Saturday, May 4, 2013

~ Your Center

Your Center

Do you keep to your center?  Or do you flail about out on the edges of the wheel of life?  Do you immediately judge every event as either good or bad?  Do you find yourself desperately racing around trying to keep all the balls in the air from hitting the ground?  This is no way to live.  Stop.  Let some of the balls drop.  It takes an enormous amount of energy to keep it all going.  This is the energy you could be focusing toward your own transformation.  STOP.  Move to your center.  Your center is the place in you that KNOWS you've been up and you've been down, and still you exist.  You are here.  YOU ARE.  In the center of it all, you can observe without getting so emotionally worked up, without taking actions that perpetuate your spinning to the outside of the wheel.  And from your center, you realize that the wheel will turn with or without you, for that is the nature of Life.  CHANGE.  Ironically, when you do let all those balls drop and move to your center, and learn to live life from your center, you find that your life unfolds more harmoniously.  You find yourself at one with your creativity and expansion and able to be calm and at peace no matter how the wheel turns.  This is one of many mysteries the Sphinx unravels.  And all the rest can be known from your center.

~ Old Sage

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