Saturday, May 18, 2013

~ Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

We have heard the words that we need to learn to love ourselves so much that it has become cliche.  I used to wonder HOW?  At first, I thought that it meant doing for myself what I would do for one of those special others.  So I would take myself to the movies or out to a nice dinner, buy myself flowers or take myself for a nice walk in the park.  That is certainly a part of it, but I learned that it goes much deeper than this.  It begins with SELF-ACCEPTANCE.  I had to learn to accept the parts of me that I had always criticized, judged and hated.  I hated that I felt needy sometimes.  I hated my vulnerability.  I hated the anger and rage that would sometimes erupt inside of me.  I hated that I couldn't ever be perfect.  Eventually, I had to accept that I was a human BEING and a human PROCESS.  And from there, the love began to flow and overflow, as I realized I'm beautiful enough just the way I am!  

Take a look in the mirror.  Look at the being looking back at you.  For a moment, just accept whatever there is about you that has been hard to accept.  Resisting it, hating it and beating yourself up about it, will not make it go away.  See yourself as a mysterious process of creation-beautiful beyond compare.  

When I was ordained into The Order of Melchizedek, the Reverend Dan Chesbro said something I will never forget.  It helped me to open the doors to my own source of unconditional love:

"There are only two beings who can love you unconditionally: one is God and the other is what are you waiting for?"

~ Old Sage


  1. WOW. This exactly the message I needed to see-NOW. I am struggling right now with this idea, or more aptly put-process, waay more than usual.
    Thank YOU Nick, for this!
    Mari Lynn

  2. And that's ok, too, Mari Lynn. If you can accept that you are struggling, you are on your way! Where you are in the process is also beautiful. And tomorrow is a new day:-)