learn which of the 4 psychic strengths is your primary strength, and you will learn to apply this to your self/other Tarot card readings, basic structure of the tarot and the significance of the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, elements, numbers and other symbols, as well as how to integrate your knowledge and give 1-card, 2-card, 3-card, and more-than-3-card readings...depending on how in depth you would like our work with the tarot to be.)

Astrology ~ (You will need The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need by Joanna Martine WoolfolkYou will learn about all of the basic symbolism in astrology: the signs, planets, houses and aspects, as well as how to put it all together in order to interpret your natal chart themes and current transit chart themes.  Also included in the tutorials will be various handouts.)

Nick Sweeney is a multi-talented healer with a big heart.  His passion to understand and heal himself has lead him to becoming a Reiki Master in three different lineages, as well as to having an ongoing, enthusiastic exploration of "truth" and what it means to heal.  Nick is also a professional Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor.  As a priest in the Order of Melchizedek, he is committed to teaching and healing in this time of great transition.



Michael Profile ($25)

30-Minutes ($85)

60-Minutes ($150)

90-Minutes ($200)

120-Minutes ($275)

"Love is the greatest healer."
~ Louise Hay