Tuesday, April 30, 2013

~ Your Attunement

Your Attunement

Pay attention to your thoughts.  If you look closely, you may find that some of them are quiet answers to questions you have been asking.  Other times, you will know that you are receiving a "download" of insight and information concerning the questions you have been asking.  Pay attention.  Your psyche is made up of many parts, many voices, and all of them want to contribute to the wholeness of you.  Pay attention to the energy that is you.  Get to know the parts that make up the whole.  Listen to the messages you are being given.  Allow yourself to be a clear receiver for all of the information being given to you as you explore this fantastical 3D world.

~ Old Sage

Monday, April 29, 2013

~ Being Your Self

Being Your Self

You are love.
You are loved.

~ Old Sage

Sunday, April 28, 2013

~ Your Courage

Your Courage

Without challenges, you would never know of what you are capable.  Challenges and obstacles are not there to defeat you.  They are there to help you to learn that you cannot be defeated!  Not truly.  The only way you can be defeated is by not trying or giving up.  We are not talking about walking away from a path after you have learned it is not truly what you desire.  We are talking about those paths that are true, those that are impulses from soul.  Challenges refine you and teach you invaluable lessons about you and your life.  Most importantly, they give you the opportunity to draw upon the noble qualities of your soul that can help you to transform challenge into opportunity.  Have the courage to persist while opening up to the strength, courage and wisdom of your soul, and you will learn just how powerful you truly are.

~ Old Sage

Saturday, April 27, 2013

~ Your Fire

Your Fire

Passion!  Fire!  Activity!  Enthusiasm!  Inspiration!  Sometimes you simply have to let yourself be a kid again.  Go on that adventure.  Be spontaneous.  Let creativity and experience be the means and the end.  Follow your highest excitement.  Take a risk.  Let the fire transform you.  Seek to re-discover yourself and explore this magical kingdom we call Earth.  If you don't let the fire move and ignite the creativity and passion of your life, it will burn you and others.  So, have at it!

~ Old Sage

Friday, April 26, 2013

~ Ego


Ego is the part of you that buys into what the world says is true.  The "world" can be your parents, family, school, church, government, culture, Hollywood-any source that perpetuates belief systems.  At the root of the world's belief system is the belief that you are a separate entity living in a dangerous reality, and that you must protect yourself and survive at all costs.  Fear is the foundation of the ego.  But what happens to ego when you begin to awaken? What happens to ego when you begin to realize that your Self is not threatened or defined by the ups and downs of life?  What happens when you begin to perceive reality from the truths that arise from within?  What would happen if you allow yourself the presence of mind NOT to react or protect or defend your sense of self?  If you are awakening to the True Self, then you are beginning to experience the truths that cannot be learned from the world.

~ Old Sage

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

April 25 ~  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees, 45 minutes Scorpio. 

Can you feel the pull of the depths?  The energies are no longer supporting superficial levels of relating.  We are being asked to remove the masks and bond at deep levels with OTHER.  The fiery, self-starting activity of the past 2 weeks now comes to a place of culmination.  The Sun, Mars and Venus are now in the sensual and peace-loving sign of Taurus, and at the full moon, they all oppose the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio.  Outer planets Pluto and Neptune weave their supportive trans-personal and evolutionary energies into the mix.  There is complexity, here..powerful emotional undercurrents, the urge to merge with others, hearts ready to be opened and the sense that we can only go so far with our endeavors without the reflection that is provided by others.  The eclipse brings even more intensity to this full moon and asks us to open up to a new era of our capacity to be transformed through intimacy with others.  The events unfolding now will touch us deeply.  Our relationships will be fueled with more desire from the depths of our souls.  At this time, we can see that not only devotion, passion and desire go towards creating an enriching bond, but also intention, structure and a willingness to look at what needs to be released in order for an even more refined vision of the relationship to evolve.  The planets in Taurus show a great need for stability, physical affection, sensual pleasures and peace, while the Scorpio planets seek change, intensity, passion and extremes of emotional experience that ignite healing and evolution.  A balance must be struck.  We cannot have one side without the other.  Each of us will come to our own insights about where we are with others in our lives.  For some, there may be a realization that the current relationships do not support the deeper sense of where you are headed at this time, and it may be time to say goodbye.  For others, it may be a time of exploring new depths of being within a potential new relationship.  It can also be a time of finding new depths of fulfillment within existing relationships.  No matter where you are in your exploration of INTIMACY and OTHER, reflect deeply on the MYSTERY OF RELATIONSHIP.  Let this eclipsed full moon bring light to your evolutionary path and how that path will always unfold through the spiraling process of relating to your Self through relating to the Other.

~ Old Sage

~ Life-force


You are strong.  You have untapped reserves of life-force waiting to be activated.  This life-force moves toward fulfillment every moment you follow your heart and choose to feel more ALIVE.  It diminishes when you say yes, but don't mean it.  You don't have to do everything-only those things that you can truly say yes to from the depths of your soul.  Move toward the song that calls you, and let the rest go, and watch your life-force radiate from the center of your being with nothing held back.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

~ Love


Life happens, and we fall asleep.  It is love that wakes us.  Love is the highest truth.  Love is our true nature.  We do all of this for love.

~ Old Sage

Monday, April 22, 2013

~ Choice


 No one knows quite what you know because no one has had quite the same experiences you have or seen them from quite the same perspective.  Therefore, go ahead and ask for insight, help, suggestions and advice from your trusted friends and family.  But remember that you are the one who must make the final decision.  You are the one who must choose.  Your life is created from each and every one of your decisions and choices, and it is only you who must wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror.  This is nothing to get anxious over.  For if you don't like an aspect of your life situation, choose again.  That is all there is: choosing and learning, learning and choosing.  Trust yourself, and embrace the power of owning your choices.

~ Old Sage

Sunday, April 21, 2013

~ Your Body

Your Body

Your body is your temple.  It is also your vehicle for experiencing the sensual world of the physical plane.  Be fully present in your body.  Treat it with care.  Nourish it with good food that is alive and nutritious.  Go outside away from the city and breathe deep.  Exercise, or go on a nice long walk.  Get a massage or an energy healing session.  Talk to your body, and tell it only good things.  Learn to love your body, and you will be amazed at how well it supports you in all your physical adventures.  How you care for your body is a sure sign of how you care for the rest of your life.

~ Old Sage

Saturday, April 20, 2013

~ Inspired Action

Inspired Action

You are inspired!  If you doubt this, it is only because you second-guess yourself and do not act on what you receive from within.  Love and respect yourself by getting focused on what inspires you.  What turns you on?  What excites you?  Give your ideas a chance in the real world.  Focus that stream of inspiration into planning and action.  You will never know just how brilliant you are until you act on your inspiration.  Pull some of those creative ideas out of the airy realms, and bring them down to Earth.  Now, point yourself in one direction and go!   

~ Old Sage

Friday, April 19, 2013

~ Your Creativity

Your Creativity

You are not a machine.  You are an evolutionary process.  Channeling your creativity does not mean everything you want is handed to you on a silver platter without any challenges or obstacles.  Your creativity manifests from the use of all of the ingredients in your life.  Take what you have been given and turn it into a creative masterpiece.  Hit a snag?  Use that.  Someone appears to block your way?  Consider how that can be a part of the mix.  Obstacles, snags, delays and challenges of any kind are a part of your creativity.  Your life-force grows stronger when you embrace what is.  Then, your creativity knows no bounds!

~ Old Sage  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lunar Phase Reflections ~ 1st Quarter Moon in Cancer

April 18 ~ 1st-Quarter Moon at 28 degrees 38 minutes Cancer

Courage!  Stay the course!  Don't give up!  This 1st-quarter moon in Cancer highlights the approaching exact square between transiting Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries on May 20th.  The moon in Cancer is squaring the sun in Aries, and we all may be feeling challenged to stay the course and manifest something tangible out of that burst of new idea and energy that we experienced after the new moon on April 10th.  In general, the 1st-quarter moon represents a CRISIS IN ACTION.  It is during the 1st-quarter moon that our ideals and dreams are tested in some fashion.  We are met with obstacles and challenges that help us to adapt and refine our dreams to meet reality.  If we are committed to our goals, then we meet the challenges, grow, and have something to show for it after the full moon.  If we give-up, some part of us mourns that dream deferred, and that piece of fire extinguishes, returning that dream to the unconscious to await a later and more volatile eruption into our psyche.  This moon phase happens within the context of the Pluto/Uranus square that we have been experiencing big-time for the past 2 years.  The theme behind this aspect is CREATIVE CONFRONTATION BETWEEN THE OLD STRUCTURES OF THE PAST (Pluto in Capricorn) AND THE NEW IDEAS AND ENERGIES HERALDING THE FUTURE (Uranus in Aries).  There is so much more that could be said about this pivotal alignment between the two outer planets, but the main point I want to highlight is that we all have been experiencing an archetypal battle within that is giving us glimpses of the new day that is dawning.  The new moon on April 10th gave us some clarity about our new directions, and as it also aligned with the Spring Equinox, and all those planets in Aries, I'm sure that you have all begun something brand new, or at least begun a new phase of something old.  For me, the new moon occurred in my astrological 10th House of CAREER and CONTRIBUTION (see * note below on how to find out where the new moon fell in your birth-chart).  I found myself energized to redesign my blog and begin blogging again after a few months of quiet and reflection.  I also decided to stretch myself and blog more frequently and in ways that I have resisted in the past.  At this 1st-quarter moon, I am aware of the insecurities of the past that have kept me from moving forward with my work, and I could easily give-up, and slip back into my familiar habits.  But I am choosing to stay the course and see just what new energies and manifestations I can embrace in my life.  Similar tests and challenges are happening for all of you, depending on where the new moon fell in your astrological charts.  The moon in Cancer reflects shifting emotional tides and a deep need for stability, home, nurturing and support.  At this time, you could easily let your insecurities and doubts override your new intentions and goals.  But this is just a test!  Insecurities are meant to be faced head-on so that you can grow into the next new you.  If you are feeling fragile or insecure about the implementation of your new ideas, get support from your friends and loved ones.  Talk to them.  Get support, insight and information that will help quiet your insecurities.  This is your time to have courage, stretch yourself, and stay the course!  Life is asking us to fight for our awakening and rebirth.  It is not enough to have the dream in our hearts and minds.  We become new and transform our world when we make our dreams reality.  And this takes action, commitment and discipline.  We have support from Pluto (evolutionary fire and sense of purpose) in harmonious alignment to Saturn (concentration and discipline), as well as from Jupiter (opportunity and expansion) in harmonious alignment with Uranus (transformation and liberation).  We have everything we need to continue-on.  If you have had the desire and inspiration, then you can eventually manifest a version of your dreams.  Life would not give you inspiration and desire without also giving you the means to bring them to fulfillment.  Use the energies of this 1st-quarter moon to become more creative than you have ever been before and to transform insecurities of the past into a new confidence and trust in yourself and your potential.  Let the challenges be your teachers.  Learn what you need to learn, then recommit to your new path.  All of life is at your back supporting your forward movement into a new paradigm of BEING and BECOMING.  You can never BE a failure, but you can fail at manifesting your intentions.  In this context and in the context of this 1st-quarter moon, the only "failure" would be in giving-up and not trying.

~ Old Sage

* The new moon on April 10th occurred at 20 degrees 41 minutes of Aries.

If you would like to know which house the new moon activated in your natal chart, email me, giving your full birth-date, time and place, and I will let you know!  After I get back to you with the house information, go to my "Astrology" page, scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and you will see a few keywords that illuminate the symbolism of each astrological house.  The idea with obtaining this information is to see if you have had a burst of energy and ideas to create something new in the area of your life brought in focus by the new moon in that house.  If you can see the reflection, then you will have more awareness around this area of your life and the new worlds you are creating there.  In relation to today's 1st-quarter moon in Cancer, you will have more awareness around the challenges you may be facing at this time that are meant to help you manifest what you set-out to manifest at the new moon 1 week ago.  And if you have any questions about any of this, ask away in the comments section!  

Many blessings!

~ Your Truth & Integrity

Your Truth & Integrity

Clarity dawns.  Illumination.  Insight.  Now you are ready to take action.  The choice is made.  You are beyond waiting and interference.  You are beyond your own insecurities and fears.  This is your truth shining brightly and guiding you into the next phase of your evolution.  Take action with confidence and welcome success.  When your actions come from a place of inner integrity and clarity, your own version of success is guaranteed.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

~ Your Evolving Truth

Your Evolving Truth

Stand up for what you know to be right and true.  Give expression to your insights and creative imagination.  But remember that your truths will change and evolve.  What you know to be true today may not be true tomorrow.  With this is mind, do you really need to defend every attack on your beliefs?  Do you really need to argue for your truths?  Let your truth stand on its own and be represented by your actions.  Direct your energies toward battles that can actually be won.

~ Old Sage

Monday, April 15, 2013

Decide Not to Decide

Don't over-think.  If your mind is spinning, and you can't seem to make a decision, take your mind off of it.  Come back to it.  There is no use in pushing to gain clarity.  You cannot force it.  Let clarity dawn on your like the sun breaking through the clouds after a storm.  Over-analysis and over-thinking will only create stress and anxiety in you.  Go on to something else.  Sleep on it.  Give your mind a rest, and give your unconscious a chance to reveal new insights that will help you to KNOW what comes next.

~ Old Sage

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Your Evolutionary Fire

Heat.  Passion.  Fire will transform you, if you let it.  It can also burn you.  What can keep the fires from consuming?  Love.  Receptivity.  Gentleness.  The sun is brilliant and life-giving, but you must return to the shade regularly.  It is a fine balance that must be lived when you have so much fire and creativity busting to find expression.  And you do.  That passion is the core of your being seeking to evolve and create more avenues of expression in the world of physicality.  Honor that deep creative urge.  You are evolving, and you will never truly stand still.  Let go into the flames of passion every once-in-a-while, and then return to the waters of love.  It is a delicate balance, but one that is within your reach to master.

~ Old Sage

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seek Your Self

Do not deny your feelings, your longings, your desires.  Let any sense of emptiness be ok.  You cannot fill the void with food, sex, material things, exercise and such.  Being aware of your feelings does not mean you have to act on them.  Be with them.  You are seeking your Self.  A part of you is crying out to be loved and accepted.  Self-acceptance is the first step on your journey to feeling whole and complete again. 

~ Old Sage

Friday, April 12, 2013

Remember Your Innocence

Remember when you were a child, and every day was an adventure, every moment held possibility, and you quickly let go of disappointment, as you moved on to the next exciting thing that caught your eye?  The inner child is your direct line to happiness and fulfillment.  In all your adult-ness, don't leave him or her behind.  Imagine, play, laugh, be silly, see magic in everything and enjoy the sensual pleasures of life.  Your inner child embodies innocence.  Let this innocence heal and rejuvenate you.  Today is a good day to reflect on the child within and the dreams you used to dream.  Now is a good time to heal old wounds and let the child come out to play.

~ Old Sage