Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seek Your Self

Do not deny your feelings, your longings, your desires.  Let any sense of emptiness be ok.  You cannot fill the void with food, sex, material things, exercise and such.  Being aware of your feelings does not mean you have to act on them.  Be with them.  You are seeking your Self.  A part of you is crying out to be loved and accepted.  Self-acceptance is the first step on your journey to feeling whole and complete again. 

~ Old Sage


  1. Hmmmmm. Good advise. The implementation is the question for me today. My clarity is as cloudy as the day.

  2. Hello, Eve! It sounds to me like the cloudiness is exactly the thing you can sit with and accept. It's ok to be foggy and cloudy sometimes. I have learned that when I am feeling cloudy, it's a good time to stay indoors and take it easy.