Monday, July 23, 2012

"LIVE! LOVE! CREATE!" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

Having tamed the inner-beasts of self-doubt, insecurity, shame, guilt, and any other self-identified beasts that you have overcome, YOU ARE NOW READY TO SHOW YOUR WORLD THE POWER OF UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE.  When you are accepting that you are animal AND spirit, then you are whole.  When you are accepting that the dark is only that which has not been seen in the light, then YOU ARE FREE. There are powerful reserves of energy that can now be unleashed into creativity, fun and living life to the fullest.  You are a channel for undying life-force that wants to be used for your delight!  You are ready.  You have taken the reigns and now control the inner-demons with the power of your love.  You have integrated the animal into your higher perspectives.  You are ready to LIVE FULLY.  Your unique being is radiating, broadcasting its frequency into the world of ideas and form, as the Law of Attraction brings you all you need to follow your bliss.  Live in this moment-YOUR MOMENT.  LOVE COMPLETELY.  SHINE ON!  There are no comparisons now to be made.  YOU ARE UNIQUE.  YOU ARE THE PIONEER ON YOUR OWN PATH OF CREATION.  This week, feel the truth of YOU.  It is your right TO BE, TO PLAY, TO LIVE LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS, TO KNOW, TO LOVE, TO DREAM, TO CREATE.  IT IS ALL FOR YOU.  Lose yourself in the ecstacy and mysterious existence of you.
~ Old Sage


  1. My favorite card! (or one of them at least)

  2. It's definitely one of the most provocative cards in the deck. This particular deck's version of "Strength" has always challenged me and stirred up quite a bit of feeling in me. It has taken me a long while to understand its messages on my own terms...and to integrate them. I am less challenged by it now and like it more.