Tuesday, May 21, 2013

~ Mirth


If you can't laugh at yourself and the absurdities of life, you're in trouble.  Life is a hoot!  You may feel tempted to sell your soul in exchange for money, power or status-reflections of FALSE SECURITY.  It might not be money.  It could be the intoxication of sexual stimulation.  You might give your power away to another who seems to be the source of your pleasure and happiness.  Nothing on the physical plane is the source of your happiness.  YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF YOUR HAPPINESS.  You get to choose how you will interpret your experiences and how you will respond to life.  Choosing to laugh at your foibles and shenanigans is one way to help unravel the painful knots of life.  If you can laugh at yourself and your journey of trial-and-error, you can free up great reserves of energy and creativity.  Then you will be able to enjoy all the wondrous pleasures of the body and the physical plane without getting lost in them.

~ Old Sage


  1. As usual, this is appetizing food for thought and integration today. :)