Friday, May 31, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 3rd-Quarter Moon in Pisces

May 31 ~ 3rd-Quarter Moon at 10 degrees, 28 minutes of Pisces

Can anyone even remember where we began this current lunar cyvcle with the new moon in Taurus almost a month ago?  With all of the dust still stirred-up in the air due to this most recent period of eclipses, I bet not.  The eclipsed Taurus new moon on May 9th activated a new beginning in relationship to being more grounded and practical with our ideas and visions.  We were all stimulated to take concrete action, commit to our dreams and appreciate the prosperity that we already have.  But the eclipses were a part of this story, and many of us had to make course-adjustments, be flexible and trust the flow into new relationships and new circumstances.  Now, we are three-fourths of the way through the lunar month, and we have reached the place in the cycle where a CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS is being emphasized.  It is time to LET GO and prepare for a burst of new energy at the new moon in seven days.  So what can we learn at this 3rd-quarter moon?  The keyword for this lunation is SPIRITUALITY.  The emphasis is on your personal relationship with SPIRIT and how you LISTEN for the deep communications that come from your deep, core ESSENCE.  This is a time of feeling into your SOUL LIFE and exploring your intuitive and psychic awareness.  It is a time of deep contemplation and reflection that could manifest in time alone, spiritual retreats, a sense of quiet connection to Nature, inspired creativity, blissful moments of union with significant others and moments of seeing your Self in everything.  It could also be a time of confusion, divine discontent and an over-active imagination that sees only worst-case future scenarios.  As the moon (soul), neptune (the ALL) and chiron (bridge between the world of spirit and matter) are all together in the sign of PISCES (which is the sign ruled by other-worldly neptune), our right brain functions are being activated at this time.  We are being given the opportunity to make some healing and inspirational realizations about ourselves, the direction we are headed and how we are connected to the collective journey that is unfolding at this time.  Well, what's so bad about that?  Nothing, other than that there is another grouping of planets in GEMINI (the sun, mars, jupiter and venus) that are in a creative-conflict with the more intuitive and psychic energies symbolized by the planets mentioned above.  This square aspect in the "heavens" is reflecting our own inner striving for holistic clarity.  We are being challenged to bring the use of our left and right brain functions to a higher level of integration.  We may have a tendency to go to extremes-one moment being overly rational and analytical, and in the next moment relying too heavily on our intuition and psychic impressions.  In order to get the most out of this influence, we must use both aspects of our minds in order to glimpse the truth and possibilities that lie before us.  Even though this necessity of integration may be true overall, as we look at the BIG PICTURE, I still feel that our intuitive connection to the ocean of consciousness will be the stronger force during this lunation.  It is time to surf the waves again.  It is time to swim and play in the ocean of consciousness.  Sometimes we can analyze and think about what beliefs, attitudes and behaviors we need to let go of, and then we can come to great intellectual clarity and understanding about the process.  At other times, we can only FEEL our way through the maze of being and allow parts of ourselves to change and transform without our intellectual understanding.  This doesn't have to be a confusing or frustrating time.  It can be fun!  We spend way too much time "in our heads," anyway.  Might as well let ourselves JUST BE for awhile, flowing downstream and noticing all the sensations, sights and sounds along the way.  It's a perfect time to get to know our souls better and to learn to trust what we hear arising from the silent depths.  We'll take to the shore again and exercise our rational minds once we start the new lunar cycle in 7 days.  Until then, I say it's time to break-out the scuba gear!

~ Old Sage

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