Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"YOU ARE FREE" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

YOU ARE FREE.  Today does not have to be exactly like yesterday.  You can choose to do anything you want, at any time.  WHAT DOES YOUR HEART WANT TO DO?  WHAT DOES YOUR HEART WANT TO EXPRESS?  HOW DOES YOUR HEART WISH TO VIEW YOURSELF AND THE WORLD?  If you lived completely from your heart, how would that transform your life?  How would that change the flow of your life, each day, from morning till evening?  How would you choose differently?  How would you spend the day?  Doing what?  And with whom?  The only thing stopping you from accepting your freedom is your resistance to the unconditional love that gives you life and breath.  YOUR ESSENCE IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Every moment is new.  Every moment births a new you and a new world.  How you respond to this freedom is up to you.  Let yourself be spontaneous!  How is life moving you in this moment?  What way of being beckons you out of your resigned slumber?  To be in the moment and realize that you are free to choose, is to be conscious and awake to who you are in essence.  YOUR LIFE IS COMPLETELY YOUR CREATION.  OWN IT.  LOVE YOURSELF.  BE FREE.  YOU ALREADY ARE.

~ Old Sage 

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