Thursday, October 27, 2011

"SEE NO EVIL...ONLY LACK OF LOVE" - Sage Insight for Oct 27

It does not help you to see any parts of yourself or others as evil.  For if you do, you will surely try to separate yourself from that evil, and if you succeed (which you cannot!), you will be divided and experience a lack of wholeness.  The best thing you can do in relationship to what you might call evil, is to accept it.  Accept it as a part of your self, as a part of others, as a part of reality, as a part of this universe, as a part of life.  It is the part of you that is afraid.  It is the part of you that reacts with defense.  It is the part of you that feels threatened and feels it must do harm in order to survive.  It is this same part of others that instigates "evil" acts.  If you can accept that you all have parts of you that are afraid and "evil," parts of you that become engaged under different circumstances of life, then you will be able to understand your fears and to soothe them so that awareness and enlightenment dawns in the place of darkness.  Love encompasses fear.  When you are in love's embrace, you will even embrace your fearful aspects and even come to accept and understand your own or others most "evil" acts.  This is compassion which leads to AGAPE.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"THE TUNNEL" - Sage Insight for Oct 25

The journey can be likened to going through a long, dark tunnel.  At first there is nothing but darkness.  Why did you even enter this hole???  Are you crazy?  Your old life is behind you, familiar, "safe."  You look back and feel an intense pull to turn around and go back the way you came.  But there is a stronger force pulling you forward into the darkness.  It drew you here, and you entered.  Now, you know that if you turn back, you will surely die.  So, you turn toward the darkness and continue forward.  Though nothing can be seen or known in here, you do have your thoughts, feelings, memories...As you move forward, many images and memories begin to surface.  You see yourself, your life and begin seeing a continuity underneath all of the events.  You see themes, patterns...and you feel a presence with you.  You know that you are not alone.  You feel protected...guided.  So, for what seems like an eternity, you commune with these inner visions and landscapes of knowing, as you witness yourself through time.  You begin to feel an increased sense of awareness and understanding for your life.  Suddenly, you begin to see a glimmer ahead.  "What is this place?  How long have I been walking?  How much further do I have to go???"  You keep walking, learning, re-discovering yourself as you go.  You begin to make out shapes and textures in the tunnel.  You notice figures hovering beside you, walking behind you.  They are like specters of light...almost imperceptible, but you see them clearly.  Your fear is becoming less and less, as you feel a stronger sense of guidance and protection.  As a matter a fact, this feeling of protection seems strangely familiar...You continue on.  Every step you take, the light becomes brighter and brighter.  You are beginning to make out colors and shapes up ahead beyond the exit of the tunnel.  Your pace quickens.  You begin feeling a surge of excitement and joy.  You are nearing the end of your journey.  The purpose of this tunnel experience is becoming clearer and clearer to you.  You are about to be reborn into a new reality and a new identity. You are nearing the beginning of your emergence into the world as your TRUE SELF.

~ Old Sage

Monday, October 24, 2011

"BE STILL AND KNOW" -Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 24-30

Be receptive.  Be still.  BE STILL AND KNOW.  Some things need no explanation.  Sometimes, words obscure the truth.  When you are using the Priestess within, you are learning to trust your own inner knowing.  Mystery is appreciated.  Subtlety is welcomed.  No matter what is going on in your life at this time, challenge or easy flow, you can know how to take your next steps by going within where there is stillness, quiet, darkness.  Your intuitive knowing is speaking quite clearly, now.  How do your messages come to you?  How do you read them?  Sometimes, patience is needed to decipher the messages or for the full meaning of the messages to be revealed.  In time, they will be.  This week, take time for yourself.  Step out of the hustle-and-bustle of your day-to-day.  You will only receive this guidance when you have returned to the stillness and quiet at the center of your being.  This knowing is deep and will give you more confidence to navigate this adventure called life.  If there is too much static going on in your psyche at the moment, be on the lookout for someone or something that may be a catalyst for accessing your own inner knowledge.  The KNOWLEDGE is yours.   
~ Old Sage

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"HONORING THE FATHER WITHIN" ~ Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 17-23

Who is the man in your life?  Is he, or are you a father?  Whether male or female, we all have an inner masculine principle.  We all grapple with the challenges and opportunities that come with learning about The Emperor or Father archetype.  The challenges have to do with authority and learning how to develop trust in our own sense of authority and power.  Depending on the relationship you have had with your father, this exploration of authority and personal power can be effortless or extremely difficult.  Sometimes, fathers abuse their power, and through their example, teach those dependent on them that power corrupts.  If this has been your story, how hard has it been for you to claim your power and create your kingdom as you see fit?  Are you aware of your personal power?  Do you feel the inner fire?  Do you have a vision for what you want to create?  Do you know how to assert yourself without harming another?  Most importantly, have you forgiven your father?  Until you forgive that first man in your life (or anyone else who may have played the role of father), chances are you will not fully own your personal power.  When you forgive, your personal power naturally flows into creating a life you love.  Until then, your energy will be wrapped up in trying to prove something to "Dad," and you may find yourself accomplishing much but feeling quite unfulfilled.  The good news is that it is never too late to forgive and reclaim your full power.  Then, you will see just how much you can accomplish in your life that is truly satisfying and fulfilling.

Monday, October 10, 2011

"OPEN YOUR HEART" - Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 10-16

Open your heart.  Allow the inspiration in.  Be moved.  Be touched.  FEEL.  Do not let life pass you by without loving.  Love someone.  Love something.  Love yourself.  Love ALL.  Take a moment to pause and reflect on those relationships that touch your heart and soul.  Call someone up, and tell them you love them.  Find a mirror, look deeply into your own eyes, and feel the love coming from that very ancient being who gazes back at you.  Love can soothe over all the rough edges of life.  Love can place everything back into the proper perspective.  I'm talking about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, here.  There is nothing you have to do or be to know and have it.  You are good enough just as you are, with all of your seeming imperfections.  Love.  Give yourself the gift of loving another unconditionally, even if it is your pet, a plant, a stranger you see on the street, the sky, the rain.  Love...and by week's end, you will have come home to yourself and been cleansed and renewed by love's healing waters.

~ Old Sage

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!" ~ Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 2-8

You are capable and powerful.  You are able to have and achieve whatever you truly desire.  Focus your desire and be willing to take action.  There is great vitality in your desire.  This week the message is about how you are able to create your world around you through the use of your own personal power.  Your power is not only in your desiring, but in your DOING.  What do you want?  Focus your power and manifest it!  Do what needs to be done!  Take care of business!  No one can do it for you.  It is up to you to focus and create your world as you would like it.  If you are having trouble feeling your innate personal power, remember all of the things you have manifested in your past and the steps you took to get there.  This time is no different.  Allow yourself to be powerful.  You may have to set new personal boundaries in your life and relationships in order to focus your energy and create what you desire.  Respect yourself and do what needs to be done.  The power is yours.
~ Old Sage