Friday, June 22, 2012

"SOUL AWARENESS" ~ This Weekend's Msg of Love

Dreamy, romantic, mysterious, LIGHT OF THE MOON.  We need your light so that we can SEE.  In the darkness, every little "snap" and "rustle" can have us imagining all kinds of beasts and monsters lurking nearby.  Within our own psyches, these monsters are the dim memories we have of past traumas and pain.  In our hearts and emotional bodies, we hold the residue from all of our past experiences.  Every now and again, our mind cycles back down into the deep unconscious in order to explore these dim memories and bring them to the light for understanding and healing.  These times can be very frightening and emotional, as we do not know why we are remembering certain things, and why we are feeling fearful, anxious, or confused.  At the same time, we may be SEEING and KNOWING without knowing how we see and know.  Everything is hazy and hard to discern in the darkness...even by light of the moon.  That is because we are so used to using our heads and our rational minds.  We have not been taught to trust our hearts and intuitive perceptions.  We have been taught that this is childish and dangerous.  This weekend, it seems the moon is calling...calling us down deep into our feelings and memories...into the dark caverns of the SOUL.  We cannot use our rational minds down there.  All we can do is FEEL, TRUST, and KNOW.  Symbolism is the language of the moon, and it reveals itself through INTUITION and PSYCHIC or SOUL AWARENESS.  To complete this right of passage through the deep unconscious, we must open our hearts and be prepared to EMBRACE EVERYTHING WE FIND AS OURSELVES.  THE MORE WE EMBRACE, THE MORE WHOLE WE BECOME...and the easier we make our way out of the darkness and back into the light.

~ Old Sage

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