Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 1st Quarter Moon in Cancer

April 18 ~ 1st-Quarter Moon at 28 degrees 38 minutes Cancer

Courage!  Stay the course!  Don't give up!  This 1st-quarter moon in Cancer highlights the approaching exact square between transiting Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries on May 20th.  The moon in Cancer is squaring the sun in Aries, and we all may be feeling challenged to stay the course and manifest something tangible out of that burst of new idea and energy that we experienced after the new moon on April 10th.  In general, the 1st-quarter moon represents a CRISIS IN ACTION.  It is during the 1st-quarter moon that our ideals and dreams are tested in some fashion.  We are met with obstacles and challenges that help us to adapt and refine our dreams to meet reality.  If we are committed to our goals, then we meet the challenges, grow, and have something to show for it after the full moon.  If we give-up, some part of us mourns that dream deferred, and that piece of fire extinguishes, returning that dream to the unconscious to await a later and more volatile eruption into our psyche.  This moon phase happens within the context of the Pluto/Uranus square that we have been experiencing big-time for the past 2 years.  The theme behind this aspect is CREATIVE CONFRONTATION BETWEEN THE OLD STRUCTURES OF THE PAST (Pluto in Capricorn) AND THE NEW IDEAS AND ENERGIES HERALDING THE FUTURE (Uranus in Aries).  There is so much more that could be said about this pivotal alignment between the two outer planets, but the main point I want to highlight is that we all have been experiencing an archetypal battle within that is giving us glimpses of the new day that is dawning.  The new moon on April 10th gave us some clarity about our new directions, and as it also aligned with the Spring Equinox, and all those planets in Aries, I'm sure that you have all begun something brand new, or at least begun a new phase of something old.  For me, the new moon occurred in my astrological 10th House of CAREER and CONTRIBUTION (see * note below on how to find out where the new moon fell in your birth-chart).  I found myself energized to redesign my blog and begin blogging again after a few months of quiet and reflection.  I also decided to stretch myself and blog more frequently and in ways that I have resisted in the past.  At this 1st-quarter moon, I am aware of the insecurities of the past that have kept me from moving forward with my work, and I could easily give-up, and slip back into my familiar habits.  But I am choosing to stay the course and see just what new energies and manifestations I can embrace in my life.  Similar tests and challenges are happening for all of you, depending on where the new moon fell in your astrological charts.  The moon in Cancer reflects shifting emotional tides and a deep need for stability, home, nurturing and support.  At this time, you could easily let your insecurities and doubts override your new intentions and goals.  But this is just a test!  Insecurities are meant to be faced head-on so that you can grow into the next new you.  If you are feeling fragile or insecure about the implementation of your new ideas, get support from your friends and loved ones.  Talk to them.  Get support, insight and information that will help quiet your insecurities.  This is your time to have courage, stretch yourself, and stay the course!  Life is asking us to fight for our awakening and rebirth.  It is not enough to have the dream in our hearts and minds.  We become new and transform our world when we make our dreams reality.  And this takes action, commitment and discipline.  We have support from Pluto (evolutionary fire and sense of purpose) in harmonious alignment to Saturn (concentration and discipline), as well as from Jupiter (opportunity and expansion) in harmonious alignment with Uranus (transformation and liberation).  We have everything we need to continue-on.  If you have had the desire and inspiration, then you can eventually manifest a version of your dreams.  Life would not give you inspiration and desire without also giving you the means to bring them to fulfillment.  Use the energies of this 1st-quarter moon to become more creative than you have ever been before and to transform insecurities of the past into a new confidence and trust in yourself and your potential.  Let the challenges be your teachers.  Learn what you need to learn, then recommit to your new path.  All of life is at your back supporting your forward movement into a new paradigm of BEING and BECOMING.  You can never BE a failure, but you can fail at manifesting your intentions.  In this context and in the context of this 1st-quarter moon, the only "failure" would be in giving-up and not trying.

~ Old Sage

* The new moon on April 10th occurred at 20 degrees 41 minutes of Aries.

If you would like to know which house the new moon activated in your natal chart, email me, giving your full birth-date, time and place, and I will let you know!  After I get back to you with the house information, go to my "Astrology" page, scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and you will see a few keywords that illuminate the symbolism of each astrological house.  The idea with obtaining this information is to see if you have had a burst of energy and ideas to create something new in the area of your life brought in focus by the new moon in that house.  If you can see the reflection, then you will have more awareness around this area of your life and the new worlds you are creating there.  In relation to today's 1st-quarter moon in Cancer, you will have more awareness around the challenges you may be facing at this time that are meant to help you manifest what you set-out to manifest at the new moon 1 week ago.  And if you have any questions about any of this, ask away in the comments section!  

Many blessings!


  1. Wow! Every phrase of this was spot on and brilliant! Thank you! My response to all of this was to shore up 3 dimensional situations (new tires, taxes, rearranging house) to accommodate the future smoothly with no complications

    1. Ok, Eve. The new moon on April 10th fell in your 10th House, as well: CAREER, PUBLIC LIFE, AUTHORITY, CONTRIBUTION, VOCATION, CALLING. You would also be feeling that burst of energy in the area of life that represents WHERE YOU ARE GOING and your ACTIONS for all the world to see. I just had an insight about the lunar phase progression from new, to full, to new again, and how it truly mirrors evolution. We begin something at the new moon, we refine it at the 1st quarter moon, we see a culmination/completion at the full moon (and this can be "failure" or success), we "let go" of our identity and "baby" at the 3rd quarter moon, and then we open up to new inspiration that will take us forward at the next new moon. I'm particularly intimate with the 3rd quarter phase because that's the phase the moon was in when I was born, and I have definitely been learning to LET GO and focus on the UNDERSTANDING and CONSCIOUSNESS of things more than on the TANGIBLE THINGS THEMSELVES (1st quarter moon). I have cancer rising, as you do! I know for myself, I have always felt more intimately resonant to the moon and her cycles than to the sun's...

  2. Awesome, Eve! Can you give me your full birth-date, time and place so that I can see in which house the new moon fell (you can FB it to me)? Then, you can have even more insight into the significance and meaning of those 3-dimensional situations you got going:-)

  3. Thanks, Nicholas! Loving your new site! I used to keep an eye on my planet transits, but have lapsed a bit this past year. Interesting that this new moon fell a day before my birthday and joined my (almost exact) Sun/Venus conjunction in the 9th house. It also trines my Leo Ascendant/Moon. For me lately it seems I am more in a place of feeling the need to abandon certain dreams and taking the old in a new direction- atleast for now. Your interpretion is right on the money! And I love that tarot deck too... gorgeous imagery!

  4. Hello, hello, Kerrin! I'm so glad you found this insightful. I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this energy in motion evolves through the next full moon, 3rd quarter moon and then the new moon again, on and on and on. I'm in such a better place, now, to be able to see these shifting patterns with more clarity. Can we say 4IM-7th level-almost complete! Woohoo! Essence is rocking it!!!

  5. Correction-essence AND personality are rocking it!!! :-)