Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 ~ Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 1st-Quarter Moon in Libra

July 15 ~ 1st-Quarter Moon at 23 degrees, 46 minutes Libra

This 1st-quarter moon in Libra may be a bit "softer" than the usual 1st-quarter lunar phase energy.  1st-quarter moons signal times of CRISIS IN ACTION.  These are times when our ideals and plans meet their first tangible walls and obstacles, and we have the opportunity to push forward and adapt to real-world factors, if we want to continue nurturing our plans and dreams.  It's not that this particular moon-sun combination will be without any friction, it's just that there are some mitigating factors that might help to smooth-out any conflicts.  The Libra Moon is ruled by Venus currently in the sign of Leo.  Both the Moon and Venus are receptive, cheerful planets, and they both seek fulfilling and pleasurable bonds with others.  Add the influences of the signs Libra and Leo, and there might be a party or two thrown into the mix!  This is a very social energy that wants to mix-n-mingle with others while having a good time.  The Sun (and three other planets-Mercury, Jupiter and Mars), however, is in the more introspective and home-loving sign of Cancer.  There could be a conflict of interests at this time between parts of yourself or between you and others.  One side may feel that getting out and networking is the way to carry ideals and plans forward, while the other side may feel that it is time to go within and seek and wait for guidance before taking more action in the "outside" world.  The Cancer parts of you may just need some quiet time at home and some reassurance that everything will be ok, while the Libra and Leo parts will want to be playing a more active part in making dreams come true.  The two sides will need to talk it out and come to an agreement.  Both sides will have to get their needs met in order to contribute to any forward motion.  The probabilities for coming to workable agreements are high.  The Moon in Libra is said to "rule" all of the planets in the sign of Cancer, which means that the Cancer planets may be more willing to hear Libra's side of things without feeling threatened.  And Libra is all about cooperation and harmony, anyway, which also softens the potential friction of this square.  Another softening factor is Jupiter exalted in Cancer (expansive nurturing) in a Grand Water-Trine with Neptune in Pisces (spiritual consciousness) and Saturn in Scorpio (concentrated regeneration).  Empathy levels could be high at the moment, which could go a long way to easing any tensions.  We are definitely continuing to do deep work, here, as Saturn is again moving direct in the sign of Scorpio.  Whatever we have transformed and healed inwardly while Saturn was retrograde, we will now be bringing out into the light.  This could mean that we have reached some conclusions about the current circumstances and relationships that exist, and we are ready to make some changes that could be tough on all parties.  But it would be clear that these changes need to be made in order to continue growing and expanding.  We are still in the midst of the decade-long, revolutionary and evolutionary Pluto/Uranus square.  Without friction, there is no growth.  If you are noticing conflict, friction and challenges at this time, and feeling like obstacles are getting in the way of the fulfillment of your intentions, pause to see how you can soften the edges of these seeming interruptions and intrusions.  Look to see if you are needing to retreat to a secure home-base within or without in order to nurture yourself (Cancer), and look to see how you might be able to take your mind off of it, at times, by having a good time with friends and/or meeting new people (Libra and Leo).  At this time, there will likely be a time and a place for both methods, and it will be up to you to creatively and compassionately integrate both and use this new wholeness to move forward.

~ Old Sage

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