Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

May 9 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees, 31 minutes of Taurus

Last month, archetypal Aries gave us a burst of energy and inspiration from Spirit.  That evolutionary process was about IDEA.  This month, under the new moon eclipse in Taurus, we find ways to ground and stabilize that energy.  This evolutionary process is about TRANSFORMING IDEA INTO FORM.  Taurus is the sign most closely associated with Mother Earth.  She is a sign of receptivity, patience, natural harmony, beauty, sensuality and fertility.  She is the feminine counterpart to the masculine Aries.  Where Aries explodes forth into reality and strikes like lightening, forging new paths across creation, Taurus roots its identity in the Earth and uses her wisdom to patiently give Arien energy form and beauty.  Taurus is magnetic, calm and sensuously creative.  She is not in a hurry.  She trusts the natural rhythms of Nature.  She knows that by receiving and appreciating all of the wonderful physical stimuli around her, she will naturally produce what is most valuable to her: beauty and harmony.  This beauty can show up in the warm sensations experienced in the body.  It can show up as a good home-cooked meal shared with friends and family.  It can show up as a simple moment of quiet and peace as you sit on a park-bench feeding the pigeons.  The point behind the Taurean impulse is that you want to BE FULLY PRESENT IN YOUR BODY SO THAT YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR PHYSICAL EXISTENCE.  Only then can you move on to fulfillment of more intellectual, emotional and spiritual realms.  So what does all this mean in regard to this new moon eclipse?  It means that now we must switch gears.  Last month's Aries energy gave us the new ideas and intentions.  Now, it is time to GROUND those ideas and use the gifts of Taurus to patiently create the forms that will give fulfillment to the ideas.  On one level, this means "getting to work" in a practical sense, being persistent and determined, being patient and following through with the necessary DOING that must happen if we would see our dreams come true.  Of course, this is the way of Mother Earth.  She is slow, persistent, and cyclic in her processes that gives birth to beauty in the physical.  On another level, this simply means enjoying the fruits of our past labors and enjoying being alive in a body on this splendid spaceship of plenty called Earth.  Follow the natural rhythm that the moon's cycle is reflecting at this time and relax into the sturdy arms of Mother Nature.  Let yourself indulge in the five senses: eat wonderful meals and savor each bite, listen to music that uplifts and touches your soul, smell all of the flowers that are newly in bloom, gaze upon a magical sunset and make love.  See just how much around you can be seen in an artistic light that can renew your soul and imagination.  New doors are opening that will lead to a truer sense of security and peace.  There are new opportunities on the horizon for experiencing greater harmony and beauty.  There is the warmth of affection and love nearby.  Venus, the ruler of Taurus, has just moved into Gemini, the sign of eternal youth and curiosity.  This shows me that even with four planets in Taurus (moon, sun, mercury and mars), which could normally reflect the tendency for us to be stubborn workaholics and homebodies, we will have the impulse to move about in the world around us to SHARE the pleasures of physical life.  Venus and Gemini are very social.  So you can bet that there will be a great deal of new energy and activity around these Taurean themes.  There will be opportunities to connect with others and learn something new, as well as share yourself with others and teach something new.  There will be support from others for helping our dreams to become a reality.  The solar eclipse is amplifying these opportunities and opening doors to continue moving us along on our paths of fulfillment.  Also, we are experiencing a very brief respite from the full intensity of the Pluto/Uranus square, as the four planets in Taurus have recently completed more flowing and harmonious aspects to these two heavyweights.  The only catch in all of this new Taurean potential that is being seeded into our collective consciousness, is that the south node of the moon (karmic past) is also in Taurus and quite close to the new moon degree.  This means we may need to let go and complete something from the past before we can begin to experience the warmth and beauty that Taurus promises.  And this something probably has to do with our fear of loss and our attachment to material things (including relationships and work/projects) that have brought us a sense of comfort and security in the past.  It is as if this new moon eclipse is teaching us that we do not have to hold on too tightly to form because what is behind the form is continuously creating new forms!  If we hold on too tightly to the forms we had before, we cannot allow more appropriate forms to take their place.  Evolution is constantly asking us to realize the relationship between spirit and matter; physicality is the means for the evolution of spirit.  If we can let go of our attachment to the forms and glimpse the awesome spirit behind the forms, then we can can enter into new realms of appreciation for all that we have come to know and appreciate in our physical world.

~ Old Sage

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