Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"GET TO KNOW THYSELF" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

Love continues to gently whisper...slow down, go within...LISTEN.  If you have questions, ask, then sit in silence.  Touch your heart, as you relax and smile, and FEEL what is coming to you.  In the silence, in the peace and calm, YOU WILL KNOW.  You will know what path to take.  You will know and understand without questioning.  Take some time to be alone with yourself so that you can listen and hear what your Inner Guides and Inner Teachers are trying to get through to you at this time.  You are surrounded by loving guides and protection, but if your mind is too active, or your emotions are too chaotic, you will not be able to feel their presence or the clear insight and wisdom that is continuously flowing from within.  If you don't let yourself pause and rest...if you don't let yourself enjoy an intimacy with your mysterious Self, then you cannot KNOW THYSELF.  There is an oasis inside of you.  Everything you are seeking is inside you.  YOU ARE SEEKING YOU.  Go within and claim it so that once you return to your active life, you have a confidence, trust and presence that is unshakeable.  SLOW DOWN,  LISTEN,  FEEL and KNOW.  And so it is.

~ Old Sage

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