Thursday, December 6, 2012

"The Shift" ~ December's Astrological Reflections

In our heart-of-hearts, we know a deep change has taken place, and that we cannot go back.  The SHIFT has already happened.  Now, it is time for our minds to become emblazoned with the NEW TRUTH and LIGHT OF INSPIRATION and POSITIVE POTENTIAL FOR THE FUTURE.  This is what will carry us through into new territory, as we close-out 2012.  December will be a month of paradox.  We will be feeling the positive and buoyant expectancy that Sagittarius brings, as the Sun is already in this sign, and Mercury and Venus move into this sign on the 10th and 15th, respectively.  The NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS ON THE 13th underscores this heightened sense of FUTURE POSSIBILITY and a more EXPANSIVE PERSPECTIVE on where we are headed.  The mind will be caught up in a wave of NEW MOMENTUM, as it awakens to NEW INTUITIVE INFORMATION.  Soon after the new moon, URANUS STATIONS DIRECT.  Uranus has been appearing to move backward in the sky since July 13th, and during this time, our urge for FREEDOM and AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION OF OUR TRUE NATURES has been more focused within.  We have been doing a great deal of soul-searching around who we are becoming, and what structures we may need to break-away from in order to continue our evolution.  As Uranus turns directs and moves forward in the coming months, many of us will break-away from established routines and realities that no longer support the direction in which we are headed.  The first part of the month looks to be full of this expectancy and renewed hope for these sensed future possibilities that will be unfolding in 2013.  However, the WINTER SOLSTICE ON DECEMBER 21st will bring another shift in awareness.  Of course, this is the long awaited date that many have seen as a turning point in our collective reality, where we will irrevocably move into a new paradigm which will allow us to evolve more quickly into a place of peace, equality and universal love.  My sense is that this time will come with a deep feeling of RESPONSIBILITY.  This shift does not mark a magical time where we do not have to do the work ourselves.  It is quite the opposite.  This shift is about KNOWING THAT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR CREATIONS.  This truth may be quite frightening for some of us, until we realize this knowledge is our release into a new application of POWER and CONFIDENCE to move forward and shape our shared realities how we see fit.  Toward the end of December, we will all get an opportunity to make a deeper commitment to FEAR or LOVE, and which direction we choose will quickly be played out in 2013 and beyond.  CHOOSE LOVE.  CHOOSE CELEBRATION OF ALL LIFE.  CHOOSE FRIENDSHIP AND DEEPER INTIMACY WITH ALL OTHERS.  CHOOSE COMPASSION.  If we choose wisely, we will watch our world transform into a deeply fulfilling expression of our collective soul.  Happy holidays, everyone, and may the celebrations at hand carry us forward into a new and wondrous future!

* Dec 10 ~ Mercury in Sagittarius
* Dec 13 ~ New Moon in Sagittarius
* Dec 13 ~ Uranus Stations Direct in Aries
* Dec 15 ~ Venus in Sagittarius
* Dec 21 ~ Winter Solstice, Sun in Capricorn
* Dec 28 ~ Full Moon in Cancer
* Dec 30 ~ Mercury in Capricorn

~ Blessings, Cosmic Travelers
Divine Explorer 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Thank You!" ~ A Thanksgiving Moment


~ Divine Explorer

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"I Have a Dream..." ~ This week's Msg of Love

Whatever  happens, we are all in this together.  There is no "us" and "them."  THERE IS ONLY ONE.  During this election season, it has been so easy to divide and point the finger.  I am as guilty as anyone else.  It's ok.  Anger can be a fuel.  All of us care about something, and it is good to speak up.  But when the dust finally settles, we all get raised up together, or we all go down together.  I have hope.  If we look back over history, we can see a progression toward more inclusion, equality and love on this planet.  Some are ahead of others in this evolution, but with each nation that takes a stand in this direction, others are more quickly pulled into the momentum of positive change.  We are moving forward, folks.  Don't let the media hype distract you from all of the wonderful evidence of positive change that is occurring around the world.  We are marching forward.  Whatever happens with this election, let's not lose sight of what Obama stands for...let's not lose sight of what he inspired in us four years ago.  We will always be the change that we wish to see in the world.  And today's election results will not change that truth.  One by one, the flames of awareness are being lit, and I am happy to say that I love being a part of this human family.  Let's keep marching forward and envisioning a better world for all of us to enjoy and celebrate.  Our time is now!

~ Much peace and love,
Divine Explorer

Friday, November 2, 2012

"Going Deeper so that We Can Go Higher!" ~ November's Astro-highlights

November will be full of TRANSFORMATION and REBIRTH potential.  What keeps us from experiencing joy and true fulfillment?  It is fear of those dark unknown spaces in the psyche and protection against imagined threats.  This month, we have even more opportunity to visit the dark and see the illusions and shadows for what they are-old and outdated interpretations of the past that keep us chained to past wounds and experience.  At the beginning of the month, MERCURY RETROGRADES IN SAGITTARIUS TO RETURN TO SCORPIO for one last round of intense delving into the deep dark spaces, to see what is left over in the psyche that has the opportunity to be purged and healed.  We all get an opportunity to look again with laser-like focus at our fear of death, at sex and our intimacy issues, at taboos that are ready to be explored, our wounds that we have aggressively hidden and defended and our greatest potential for transformation and rebirth into a fuller expression of the soul on its evolutionary journey.  The SUN CONTINUES TO MOVE DEEPER INTO THE HEART OF SCORPIO, and that potential for rebirth will continue to be the focus until the SUN MOVES INTO SAGITTARIUS LATER IN THE MONTH.  We get a spiritual boost with all of this transformational work that we are doing on ourselves, as NEPTUNE STATIONS DIRECT IN PISCES ON THE 10TH.  It had been retrograde since June 4th, and we may have found ourselves doing much introspective and reflective work on our deep spiritual journey and personal ideals.  When Neptune moves forward again, I get the sense that we will begin to flow downstream again and create many new avenues and pathways for the expression of our spirituality and ideals.  Now, we will begin to feel more inner guidance and more of an intuitive clarity about our spiritual direction.  We will now begin to manifest the forms that allow us to express our renewed sense of spiritual understanding.  This movement forward will support our intense transformation and healing over the course of the month.  Finally, we have two eclipses this month: a SOLAR ECLIPSE IN SCORPIO ON THE 13TH and a LUNAR ECLIPSE IN GEMINI ON THE 28TH.  The solar eclipse on the 13th highlights all of the work we have been doing on ourselves in order to let go of the past and move forward into a more fulfilling future.  For those of us that have been doing the work of becoming more conscious, this will be a time of renewed power and possibilities!  The lunar eclipse on the 28th marks a shift into a lighter atmosphere of  innocence, curiosity, bright mental connections, and understanding of how far we have come, and where we are headed.  It looks to be a very full and rich month ahead.  With all of the evolving that we are doing at such a fast pace, let's remember to take time to ENJOY IT ALL!!!  The deeper we go into healing and transformation, the higher the emotional and spiritual fulfillment we can experience in life, which allows us to soar like the Phoenix of our true selves...and that's the whole point!

* Nov 6   ~ Mercury Stations Retrograde in Sagittarius
* Nov 10 ~ Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces
* Nov 13 ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
* Nov 21 ~ Sun in Sagittarius
* Nov 26 ~ Mercury Stations Direct in Scorpio
* Nov 28 ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

~ Blessings, Cosmic Magicians
Divine Explorer 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

"The Journey Always Leading Back to the Self" ~ An Exploration of the Number 7 in the Tarot

I am drawn to the Tarot because of its ability to reflect where I am in the processing of my life's journey.  And where is this journey leading?  All life experiences lead back to the Self, and this is why we have the concept of spirituality.  The fundamental question at the root of spiritual exploration is, "Who am I?"  Besides the Major Arcana of the Tarot, which always speak to the significance of our lives as being a spiritual journey, a journey of increasing discovery and awareness of the Self, the 7's of the Tarot, in particular, seem to reflect that deeper spiritual exploration of the question, "Who am I?"  How does this numerical symbol reflect movement in consciousness and times in our lives when we are grappling with the deeper problems and questions of our existence?  When I meditated on the number 7, I experienced a sense of deepening and being pulled into the a stone falling to the bottom of the sea.  Then, a great deal of energy was released, and it expanded back up and outward.  I noticed that all of my chakras were stimulated, but my "crown" or 7th chakra at the top of my head, was the most activated.  I felt a subtle yet pleasurable influx of energy through my crown and moving down into the rest of my body and centers.  I felt a sense of INTEGRATION, COMPLETION, WHOLENESS, and with this, a sense of UNDERSTANDINGKNOWLEDGE and WISDOM.  The 7's seem to reflect those times when we can no longer deny SPIRIT or GREAT MYSTERY.  Whether it be with intuitive/visionary experiences (WANDS), emotional and relationship experiences (CUPS), mental/intellectual understanding (SWORDS), or in relation to the physical world of material security (DISKS), the 7's reflect times of testing and crisis, where we can no longer move forward without exploring the spiritual side of life.  The 7 cards of the tarot reflect inner guidance that is asking us to GO DEEPER AND INTEGRATE OUR SPIRITUAL AND MUNDANE LIVES.  When they show up in a reading, there is an opportunity for deeper spiritual awareness and integration of newly realized knowledge and understanding.  And why would we want to do this work of integration anyway???  HAPPINESS!  This work of conscious exploration of the Self seems to be the only way to realize true joy that is not dependent on external factors.  Whether you explore life using the Tarot as a tool or not, when was the last time you asked the simple yet profound question, "Who am I?"  I dare you to dive deep and touch the mystery that is you...and share with the world what you discover.

~ With awe and love,
Divine Explorer 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Are you ever, truly, a FAILURE?" ~ A Tarot Reflection on the 7 of Disks

Do you ever see yourself as a failure?  Do you ever come up against fear and worry around your ability to create or be a success in the material world?  Do you stress yourself out about material accomplishment and material security?  The 7 of Disks appeared to me several times in the past week or so, and though I usually do not connect to the extreme energy of failure that this card projects, I felt it was time to have a deeper look at this symbol.  I have never seen myself as a failure, but if I am honest with myself, I can see that I have struggled with the fear of failing to be able to deal successfully with the material aspects of life.  In the past week, an opportunity to follow my heart arose.  With this opportunity, there is seemingly no direct connection to having more money or material accomplishment.  For me, it doesn't have anything to do with that.  It's all about my heart speaking to me about what feels heart is singing about it!  It is about my spiritual and emotional fulfillment.  But I found myself afraid of making the wrong choice...afraid that I'd be turning my back on a path that could surely lead to more material wealth, security, and that prized American dream of accomplishment and achievement in the world's eyes.  My step-mother even told me that she thought that I would not pursue the path of accomplishment and more worldly success because I was lost and afraid to fail.  I found myself torn and unable to make a choice.  What is the deeper fear, here?  The deeper fear for me is about failure to make the right choice.  This exploration seems critical in order to get to the heart of deep-seated conditioning around this idea of failure.  I imagine I'll be exploring this for some time, but for now, I ask myself and you, "What is a failure...and is it possible for you or I to be one?"  I understand attempting a concrete goal and failing.  I understand falling short of an intended or expected goal.  But I do not understand the idea that I can be a failure at life.  This insidious fear seems to lurk just below the surface quiet, ready to leap out at the first sign of doubt about my choices.  Is it possible that we can explore this life and make our choices without the fear of being a failure?  I think so.  But it will take a deep look at what is really true about life...what is true about you and I.  There will be more thoughts on this, I'm sure.  And the journey continues...

~ Divine Explorer

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Is Sadness Always YOUR Sadness?" ~ A Tarot Reflection on The 8 of Cups

The heart is gloomy...from where does this malaise originate?  Today I had a powerful experience that deepened my reflective understanding of the 8 of Cups.  My day started off fairly well, but as I sat down at a cafe to work, I felt a caffeine craving come on.  Instead of giving in to the craving, I asked myself how I felt.  "On edge" is what came to me.  I figured this was my body/mind craving its caffeine.  I sat with this for a bit, and then noticed that I felt a little sad and "low."  There could have been a few reasons for this sadness, but none of them really resonated with me in that moment.  The sadness seemed to come from "nowhere."  I continued to sit with these subtle feelings inside, and then it hit me that they might not be "my feelings."  So, I quickly unified my fields and did an empath clearing technique.  Once my energy fields settled, I noticed that the sadness was gone.  In its place, I felt clarity, presence, lightness and happiness.  I thought to myself, "Well, I don't believe this was mine...I'll see if it comes back..."  Sure enough, a few hours later, I felt this sad feeling returning.  I paused and did my energy work as I had before, and the feeling vanished.  Again, I felt light and happy.  As a healer and empath, I have always been told that much of what I feel may be others' feelings, but I have never really taken it to heart...until now.  This 8 of Cups has SATURN in PISCES as one of its symbols.  Saturn represents BOUNDARIES...the threshold between outer and inner realities.  Pisces is that sign that naturally opens us to our oneness with EVERYTHING.  So, it seems this card can appear as a reflection of not only one's own gloomy feelings, but when you are feeling someone else's gloominess!  The lesson that I learned through this reflection today, is that it is important to be aware of my energetic and emotional boundaries, to realize what is mine and what is not mine, and to take the steps necessary to release from my energy fields what is not mine.  The next step would be to ask this question before releasing the energy; "Whose sadness is this?"  Then, I believe I would begin the next layer of journeying into the reality of my own and others' emotional boundaries.  But, for now, I am still in awe at the possibility that it may be true that for my entire life, I have been feeling others' feelings and thinking they are my own...this opens up new realms for exploration...

~ Divine Explorer

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Release the Phoenix! ~ An Astrological Reflection on Saturn in Scorpio

Why do we resist opening?  Why do we fight the power larger than ourselves that seeks to enlighten us and carry us to the happiness we seek?  Tonight, my meditation on the spirit of Scorpio (it's function and process) has truly altered my perception of this zodiac sign as a function of evolution.  I asked to experience the essence or spirit of this symbol so that I could understand it better, and what I experienced were qualities rarely talked about in astrological literature: openness, awareness, sense of freedom/liberation, pleasure/enjoyment.  Spirit helped me to understand that the sign of Scorpio represents THAT FUNCTION OF EVOLUTION THAT SEEKS TO FREE US.  Scorpio is the first sign of the zodiac that is associated with mysticism.  Yes, we tend to experience intense experiences on our way to freedom and happiness, but that is because we resist life.  We are taught to hold on and struggle against that power that is bigger than our little selves.  Scorpio is all about moving us beyond our little selves into the sphere of the BIG SELF.  And this is an inherently mysterious and awe-inspiring territory.  During this meditation, I actually felt a DEEP PEACE and SENSE OF HUMOR.  It was as if I had a sense of self that was powerful and that understood life in a deep way and was prepared to meet life on its own terms-unafraid.  This is the gift of Scorpio.  As Saturn moves through Scorpio over the next few years, we all have an opportunity to let go of the struggle and resistance to life.  We have the opportunity to awaken and stop denying and running away from death, intimacy, spirit and transformation.  It is the resistance and fear of death that causes the intense suffering.  Saturn through Scorpio can teach us to release this fear of death/life and embrace the freedom of evolution into lighter and more pleasurable being.  So, over the next few years, remember that the journey inward and downward, the getting to the heart-core of the truth, the releasing and letting go, is all about your spiritual journey toward a deeper intimacy with spirit, and a more awakened self.  Look for the signs and symbols of spirit calling you deeper into your personal mystic's journey...let go, let the phoenix in you have its day and see what you become.

~ Divine Explorer

Monday, October 15, 2012

"ALONE IN THE WOODS" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

Wrapping it up.  Closing it out.  COMPLETION.  In the depths of your being, you realize it is time to end this cycle.  What have you learned?  What does it all mean?  What experience has become wisdom that you will take with you into the next leg of the journey?  The Hermit is the "wise old man/woman" archetype.  He retreats into the woods to be alone.  Solitude is his best friend.  It allows him to be with himself and journey deep within his own inner silence for reflection, meditation, wisdom and for finding the inner light.  It is time for introspection and analysis.  Deep understanding and meaning can come with alone-time and reflection.  So much has happened this year, and there is so much wisdom to be harvested.  There is so much light stored deep within.  Go inside.  Take the time to be alone with yourself and look back at this year of great changes.  Your experiences and the wisdom gained are your teaching to share with others.  Take yourself and your journey seriously, and look back to see  how far you have come.  You are wiser...and you are just about ready for the next cycle of adventure to begin.  Blessings, wise one.

~ Divine Explorer

Monday, September 10, 2012

"LETTING GO" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

It is time to let go of the past.  Grieve, cry, get it all out.  You cannot truly move forward until you honor and let go of the past.  Yes, things change.  Feelings change.  Relationships change.  Something or someone you truly care about has left you, and there is an ache in your heart.  At times, you might feel that all is desolate and bleak in the wake of your loss.  But truly, this is your new beginning.  Transformation comes when we let go and allow ourselves to be cleansed and healed of any past wounding.  It is ok to mourn the past.  It is necessary.  Talk to a friend.  Write a letter and burn it.  Ask for a hug.  Go for a walk in Nature, and let the Mother hold you, as you release your hold on the past through tears.  For some, this may be a time of sorrow...but tomorrow is a brand new day with new opportunities to experience increased love and joy.  It is there all around you.  When you are ready to break through your cocoon of sadness and open your wings to fly, your new world will be waiting for you.

~ Old Sage

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"FREE SPIRIT" ~ Sage Reflection for Sept 6, 2012




~ Old Sage

Monday, August 20, 2012

GROWTH, PATIENCE & ENJOYMENT ~ This Week's Msg of Love

SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.  Patience, as you put one foot in front of the other.  The energetic shifts and catalysts have been strong all year long, and we have all been swept up in monumental revolution and transformation of our individual and collective lives.  We are looking behind us at the fallout, even as we are steadily nurturing the new worlds that are now coming into being.  But it does take time, patience, love and understanding.  And it does take commitment to the process.  This week, acknowledge the growth that is occurring.  Acknowledge the abundance that is manifesting as growth and new worlds appearing from the labor and hard work that you have put into evolving during this time of intense transformation.  Nourish your physical body, and give it what it needs to stay balanced and healthy: rest, plenty of water, fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements, exercise and just the right amount of sunshine.  Let yourself luxuriate in your body and the comforts that surround you.  Live in your body fully, and thank it for it's loving service to you.  If you allow it, this week you can feel a peace and calm in the center of your change and growth.  And you will know that you are steadily marching toward the manifestation of your long-held visions.  Let yourself enjoy this time of manifesting new worlds.  The more you can enjoy it, the more seamless the process can unfold.

~ Old Sage

Monday, July 23, 2012

"LIVE! LOVE! CREATE!" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

Having tamed the inner-beasts of self-doubt, insecurity, shame, guilt, and any other self-identified beasts that you have overcome, YOU ARE NOW READY TO SHOW YOUR WORLD THE POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE.  When you are accepting that you are animal AND spirit, then you are whole.  When you are accepting that the dark is only that which has not been seen in the light, then YOU ARE FREE. There are powerful reserves of energy that can now be unleashed into creativity, fun and living life to the fullest.  You are a channel for undying life-force that wants to be used for your delight!  You are ready.  You have taken the reigns and now control the inner-demons with the power of your love.  You have integrated the animal into your higher perspectives.  You are ready to LIVE FULLY.  Your unique being is radiating, broadcasting its frequency into the world of ideas and form, as the Law of Attraction brings you all you need to follow your bliss.  Live in this moment-YOUR MOMENT.  LOVE COMPLETELY.  SHINE ON!  There are no comparisons now to be made.  YOU ARE UNIQUE.  YOU ARE THE PIONEER ON YOUR OWN PATH OF CREATION.  This week, feel the truth of YOU.  It is your right TO BE, TO PLAY, TO LIVE LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS, TO KNOW, TO LOVE, TO DREAM, TO CREATE.  IT IS ALL FOR YOU.  Lose yourself in the ecstacy and mysterious existence of you.
~ Old Sage

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"I AM BEING BECOMING..." ~ A Sage Reflection





~ Old Sage

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

LOOK DEEPER.  Do you think you know your life?  LOOK AGAIN.  If you are not seeing the inter-connecting web of miraculous synchronicities that allow you to exist and be where you are right now, then you are not seeing the deeper truth of your existence.  I cannot tell you what that truth is, any more than the next person.  You have to discover it for yourself.  Scientists and Spiritualists can work together to reveal the deeper truth...and it looks like they are getting close.  This week, allow your mind to come to a deeper, more holistic view of life.  It is a time for understanding, seeing clearly, and seeing deeply into the patterns and connections of life.  As you see more, you become more and more calm...more and more grateful for all that life is, and all that life gifts to you every moment.  Trouble at work?  LOOK DEEPER.  Challenges in relationships?  LOOK DEEPER.  Health failing?  LOOK DEEPER.  Allow new insights and awareness to penetrate any anxiousness and fear.  Look deeply and discover the truth about your life, and allow peace to permeate the transitions in the weeks ahead.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"YOU ARE FREE" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

YOU ARE FREE.  Today does not have to be exactly like yesterday.  You can choose to do anything you want, at any time.  WHAT DOES YOUR HEART WANT TO DO?  WHAT DOES YOUR HEART WANT TO EXPRESS?  HOW DOES YOUR HEART WISH TO VIEW YOURSELF AND THE WORLD?  If you lived completely from your heart, how would that transform your life?  How would that change the flow of your life, each day, from morning till evening?  How would you choose differently?  How would you spend the day?  Doing what?  And with whom?  The only thing stopping you from accepting your freedom is your resistance to the unconditional love that gives you life and breath.  YOUR ESSENCE IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Every moment is new.  Every moment births a new you and a new world.  How you respond to this freedom is up to you.  Let yourself be spontaneous!  How is life moving you in this moment?  What way of being beckons you out of your resigned slumber?  To be in the moment and realize that you are free to choose, is to be conscious and awake to who you are in essence.  YOUR LIFE IS COMPLETELY YOUR CREATION.  OWN IT.  LOVE YOURSELF.  BE FREE.  YOU ALREADY ARE.

~ Old Sage 

Friday, June 29, 2012

"BIG LOVE" ~ This Weekend's Msg of Love

When your heart is open, you open yourself to ALL of life.  You embrace the joys, as well as the sorrows, knowing that all of it is simply experience that helps you to learn and grow.  Learn what?  And what are you growing into?  The lesson is always LOVE, and you are growing into a more unabashed expression of unconditional love.  LOVE IS INNOCENCE and realizing that none of this life experience is to be taken personally.  Not even when someone does or says something that hurts you, is it to be taken personally.  Causing harm to someone else comes out of a lack of love.  When they know better, they will do better.  When you know better, you will do better.  WE ARE ALL INNOCENT.  We are all children in the cosmos, groping along in the dark, trying to find our way home.  LOVE IS HOME.  This weekend, some of us may be experiencing pain and sorrow.  We may be experiencing growing pains because some truths are simply hard to take.  There may be disappointment and crushed expectations.  Let it be alright.  Don't you dare think of closing your heart or extinguishing the fire of your innocence.  Love will always open again and again and again.  Love accepts that vulnerability is a strength in life, and the only pathway to lead you back to your authentic self.  So, feel it, cry, beat pillows, talk with a friend-do whatever you need to do to move through your sorrow.  Then, like a child, return to the world full of love and innocence.  Life has many more joys and surprises still in store for you.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"GET TO KNOW THYSELF" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

Love continues to gently whisper...slow down, go within...LISTEN.  If you have questions, ask, then sit in silence.  Touch your heart, as you relax and smile, and FEEL what is coming to you.  In the silence, in the peace and calm, YOU WILL KNOW.  You will know what path to take.  You will know and understand without questioning.  Take some time to be alone with yourself so that you can listen and hear what your Inner Guides and Inner Teachers are trying to get through to you at this time.  You are surrounded by loving guides and protection, but if your mind is too active, or your emotions are too chaotic, you will not be able to feel their presence or the clear insight and wisdom that is continuously flowing from within.  If you don't let yourself pause and rest...if you don't let yourself enjoy an intimacy with your mysterious Self, then you cannot KNOW THYSELF.  There is an oasis inside of you.  Everything you are seeking is inside you.  YOU ARE SEEKING YOU.  Go within and claim it so that once you return to your active life, you have a confidence, trust and presence that is unshakeable.  SLOW DOWN,  LISTEN,  FEEL and KNOW.  And so it is.

~ Old Sage

Friday, June 22, 2012

"SOUL AWARENESS" ~ This Weekend's Msg of Love

Dreamy, romantic, mysterious, LIGHT OF THE MOON.  We need your light so that we can SEE.  In the darkness, every little "snap" and "rustle" can have us imagining all kinds of beasts and monsters lurking nearby.  Within our own psyches, these monsters are the dim memories we have of past traumas and pain.  In our hearts and emotional bodies, we hold the residue from all of our past experiences.  Every now and again, our mind cycles back down into the deep unconscious in order to explore these dim memories and bring them to the light for understanding and healing.  These times can be very frightening and emotional, as we do not know why we are remembering certain things, and why we are feeling fearful, anxious, or confused.  At the same time, we may be SEEING and KNOWING without knowing how we see and know.  Everything is hazy and hard to discern in the darkness...even by light of the moon.  That is because we are so used to using our heads and our rational minds.  We have not been taught to trust our hearts and intuitive perceptions.  We have been taught that this is childish and dangerous.  This weekend, it seems the moon is calling...calling us down deep into our feelings and memories...into the dark caverns of the SOUL.  We cannot use our rational minds down there.  All we can do is FEEL, TRUST, and KNOW.  Symbolism is the language of the moon, and it reveals itself through INTUITION and PSYCHIC or SOUL AWARENESS.  To complete this right of passage through the deep unconscious, we must open our hearts and be prepared to EMBRACE EVERYTHING WE FIND AS OURSELVES.  THE MORE WE EMBRACE, THE MORE WHOLE WE BECOME...and the easier we make our way out of the darkness and back into the light.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"ALL ABOARD!!!" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

There is ONE SOURCE from which all of your love flows.  This love flows from and through your heart and nourishes every aspect of life.  This love is like an eternal river; if you let go and enjoy the ride, it will take you all the way back to SOURCE.  And it is UNCONDITIONAL.  There is nothing you have to do, say, or be, in order to have it.  It is always and forever flowing to you...through your heart...cascading down your personal tree-of-life.  I have a feeling you have fought for your right to receive the love from SOURCE, and as you soak it up, it cleanses and lifts you, and you realize YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.  No one can stop you.  It is your cosmic right.  This is where you are this week.  Let it in.  Embrace this boundless love and be nourished from the inside-out.  It is always flowing-so there are no excuses for EVER being without.  Just find a mirror, have a look, smile, and feel love smiling back at you.  ALL IS WELL, if you let it be.  And so it is.

~ Old Sage

Friday, June 15, 2012

"SMILE AT UNCERTAINTY" ~ This Weekend's Msg of Love

BALANCE.  TRANSFORMATION.  BALANCE.  Can you feel the eternal contraction and expansion at the center of your being?  Breathe in, breathe out...feel the ebb and flow of consciousness.  This weekend, feel the exquisite growth and change that is happening within you and all around you.  It may seem as though your relationships, your finances, your home-life, you projects, are "up in the air."  Life may be very uncertain right now, but if you feel closely into your situation, you will see that you are simply growing, changing, and finding a new balance within yourself and within life. All is well.  Tread lightly this weekend, and try not to take instability too seriously.  Breathe in, breathe out, and allow the forces at play to shift and change as they will.  Some things are leaving you.  New things are on the way.  If you find moments to pause this weekend, be with your breath, and listen to your heart, you will experience BALANCE within all of this shifting energy.  LOVE IS EVOLUTION.  There is no way to hold on.  So, let go, and ENJOY THE RIDE!

~ Old Sage

Monday, June 11, 2012

"LEAVE NO TEARS BEHIND!" ~ Wkly Msg of Love for June 11-17

Grief is a part of life.  Change is always happening.  It can really hurt our hearts when a relationship doesn't go our way.  Don't let anyone tell you it is not okay to feel sad and to grieve.  Grieve.  Feel this loss to the core of your being.  Honor your feelings.  Just don't hold onto your sadness for too long.  Don't ignore the little messages Spirit is trying to get through to you about what possibilities lie ahead for you...just beyond the horizon.  When one door closes, another one opens.  Release expectations and move ahead confidently into the unknown, knowing that life is prepared to bring you to a new place...a place of increased freedom and fulfillment.  So, grieve, now, and get it over with.  Don't leave any tears behind!  Let them all flow...and when you are ready to embrace what awaits you, forgive the past, and walk into your new field of possibilities and abundant love.  YOU ARE LOVED.

~ Old Sage

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Coming Out of the Closet for LOVE!" ~ A Sage Confession for June 6, 2012

I feel as if I'm coming out of the closet...AGAIN!  This time, it's to say, "I am a LOVER.  I am here to LOVE.  I am here to spread a message of LOVE.  LOVE YOURSELF.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER."  There, I said it!  It's been awhile since I have posted a message on my blog.  I feel I go through fits of stops-and-starts, not only related to this blog, but in every other area of my life.  Why is that?  Because I have not really embraced who I am and what turns me on!  I have not really embraced my calling, my joy, my mission, my BEING.  I have not really summoned the courage to come out and really be transparent with who I am.  That's why I'm coming out today. I know, I know!  Those of you who know me are probably thinking, "Well, duh, Nicholas!  We already knew!"  I know.  But I have fought with myself for so long.  "What will they think?...Will people think me silly, odd, weak, foolish, annoying...will they think that I think I'm on the level of Jesus?"  I know, right?!  The self-doubts could go on and on.  But it seems I can't get to where I am going unless I come out and just say it; "I LOVE YOU.  I LOVE MYSELF.  I LOVE THIS LIFE.  I LOVE IT ALL!!!"  I am passionate about it, and doggonnit', I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVE.  This is what I am here to teach and learn.  This is my vision and mission.  All that I do is about discovering the right way to get the message across.  What are you here for?  What is it that you really want to teach the world?  What drives you from your core?  Come out of the closet.  Say it.  Do it.  BE IT.  You are LOVED.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"A VIEW FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP" ~ Energy Forecast for April 2-8

CLARITY.  Reflection and stillness.  You have an opportunity to see yourself and the life you are creating in a new way.  Up until this point, you may have struggled with the old clashing with the new.  It has been a tumultuous ride of transition after transition.  The biggest changes have been inside of you.  This week brings an opportunity for you to view yourself from a "higher" vantage point.  You have come a long way, and when you see yourself from the mountaintop, with awe and love, you see clearly that you have become more conscious...more AWAKE.  Part of this new clarity is understanding that you are the only creator of your life, and it is your right to create whatever you like.  So, what makes you smile?  What really turns you on?  What fascinates you and feels like home?  Whatever it is, that is the path you are now allowing yourself to walk.  And with each step you take, the way becomes clearer and clearer.  Take a nice deep breath and trust your calling.  Everything your intuition is telling you is right and true for you.  Are you enjoying the view?  May you become crystal clear! Blessings, seekers and finders.

~ Old Sage

Monday, March 26, 2012

"PLAYING WITH FIRE!" ~ Energy Forecast for March 26-April 1

Dynamite!  That might be a way to describe the energy of the week ahead.  This could play out in several ways, of course.  One way would have you enjoying some exciting adventures in terms of new potential relationships, new sparks of creativity, new awareness of yourselves and how fabulous you are and new paths to pursue.  But the other way this energy could erupt is through accidents, conflict, impulsiveness and excess.  Spring has arrived, and that irrepressible life-force wants an outlet.  Breathe deep into this new beginning and give yourself some time to reflect on how best to channel this boost of energy and inspiration.  You will have plenty of time to work out all the details.  In fact, Rome was not built in a day!  Have fun this week, and remember playing with fire can be long as you don't get burned!  Blessings, fellow travelers!
~ Old Sage

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"GROWING PAINS" ~ Tarot Healing Msg for March 5-11

It seems we are all under some kind of stress this week.  We have taken on a great deal of burden somewhere along the way...whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  There is a stress, a strain.  The good news is that we have taken on more because in recent weeks and months, WE HAVE GROWN.  We can now handle more than we could before.  Some of us who had been hiding from life, have now jumped back into the dance.  We find ourselves stretching and trying out our new wings, experimenting, playing...and yes, sometimes taking on more than we can chew on!  This is ok.  Just as easily as we took on the burden, we can release it.  Our freedom and release is in a simple shift in perspective.  We have grown and become more.  We will always be sorting through exactly who we are and what it is that we want to do and create next.  Let's remember that it is ALWAYS OUR CHOICE.  What do we really want?  What really matters?  There.  Relax and be at peace.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"UPLIFTING LOVE!" ~ Tarot-Healing Msg for Feb 20-26

Relationships are highlighted this week.  Prepare to be touched.  Prepare to be moved.  There is a great deal of passion and emotion waiting to be stirred up from deep levels of being.  You may get an invitation from someone, a proposal, a reunion...your love with someone may be renewed.  There is an uplifting energy in the air, and you may be inspired by all of the love you feel in your heart.  At a very deep level, all of this stirring of feeling can connect you to that profound Divine within that loves you unconditionally.  Experience bliss as you open to love...and give it...and receive it.  It is ok to be idealistic and innocent in love.  Let your guard down, and experience this wave of emotion.  Let it be your greatest teacher and healer.

~ Old Sage

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" ~ Tarot-Healing Msg for Feb 13-19

LOVE.  What IS it?  Is it real?  You will know it when you experience it.  When it comes right down to it, love is what we all need the most.  Sure, we need money, shelter, food, and all of that...but without love, we could not exist.  This week, let yourself explore the love that is experienced within.  There is a profound, deep love inside of you, waiting to be touched.  And if this love comes with any conditions, then you know you have not truly touched it.  Love has no conditions.  If you are holding out on loving yourself, thinking and believing you are not worthy of love unless you do or become something specific-stop it!  You cannot know love until you remove the conditions and experience yourself as you are...perfection in BEING and BECOMING.  This week, open to unconditional love.  Experience it in your own heart...that love you have for your own self.  Then share it with another.  And don't forget to receive the love another shares with you.  And if you are really wanting your mind blown, allow the love of the entire universe to rush in.  I promise you, you won't ever be the same.
~ Old Sage

Monday, February 13, 2012

"Falling in's nothing personal." ~ Sage Insight for Feb 13

Each of us is a universe unto ourselves.  Each of us has such specific inner secrets, longings, dreams and desires...such specific requirements for that feeling of falling in love.  We each have such specific keys.  And, even though we are all learning how to love, we are each creating our own unique pathways back home.  Who we fall in love's nothing personal.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"GIVE TO YOURSELF" ~ Tarot-Healing Msg for Feb 6-12

Have you had enough?  Have you given more than you have to give?  Now, are you drained and feeling empty?  It is time to retreat back into the still darkness within and replenish yourself.  We can give and give and give but forget to give to ourselves.  This week, remember yourself.  Do whatever it takes to find that calm center within and receive the healing energy from spirit that you require.  Maybe the healing lies with another.  Is there someone you can ask for help?  Maybe you just need someone to LISTEN.  You will know what to do to help yourself renew your energy and enthusiasm.  Sometimes, we have to let go of depleting relationships and situations in order to regain our balance and awareness of all that is good in life.  Take a step back from anything that is draining you and see all the LIFE that is waiting to carry you forward into a new era of BEING and BECOMING.
~ Old Sage