Friday, June 29, 2012

"BIG LOVE" ~ This Weekend's Msg of Love

When your heart is open, you open yourself to ALL of life.  You embrace the joys, as well as the sorrows, knowing that all of it is simply experience that helps you to learn and grow.  Learn what?  And what are you growing into?  The lesson is always LOVE, and you are growing into a more unabashed expression of unconditional love.  LOVE IS INNOCENCE and realizing that none of this life experience is to be taken personally.  Not even when someone does or says something that hurts you, is it to be taken personally.  Causing harm to someone else comes out of a lack of love.  When they know better, they will do better.  When you know better, you will do better.  WE ARE ALL INNOCENT.  We are all children in the cosmos, groping along in the dark, trying to find our way home.  LOVE IS HOME.  This weekend, some of us may be experiencing pain and sorrow.  We may be experiencing growing pains because some truths are simply hard to take.  There may be disappointment and crushed expectations.  Let it be alright.  Don't you dare think of closing your heart or extinguishing the fire of your innocence.  Love will always open again and again and again.  Love accepts that vulnerability is a strength in life, and the only pathway to lead you back to your authentic self.  So, feel it, cry, beat pillows, talk with a friend-do whatever you need to do to move through your sorrow.  Then, like a child, return to the world full of love and innocence.  Life has many more joys and surprises still in store for you.

~ Old Sage

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