What I Do

I help you to move beyond fear-based patterns of belief, reaction and behavior so that you can experience your True Self.  Another way of saying this is that I HELP YOU TO BECOME MORE CONSCIOUS SO THAT YOU CAN MAKE MORE CONSCIOUS CHOICES.

When you are conscious, True Self is present, and instead of making choices from a place of fear and self-protection, you are able to make choices from a place of love and self-acceptance.  Making choices from a foundation of love and self-acceptance creates the experience of WHOLENESS/ONENESS.  This wholeness is then reflected back to you through more fulfilling experiences in work, creativity, relationships, spirituality and every other area of your life.

I could also say that I TEACH YOU HOW TO LOVE YOUR SELF.

The only way this process works is through a partnership of RESONANCE.  If our souls have experienced and learned lessons that speak to one another, then we have resonance.  All healing, encouragement, insight, inspiration, comfort, support and knowledge flow through this resonance.

I trust that I have resonance with anyone who finds me and desires to work with me.

Through that resonance, I am guided to share what I have and what I know that might help you to experience more of your True Self, and thus experience healing, growth and evolution.

Depending on what you ask for and how I am guided to assist you, I may offer you spiritual healing or energy work, I may teach, channel (bring through my own non-physical teachers' consciousness in order to work with you), counsel and/or coach you.

Ultimately, you decide which role I play and when.

And in the end, the role is not important.


Love does the rest.

To learn more about who we are from a non-physical perspective, go to the "Michael Teachings" page.

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