Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013 ~ Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 3rd-Quarter Moon in Taurus

July 29 ~ 3rd-Quarter Moon at 6 degrees, 45 minutes of Taurus

Here we are, again, at another critical moment of waning energy at the 3rd-quarter moon phase.  We are experiencing a possible CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS.  What happens when you reach your goals in the external world?  What happens when you fail to reach your intended goals?  After failure or success, it is then time to come to terms with WHAT IT ALL MEANS.  Has experience taught you something new?  Have your beliefs been challenged?  Are you uncertain about what comes next?  This is all a part of the waning 3rd-quarter moon energy.  It is a time to let go of what has come before and reorient your consciousness in preparation for a new cycle.  At this time, you may not be able to move forward with external plans as clearly, swiftly or with the certainty with which you would prefer.  And this gives you an opportunity to clarify your inner world of consciousness and belief.  The planetary energies are forming a beautiful but brief GRAND SEXTILE.  This grand sextile is made up of two GRAND TRINES; one is in Earth Signs (material matters), and the other is in Water Signs (emotional matters).  Eight of the 10 planets (this includes the Sun and Moon) are participating in the grand sextile.  This symbolizes a great deal of energy that is flowing harmoniously and stimulating new and exciting possibilities.  Even though there are also a few oppositions (polarization) and squares (conflict) that are occurring at the same time, there is a great deal of support for integration of the more intense and challenging aspects.  Put another way; current challenges and tensions are forcing us to grow and evolve, while the new patterns are finding many pathways through which to express and manifest themselves in our psyches and physical realities.  This could be the time where you experience a great deal more insight into the larger patterns of your life and more understanding for current relationships and experiences.  You might also be able to flow around and through challenges with greater ease.  I also get the sense that through this grand, geometric, sky-pattern, our friends in Spirit are able to infuse our planetary collective with more vibrations of peace, patience, adaptability, softness, harmony, fluidity and tolerance.  Therefore, we might have an easier time of calling upon these qualities within ourselves, even when the going gets rough.  INTEGRATION is the keyword for this particular lunar phase.  We all have the opportunity to move to new levels of peace and harmony within, even as the external world is in chaos and confusion.  Give yourself time to reflect on your own personal shifts in consciousness and to understand what messages are there for you.  This will help to bring you to the perfect place from which to launch into the next cycle of activity that begins with the Leo New Moon in one week.

~ Old Sage

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