"The unexamined life is not worth living." ~ Socrates

Thirteen years ago, in an effort to strengthen and expand my intution, I was drawn to study the Tarot.  Ever since then, I have enjoyed using this symbolic oracle to help illuminate insights and guidance for myself and others.

I always sensed intuitively that I would one day "put down my cards," and simply receive my intuitive and psychic impressions without needing to use the cards as a focus or catalyst.  This reality has now come to pass, but I still enjoy using the cards from time-to-time because I love the visual images and the specific symbolism that has been consolidated through this medium over the ages.  I also enjoy experiencing synchronicity through the cards.  It never ceases to amaze me how the cards will reflect various inner and outer realities back to me in any given moment.  Besides all of the above, I find working with the Tarot to be just plain ol' fun!

Whenever I have a session with a client, I always have my cards handy, just in case I am guided to use them, or in case my client wants us to use them in the session.

My take on the use of various tools is that whatever tool or medium you RESONATE with for the the purpose of receiving guidance and information, is a tool or medium through which you can learn something new, remember something old, gain insight, clarity, guidance, healing and move into closer alignment with your own soul essence.

If you would like to learn how to use the tarot in order to move into greater alignment with your own soul essence and to strengthen your own intuition and psychic awareness, go to my "Services" page to learn more about private one-on-one tutorials and group tarot classes.

Below is an introduction to the Major Arcana of the Thoth Tarot Deck.


Major Arcana (the life-lessons we all explore on our evolutionary journey)

(0) FOOL 
innocence, new adventure, diving into and embracing the unknown with full trust

will, power and skill to manifest one's desires

receptivity, intuitive knowledge

mothering, birthing, sensual enjoyment

fathering, protecting, building, asserting personal power and authority

seeking truth, relating to the sacred and spiritual in day-to-day life

relating/relationships, commitment, seeking to marry inner opposites

leaving home to find one's Self, initiating change that helps evolve the Self

using clarity of mind and intuition to bring balance, cause and effect

introspection, solitude, seeking the inner light

understanding the eternal wheel of change, cooperating with destiny

spiritual strength, acceptance and integration of the animal with the spiritual self

suspension, pause, surrender, seeing things differently, cosmic insight

transition, release/letting go, glimpse of new horizon

using the experiences of life to create a new self, holding to the peace at the center

learning through temptation, obsession, power/helplessness and freedom, shadow work

collapse of shaky structures of false security, awareness of what is essential

cosmic connection, renewal, hope, radiance

exploration of the underworld/unconscious, the soul

light, illumination, joyous expression of the self, warmth, creativity

a new age, awakening to new gifts and possibilities, hearing the call and rising

completion/wholeness, liberation, harmony within and without