Friday, May 31, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 3rd-Quarter Moon in Pisces

May 31 ~ 3rd-Quarter Moon at 10 degrees, 28 minutes of Pisces

Can anyone even remember where we began this current lunar cyvcle with the new moon in Taurus almost a month ago?  With all of the dust still stirred-up in the air due to this most recent period of eclipses, I bet not.  The eclipsed Taurus new moon on May 9th activated a new beginning in relationship to being more grounded and practical with our ideas and visions.  We were all stimulated to take concrete action, commit to our dreams and appreciate the prosperity that we already have.  But the eclipses were a part of this story, and many of us had to make course-adjustments, be flexible and trust the flow into new relationships and new circumstances.  Now, we are three-fourths of the way through the lunar month, and we have reached the place in the cycle where a CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS is being emphasized.  It is time to LET GO and prepare for a burst of new energy at the new moon in seven days.  So what can we learn at this 3rd-quarter moon?  The keyword for this lunation is SPIRITUALITY.  The emphasis is on your personal relationship with SPIRIT and how you LISTEN for the deep communications that come from your deep, core ESSENCE.  This is a time of feeling into your SOUL LIFE and exploring your intuitive and psychic awareness.  It is a time of deep contemplation and reflection that could manifest in time alone, spiritual retreats, a sense of quiet connection to Nature, inspired creativity, blissful moments of union with significant others and moments of seeing your Self in everything.  It could also be a time of confusion, divine discontent and an over-active imagination that sees only worst-case future scenarios.  As the moon (soul), neptune (the ALL) and chiron (bridge between the world of spirit and matter) are all together in the sign of PISCES (which is the sign ruled by other-worldly neptune), our right brain functions are being activated at this time.  We are being given the opportunity to make some healing and inspirational realizations about ourselves, the direction we are headed and how we are connected to the collective journey that is unfolding at this time.  Well, what's so bad about that?  Nothing, other than that there is another grouping of planets in GEMINI (the sun, mars, jupiter and venus) that are in a creative-conflict with the more intuitive and psychic energies symbolized by the planets mentioned above.  This square aspect in the "heavens" is reflecting our own inner striving for holistic clarity.  We are being challenged to bring the use of our left and right brain functions to a higher level of integration.  We may have a tendency to go to extremes-one moment being overly rational and analytical, and in the next moment relying too heavily on our intuition and psychic impressions.  In order to get the most out of this influence, we must use both aspects of our minds in order to glimpse the truth and possibilities that lie before us.  Even though this necessity of integration may be true overall, as we look at the BIG PICTURE, I still feel that our intuitive connection to the ocean of consciousness will be the stronger force during this lunation.  It is time to surf the waves again.  It is time to swim and play in the ocean of consciousness.  Sometimes we can analyze and think about what beliefs, attitudes and behaviors we need to let go of, and then we can come to great intellectual clarity and understanding about the process.  At other times, we can only FEEL our way through the maze of being and allow parts of ourselves to change and transform without our intellectual understanding.  This doesn't have to be a confusing or frustrating time.  It can be fun!  We spend way too much time "in our heads," anyway.  Might as well let ourselves JUST BE for awhile, flowing downstream and noticing all the sensations, sights and sounds along the way.  It's a perfect time to get to know our souls better and to learn to trust what we hear arising from the silent depths.  We'll take to the shore again and exercise our rational minds once we start the new lunar cycle in 7 days.  Until then, I say it's time to break-out the scuba gear!

~ Old Sage

Monday, May 27, 2013

~ Revelation


What is false will eventually be revealed and come crashing down.  Consider this a blessing.  You will only find the peace of your true Self behind the lies and shaky-belief structures.  When everything else that you have put your faith in comes crashing down, what is left?  When you realize nothing you thought was true is true, what is left?  When the symbols of your secure material life decay, collapse or explode right from under you, what are you left with?  Experiences of loss are the most powerful catalysts for spiritual awareness and transformation.  TRUTH IS.  If you find yourself desperately holding on to old ways of thinking and being, let go, and experience your transformation and evolution into a new way of seeing and being.  Renovation, renewal and re-birth are at hand.

~ Old Sage

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 24 ~ Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 4 degrees, 8 minutes of Sagittarius

This lunar eclipse full moon in Sagittarius marks the end of this eclipse season, which began with the lunar eclipse full moon in Scorpio on April 25th.  Our period of intense, cosmic course-adjustments are now coming to an end.  Some of us, more than others, have experienced unexpected and dramatic CHANGE.  Some doors have closed, and other doors have opened.  As this full moon is on the GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS axis of the zodiac, we will all be feeling a sense of potential integration between our lower/rational minds and our higher/intuitive minds.  We have a wonderful opportunity to put all of this motion and change into a greater perspective, but Neptune, symbol of INSPIRATION and ILLUSION, may be throwing a subtle fog over our perceptions.  At the higher end of this Neptunian spectrum, we may have great soul-clarity as to the wisdom of unfolding events and be enjoying a deep surrender to the flow of life.  At the lower end of the spectrum, we may be quite confused about recent events and finding it extremely difficult to trust the flow.  It is a deeply emotional full moon, and we may be experiencing vague feelings of sadness, longing and/or feelings that are hard to define.  In many ways, we are under water at night in the ocean of collective un-consciousness.  Everything within and without may seem to have a foreboding or a numinous glow.  It may be hard to see clearly at this time, but we can trust that whatever has come to a close has also come with a new beginning close at hand.  Four days ago, evolutionary Pluto and revolutionary Uranus reached another exact square.  This planetary symbolism continues to reflect the conflict between the old decaying paradigm of COMPETITION and the new paradigm of EQUALITY and SHARING that is being played-out on a planetary level at this time.  Saturn (structure) is also playing a part in this evolutionary dynamic during this full moon.  He is supporting the transformation of our fundamental structures, while teaching us how to create new structures that are in alignment with our higher ideals and visions.  With four planets in GEMINI (two of which are the rulers of the Sun and Moon), you can bet that we are all connecting in new ways with the world around us and taking in enormous amounts of data.  Our intellects are being primed to create new truths about our lives.  This Gemini influence is emphasizing INTELLECTUAL OPENNESS, CURIOSITY, LIGHTNESS and a PLAYFUL attitude toward the great waves-of-transition that we are surfing at this time.  All-in-all, I would say that before reaching any conclusions about where we are and where we're going, we definitely need to allow time for the eclipse-period dust to settle.  If we can take our focus off of the future for small moments at a time, and allow ourselves to let go into the present, we have the opportunity to feel a sublime connection to the ALL-THAT-IS-PERFECTION of life. We can surrender to that greater whole that we are a part of and trust where the eclipse energies have carried us...further and further into a new potential to manifest our authentic selves in every sphere of our lives.

~ Old Sage

Thursday, May 23, 2013

~ Your Expansion

Your Expansion

New Age philosophy often says "DO WHAT YOU LOVE, AND THE MONEY WILL COME."  "Do what you love, and everything else will fall into place."  This may be true, but how do you get there?  When you have a 9-to-5 job, 3 kids and are barely paying your bills, how do you get to the place of doing what you love?  You get there one small decision and one choice at a time.  You have to make some decisions and choices that bring up fear and insecurity in you, or you will never leave your comfort zone.  That is, untill life "pulls the rug" out from under you, and you find yourself forced to make new choices.  I say start small, and make a few small changes over time that will eventually add-up to one big change.  This is one way to go about it.  Another, more radical way to go about it, would be to LEARN TO LOVE (ACCEPT) WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW.  Resistance to WHAT IS keeps attracting more of what you don't want.  Let go of the resistance, find the good in what you do have and what you are doing, and life can begin to gently guide you into more ideal circumstances.  BE GRATEFUL for what you are doing, now, and life will give you more to appreciate.

~ Old Sage 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

~ Your Success

Your Success

True success comes from being your TRUE SELF.  Be patient as you grow and unfold your authentic self.  There is no rush.  You crawl before you learn to walk.  You walk before you learn to run.  If you can relax into your life-process, then your success will come in perfect timing.  Only you can define what success means for you.  As you are a unique part of the whole, it is only natural that your definition would be unique, as well.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

~ Mirth


If you can't laugh at yourself and the absurdities of life, you're in trouble.  Life is a hoot!  You may feel tempted to sell your soul in exchange for money, power or status-reflections of FALSE SECURITY.  It might not be money.  It could be the intoxication of sexual stimulation.  You might give your power away to another who seems to be the source of your pleasure and happiness.  Nothing on the physical plane is the source of your happiness.  YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF YOUR HAPPINESS.  You get to choose how you will interpret your experiences and how you will respond to life.  Choosing to laugh at your foibles and shenanigans is one way to help unravel the painful knots of life.  If you can laugh at yourself and your journey of trial-and-error, you can free up great reserves of energy and creativity.  Then you will be able to enjoy all the wondrous pleasures of the body and the physical plane without getting lost in them.

~ Old Sage

Monday, May 20, 2013



When your life is going smoothly, do you acknowledge it?  When your relationships are inspiring and joyous, do you take the time to let those people know you are grateful for having them in your life?  When you are aware of the fact that not only are you giving and receiving what you WANT out of life, but also what you NEED, do you take the time to pause and bask in that realization of goodness?  Life will not always show up in such preferred ways.  It will not always be smooth and joyous.  But when it is, those are the moments when you can come home to yourself.  You can embrace and comprehend the larger truths about your s/Self and Life.  You can be renewed.  You can heal.  You can move to a new and more prosperous level of experience.  Let yourself be complete and rest in the goodness before moving on to the next chapter and adventure.

~ Old Sage

Saturday, May 18, 2013

~ Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

We have heard the words that we need to learn to love ourselves so much that it has become cliche.  I used to wonder HOW?  At first, I thought that it meant doing for myself what I would do for one of those special others.  So I would take myself to the movies or out to a nice dinner, buy myself flowers or take myself for a nice walk in the park.  That is certainly a part of it, but I learned that it goes much deeper than this.  It begins with SELF-ACCEPTANCE.  I had to learn to accept the parts of me that I had always criticized, judged and hated.  I hated that I felt needy sometimes.  I hated my vulnerability.  I hated the anger and rage that would sometimes erupt inside of me.  I hated that I couldn't ever be perfect.  Eventually, I had to accept that I was a human BEING and a human PROCESS.  And from there, the love began to flow and overflow, as I realized I'm beautiful enough just the way I am!  

Take a look in the mirror.  Look at the being looking back at you.  For a moment, just accept whatever there is about you that has been hard to accept.  Resisting it, hating it and beating yourself up about it, will not make it go away.  See yourself as a mysterious process of creation-beautiful beyond compare.  

When I was ordained into The Order of Melchizedek, the Reverend Dan Chesbro said something I will never forget.  It helped me to open the doors to my own source of unconditional love:

"There are only two beings who can love you unconditionally: one is God and the other is what are you waiting for?"

~ Old Sage

Friday, May 17, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 1st Quarter Moon in Leo

May 17 ~ 1st Quarter Moon at 27 degrees, 24 minutes of Leo

There is one word that sums up the reflection of this 1st quarter moon:  PRESSURE.  We may sense this pressure coming from "inside," in the form of anxiety and fears that are being stirred up by intense emotional, mental and spiritual energies bursting at the seams of our bodies.  These energies seem to be demanding an outlet for their expression.  We may be experiencing this pressure coming from "outside," in the form of external challenges and obstacles.  It could be both.  There is a CRISIS IN ACTION and a great sense of mounting pressure to manifest more of our ideals into physical reality.  Put another way: we may be feeling a very strong inner urge to express our individuality and make our "mark" on the world through tangible contributions.  The moon is in Leo, and she represents that part of us that wants to boldly go forth and express herself in the world.  She wants to shine with vision and creativity and be noticed and appreciated for it.  This part of us wants to feel that it has given all of itself to life and that it has touched others in an inspiring way.  But right now, this part may be in conflict with the aspects of ourselves that are more practical, reserved, slow, steady and focused on patient and persistent pursuing of material goals.  This is reflected by the Sun and Mars in Taurus squaring the Leo moon.  These Taurus parts are not reaching for fame and immortality.  They demand that we focus on the essentials of life and that we create a lasting material comfort and security.  How do we resolve this tug-o-war?  We have to give each part its due.  We honor the Taurean wisdom that shows us how to take grounded, patient and persistent action towards manifesting our goals, AND we honor that part of us that must play, take risks, be spontaneous, and put itself and its creativity out there in a big way.  It is not enough to only pay attention to practical matters and steadily checking off our goals as we accomplish them.  We must also pay attention to when life is asking us to be courageous, bold, spontaneous, adventurous, to take risks and express our unique selves for all to see.  We need the healthy expression of BOTH sign influences to manifest our deepest dreams.  And there is more to this 1st quarter moon story.  The outer planets Pluto (mission and purpose), Neptune (universal love and compassion) and Uranus (liberation), are putting evolutionary pressure on both the sun (life and vitality) and moon (heart and soul).  As if this were not already enough pressure to "get our acts together," the revolutionary and evolutionary square between Pluto and Uranus reaches its 2nd exact aspect on Monday the 20th.  All of this symbolism is about natural evolutionary pressure that forces us to make a choice.  We either give-up and hide from life or WE GROW AND BECOME MORE THAN WE WERE BEFORE.  Life is now asking us to be more and manifest more of our authenticity and creativity.  As always, we have support.  Venus (beauty and harmony) and Jupiter (wisdom and expansion) are working together in the sign of Gemini to help us overcome the past.  The emphasis here is on BEING OPEN TO LEARNING SOMETHING NEW FROM THE INFORMATION AND FEEDBACK WE GET FROM OTHERS.  In order for us to move forward, we must connect with each other, talk and listen, share, teach and learn.  We must be willing to have our ideas and beliefs challenged and replaced with more appropriate ones.  We must be willing to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and a rapidly changing paradigm.  And let's not forget to cultivate our lightness and SENSE OF HUMOR!!!  Yes, we may feel that life is asking allot of us right now, but Life is also giving a great deal to us, as well.  More than ever, we have the opportunity to align with our souls and experience our wholeness.  In the near future, we will be masters of our capacity to use evolutionary pressure to transform lead into gold.  Hell, we may even be able to say, "Pressure? Ha!  I eat pressure for breakfast!"

~ Old Sage

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

~ Love: The Highest Truth

Love: The Highest Truth

"Regardless of language or terminology or teaching, we would say that this state by any name would be one of RESONANCE, EQUIVALENCE, AFFECTION, etc. We do not have a preferrence, though we do see the word "Love" as being more capable of embracing all of the variations, as opposed to a more specific word. In Alchemy and Kabbala, "Love" is often represented in phrases described by "Laws," whereas in Taoism and Gurdjieff, "Love" is represented by parables and pondering."


"Embracing and acknowledging your Love simply means to bring a conscious awareness to the fact that YOU ARE ULTIMATELY SAFE, and then to take responsibility for appropriately enlisting protection as necessary, instead of at every turn. There is no more immediate way for you to call on the power of Love than to still yourself with the reminder that YOU ARE ULTIMATELY SAFE."

"We have said that Truth is the Greatest Good (energy), and that Love is the Highest Truth. We say this for several reasons. One of those reasons is to reflect the fact that calling upon the power of Love automatically pulls in the higher values of Truth and Energy. This pattern will always be the same: Energy is shaped from Truth is shaped from Love :: Love aligns all of these."
"Making this statement of safety helps one to validate exactly what threats there may very well be, and then to respond to those more effectively, and it helps one to see where the lies are being told to oneself about the threats in life that are merely echos of pain, confusion, longings, etc. and then to tend to those more effectively. When one makes the statement I AM ULTIMATELY SAFE, if there is a consciousness brought to that statement, one should feel the body immediately relax, the mind to slow, the forehead, face, jaw, back, torso, shoulders, feet, hands, tongue, etc. all fall into a simple presence."

"The Physical Plane is a plane filled with threats to the body and experiences can and do harm ones psyche and other subtle bodies, but the greatest threat to [the] older soul that causes the greatest debilitation and scathing is the constant sense of lacking safety. When we speak of Safety here, we speak to the fact that in most instances, there are no immediate threats to warrant your fear, and certainly not to warrant your rejection of Love. We also speak to the fact that every worst-case scenario is death, and even then, you are ultimately safe."

"The reason we refer to Resonance, Equivalence, and Affection is because they hint at the ultimate state of Love, which is not only inclusive and embracing, but capable of adapting to, or altering, the frequency of that which is Loved. Acceptance is a word we've chosen to represent the highest capabilities of the Personality for manifesting Love. Striving for Agape (affection), the positive pole, moves one toward manifestation of Essence, which is the only aspect of "you" that can truly Love."
"The Personality is incapable of truly Loving (complete non-attachment), and it is painful and cruel to pretend that it is possible; however, when Essence is present, which can happen in a single moment of safety, then Love is capable of being present."
~ Michael Entity, channeled by Troy Tolley of

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~ Self-Love


Get to know your s/Self.  Get to know your selves.  Seek to understand all the parts of you that make up the whole.  Learn to love your Self and its many parts.  Self-love is the foundation for every good thing you want to experience in your lifetime.  Your life is waiting on your unconditional love and support.  Add this most important ingredient to your self-improvement work, and the whole of you and your life will blossom into its highest expression of light and love.

~Old Sage

Saturday, May 11, 2013

~ Inspiration


On a clear night go outside, find a nice spot to lie down on the grass and look up at the stars.  If you can, let yourself remember when you were a child and you did this very same thing.  Be quiet.  Feel the vastness of BEING.  Feel the vastness of BECOMING.  Feel and know that you are your own universe that mirrors the vastness of the stars and space above you.  Feel your connection to everything.  Feel the paradox of BEING and BECOMING.  This is your meditation.  This will renew your inspiration and reactivate your dreams.  It will calm and soothe your soul and awaken new hope for the future.  Your contribution to the world-of-stars comes from the very core spark of what you are.  And there is not another single star exactly like you in all the universe.

~ Old Sage

Friday, May 10, 2013

~ The Physical Plane

The Physical Plane

You can only master the physical plane through trial and error.  There is no shame in making mistakes.  There is only experiencing, learning and growing.  If you need help, ask someone who has more experience than you, and don't forget that he or she is still learning and growing, too.

~ Old Sage

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

May 9 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees, 31 minutes of Taurus

Last month, archetypal Aries gave us a burst of energy and inspiration from Spirit.  That evolutionary process was about IDEA.  This month, under the new moon eclipse in Taurus, we find ways to ground and stabilize that energy.  This evolutionary process is about TRANSFORMING IDEA INTO FORM.  Taurus is the sign most closely associated with Mother Earth.  She is a sign of receptivity, patience, natural harmony, beauty, sensuality and fertility.  She is the feminine counterpart to the masculine Aries.  Where Aries explodes forth into reality and strikes like lightening, forging new paths across creation, Taurus roots its identity in the Earth and uses her wisdom to patiently give Arien energy form and beauty.  Taurus is magnetic, calm and sensuously creative.  She is not in a hurry.  She trusts the natural rhythms of Nature.  She knows that by receiving and appreciating all of the wonderful physical stimuli around her, she will naturally produce what is most valuable to her: beauty and harmony.  This beauty can show up in the warm sensations experienced in the body.  It can show up as a good home-cooked meal shared with friends and family.  It can show up as a simple moment of quiet and peace as you sit on a park-bench feeding the pigeons.  The point behind the Taurean impulse is that you want to BE FULLY PRESENT IN YOUR BODY SO THAT YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR PHYSICAL EXISTENCE.  Only then can you move on to fulfillment of more intellectual, emotional and spiritual realms.  So what does all this mean in regard to this new moon eclipse?  It means that now we must switch gears.  Last month's Aries energy gave us the new ideas and intentions.  Now, it is time to GROUND those ideas and use the gifts of Taurus to patiently create the forms that will give fulfillment to the ideas.  On one level, this means "getting to work" in a practical sense, being persistent and determined, being patient and following through with the necessary DOING that must happen if we would see our dreams come true.  Of course, this is the way of Mother Earth.  She is slow, persistent, and cyclic in her processes that gives birth to beauty in the physical.  On another level, this simply means enjoying the fruits of our past labors and enjoying being alive in a body on this splendid spaceship of plenty called Earth.  Follow the natural rhythm that the moon's cycle is reflecting at this time and relax into the sturdy arms of Mother Nature.  Let yourself indulge in the five senses: eat wonderful meals and savor each bite, listen to music that uplifts and touches your soul, smell all of the flowers that are newly in bloom, gaze upon a magical sunset and make love.  See just how much around you can be seen in an artistic light that can renew your soul and imagination.  New doors are opening that will lead to a truer sense of security and peace.  There are new opportunities on the horizon for experiencing greater harmony and beauty.  There is the warmth of affection and love nearby.  Venus, the ruler of Taurus, has just moved into Gemini, the sign of eternal youth and curiosity.  This shows me that even with four planets in Taurus (moon, sun, mercury and mars), which could normally reflect the tendency for us to be stubborn workaholics and homebodies, we will have the impulse to move about in the world around us to SHARE the pleasures of physical life.  Venus and Gemini are very social.  So you can bet that there will be a great deal of new energy and activity around these Taurean themes.  There will be opportunities to connect with others and learn something new, as well as share yourself with others and teach something new.  There will be support from others for helping our dreams to become a reality.  The solar eclipse is amplifying these opportunities and opening doors to continue moving us along on our paths of fulfillment.  Also, we are experiencing a very brief respite from the full intensity of the Pluto/Uranus square, as the four planets in Taurus have recently completed more flowing and harmonious aspects to these two heavyweights.  The only catch in all of this new Taurean potential that is being seeded into our collective consciousness, is that the south node of the moon (karmic past) is also in Taurus and quite close to the new moon degree.  This means we may need to let go and complete something from the past before we can begin to experience the warmth and beauty that Taurus promises.  And this something probably has to do with our fear of loss and our attachment to material things (including relationships and work/projects) that have brought us a sense of comfort and security in the past.  It is as if this new moon eclipse is teaching us that we do not have to hold on too tightly to form because what is behind the form is continuously creating new forms!  If we hold on too tightly to the forms we had before, we cannot allow more appropriate forms to take their place.  Evolution is constantly asking us to realize the relationship between spirit and matter; physicality is the means for the evolution of spirit.  If we can let go of our attachment to the forms and glimpse the awesome spirit behind the forms, then we can can enter into new realms of appreciation for all that we have come to know and appreciate in our physical world.

~ Old Sage

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

~ Fear and Love

Fear and Love

Fear takes everything personally.  Love sees everything's innocence.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

~ Being Honest

Being Honest

Truth is always aligned with love.  If you are finding that your self-honesty is making you feel bad, chances are you are not telling yourself the whole truth, or you have not made your self-assessment from a compassionate place.  The same applies if you find yourself being critical, judgmental or condemning of others.  Sometimes our commitment to being honest is really just another game our egos play in order to be nasty under the radar, so to speak.  You do want to tear away the masks and get to the heart of the matter.  You do want to tell the truth about yourself to yourself.  But the truth feels loving, even if it is hard to hear.  The truth liberates you.  Work to have a new clarity about yourself, others and life.  Discern the difference between half-truths and TRUTH.  YOU ARE THE TRUTH.

~ Old Sage

Monday, May 6, 2013

~ You


You are alive, but are you truly LIVING?  To truly live, the animal in you must be integrated with the divinity in you.  They must become one.  That is what it means to be truly alive and awake.  You have embraced your instinctual self, you  have accepted your body and you have made friends with your survival hardware and fear.  You are delving into your shadow and carrying a light into those dark places of self.  You are seeing the various misunderstood parts of yourself in a new light, and you are unashamed.  You are embracing your whole self, the dark and the light.  From this place of awareness you radiate your essence into the world with a color and focus that is unique.  You are existing in the NOW.  The past has been healed and transformed through your understanding.  Your creativity is at an all time high.  The power of your spirit is as real as anything that can be seen and touched.  You are eternally BEING and BECOMING.  Your self-love is a magnet, and you are an inspiration to others.  You shine like the sun.  Enjoy BEING YOU!

~ Old Sage

Sunday, May 5, 2013

~ Your Sadness

Your Sadness

Sadness is not an entity unto itself.  It is a part of you.  It is a necessary part.  Grief is a necessary process that helps you come to terms with changing truths.  Anytime we grow, it seems there can be sadness and grief over what is left behind.  The you that you are leaving behind, the events, the relationships, have helped you to arrive at where you are now.  Along with the challenges of those old contexts you are leaving are the gifts that were given and received.  There are always gifts, and truly none of the love will ever be lost.  Still, right now the sadness must be honored.  The growing pains must be felt.  Your wholeness invites it.

~ Old Sage

Saturday, May 4, 2013

~ Your Center

Your Center

Do you keep to your center?  Or do you flail about out on the edges of the wheel of life?  Do you immediately judge every event as either good or bad?  Do you find yourself desperately racing around trying to keep all the balls in the air from hitting the ground?  This is no way to live.  Stop.  Let some of the balls drop.  It takes an enormous amount of energy to keep it all going.  This is the energy you could be focusing toward your own transformation.  STOP.  Move to your center.  Your center is the place in you that KNOWS you've been up and you've been down, and still you exist.  You are here.  YOU ARE.  In the center of it all, you can observe without getting so emotionally worked up, without taking actions that perpetuate your spinning to the outside of the wheel.  And from your center, you realize that the wheel will turn with or without you, for that is the nature of Life.  CHANGE.  Ironically, when you do let all those balls drop and move to your center, and learn to live life from your center, you find that your life unfolds more harmoniously.  You find yourself at one with your creativity and expansion and able to be calm and at peace no matter how the wheel turns.  This is one of many mysteries the Sphinx unravels.  And all the rest can be known from your center.

~ Old Sage

Friday, May 3, 2013

~ Your Love

Your Love

What is love?  My teacher says that it is "non-attachment."  They have also said that when we experience love, we feel our ultimate safety in existence.  For those moments when love is truly experienced, we are freed from fear, worry, anxiety and defense.  We know ourselves to be a part of a vast whole.  We don't need to understand the details of this.  We simply relax into the is-ness and perfection of the moment.  That we let ourselves experience this healing truth is as important as the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food we eat.  To let love in means dropping all illusions and simply existing in the safety of all that we are and all that we are a part of in this grand mystery of Life.  Love will always be right there waiting for us...whenever we are ready.

~ Old Sage

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 3rd Quarter Moon in Aquarius

May 2 ~ 3rd Quarter Moon at 12 degrees, 12 minutes of Aquarius

The burst of energy from the new moon 3 weeks ago has dissipated.  Now, at the 3rd quarter moon, there is a CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS.  Energies are no longer supporting creating something tangible and new in the external world.  We have done all we can do for this current lunar cycle.  The 3rd quarter moon reflection is asking us if we can let go of what we have built so that it can evolve into something new?  It's not that we have to let it go literally, even though this may be true for some.  We must let go of our BELIEFS around what we have created and how we got there.  At this point in the cycle, we could hold on to what we thought we knew, or we can let go so that our perceptions and beliefs evolve to the next level.  The Aquarius moon highlights our collective determination to continue looking ahead to what CAN BE.  This energy is innovative, intuitive, rebellious against the stagnant status quo and willing to experiment with new and unconventional ideas.  Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is harmonizing with this moon, supporting that futuristic vision, as is Jupiter in Gemini.  Individually and collectively, we are looking forward to the possibilities of ideals and visions manifesting.  But here at this 3rd quarter moon, Uranus is also fast approaching its 2nd exact square with Pluto, planet of power to be used for creation or destruction.  We are not out of the woods.  We can see our possible futures shining in the distance, or perhaps intuit our potential futures, but there is still much to transform in consciousness before these visions can become a reality.  Aligning with this challenging energy is the Sun (identity and life-force) and south node of the moon (karmic past), both in stability loving Taurus, squaring the moon.  There is a huge question mark here, and I feel that many of us, though we may have moments of confidence and belief in our ability to manifest our ideal futures, there is also an undertow from the past that threatens to drag us back into the comforting abyss of the known and familiar.  This is where the CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS can be an opportunity to breakdown and breakthrough.  Know that at this time there is nothing to do other than reflect on the past and continue to create space in your consciousness to be able to continue to receive new marching orders and inspiration for the future.  How do we do that?  Remember that WHAT WAS TRUE YESTERDAY AND WHAT IS TRUE TODAY, MAY NOT BE TRUE TOMORROW.  Remember that to LET GO is to be in harmony with Nature and All-That-Is.  And remember to stay attuned to the quiet, encouraging voice inside that is calling us forward into an uncertain but ALIVE future, where we can experience brand new versions of ourselves in brand new contexts.  It is Life itself calling us forward, now!  Let's embrace this reorientation in consciousness and prepare for the gifts that lie ahead!

~ Old Sage 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

~ Path of Change

Path of Change

Do not let frustrations and obstacles get you down.  Know that frustrations and obstacles are a part of life.  They do not define you.  However, they do help you to refine your choices.  Oftentimes, when we meet with resistance, inner or outer, it is because some aspect of our inner or outer life has been overlooked in our drive to manifest results.  Chances are you may not really want that job you are trying so hard to get.  Chances are he or she was not truly a match for you anyway.  Chances are you might feel better if you accepted your body as it is and could see its inherent beauty.  Just when we think we have found the "right" path, love will ask us to go deeper, to change, to evolve.  Thank TAO for this!

~ Old Sage