Monday, July 1, 2013

June 29, 2013 ~ Lunar Phase Reflections ~ Last-Quarter Moon in Aries

June 29 ~ Last-Quarter moon at 8 degrees, 34 minutes of Aries

With this last-quarter moon, the heavens continue to reflect an interesting mix of dissonance and harmony.  Although the main theme of CRISIS IN CONSCIOUSNESS is still the focus for this last-quarter moon, it seems this may be the quiet before the storm that may come later in July.  How you experience this waning lunar-solar energy will depend on how well you have been cooperating with the historic and revolutionary Pluto-square-Uranus energies, as well as how comfortable you are with the great "waters" of life.  This last-quarter moon is in feisty Aries and very close to Uranus (rebellion).  This is "full-steam-ahead" energy, and a "let's-get-there in-the-most-surprising-and-adventurous-way-possible" kind of energy!  This energy conflicts with an opposition between Pluto (power & control) and the Sun (life-force) and Jupiter (expansion).  These planets are forming a cardinal T-SQUARE in the sky.  Cardinal signs like to initiate activities and deal with crises, but they all like to do it in a different way: Aries wants to do it NOW, Cancer wants to do it at it's own pace and without upsetting anyone, and Capricorn wants to to do it slowly, methodically and preferably in such a way that it can be the boss.  What will be the outcome when all of these leaders get together in the same room and begin to stake their claim?  The jury is still out on this one, but there is another factor to consider that may be a calming element within the approaching storm; the Sun/Jupiter end of the t-square is also a part of a GRAND WATER TRINE that also includes Neptune (compassion) and Saturn (form).  Whereas the t-square represents conflict and tension, the grand trine symbolizes ease and harmony.  Thus, the foreground energies during this lunar phase are tense and catalytic while the background energies are flowing and expansive.  These major planetary themes will be increasing in strength over the course of July, and it will be interesting to see how we navigate these unpredictable waters.  As last-quarter moons always herald the time during the lunar cycle when it is better to contemplate and reflect on where we have been and where we may be going, rather than to push-through uncertain circumstances with forced action, this watery and reflective grand trine energy would seem to have a special focus at this time.  While the "crisis in consciousness" theme is asking us to reorient ourselves and let go of what we thought we knew, the grand water trine is supporting us in "tuning-in" to the subtle messages that are coming from the unconscious.  We will get nowhere with a forceful approach to solving problems at this time.  We must let our intuition sort through the inner and outer conflicts and guide us as to how to bring integration and resolution to energies that are pulling in many different directions.  Mercury has also begun its retrograde journey in the intuitive sign of Cancer, which would also support our slowing down and taking time to reflect on and review what has come to pass over the past few months.  By week's end, we will come to the new moon in Cancer when we will be fully submerged in its emotionally deep and charged waters.  After that entrance, it might be more challenging to simply flow with these intense energies without reacting powerfully to unfolding events.  The transformational energies of the second half of the year are quickly gathering momentum.  But for now, wade quietly in the waters of your own imagination and receive all the subtle messages you will need in order to navigate the rest of the month of July and the rest of the year in a space of confidence and calm.

~ Old Sage

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