Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"ALL IS WELL" ~ Tarot Healing Message for Dec 5-11

Everything is falling into place.  Circumstances have reached a new dynamic harmony.  All is well.  You have everything you need.  Love is present.  Material resources and money are flowing.  You are steadily moving toward your goals and desires.  Life is good.  After the rain, it is time to bask in the sunlight.  Enjoy this time, and give thanks.  Give thanks for your body.  Give thanks for your health.  Give thanks for the future that is unfolding.  Give thanks for the gift of life.  This week, bask in the light of YOU...of SPIRIT.  Feel the deep peace of your pure BEING and BECOMING.

~ Old Sage

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"LET GO INTO DYNAMIC BALANCE" ~ Tarot Healing Msg for Nov 28-Dec 4

How do you stay balanced when you are free-falling?  There is only one way; LET GO.  The balance is dynamic.  The balance exists even as the circumstances continually shift and change inside our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our environment, our communities, our world.  There is a ton of information filtering into our psyches at the moment.  There is a great deal that we are considering.  Decisions.  Choices.  Communications.  So much is changing.  Will we make the right choices?  When we let go of the fear of making the wrong choice, we find our balance.  When we can let go into the truth that all choices and paths lead back to ourselves, we find our balance and integration.  These choices cannot be made completely from the level of the rational mind.  These choices and course-corrections must come from the whole of who we are, now, in this moment.  Trust your Self.  Reach for that dynamic new balance by letting go into everything in your life as it stands right now.  This week, clarity of choice and simplicity of action bring us into a new balance with life.

~ Old Sage

Monday, November 21, 2011

"YOU ARE LIFE'S MOST AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT!" ~ Tarot Healing Message for Nov 21-27

Stop.  Take a deep breath. Look around you.  Listen.  Look at all you have accomplished-not just today, this week, or in the past few years, but all that you have accomplished in your entire lifetime.  Showing up everyday is an accomplishment.  Not knowing, yet exploring anyway, is an accomplishment.  Trusting the process of Life is an accomplishment.  YOU are Life's most amazing accomplishment!  No matter where you are, or what you are doing, you have used your creative power to get here...and if you would truly look at your life without criticism or judgment, you would see that you have done well.  Look around at all that you have created, and all that you have right now in this moment: friends and healed relationships, work and income, food and shelter, entertainments, balance and health.  You are overflowing with abundance and wealth.  This week, as you are celebrating all that you have to be grateful for, remember that you allowed and created all of this abundance.  You are the creator of your life!  And sure, you may have much you would still like to create, and you always will have more that you want...but right here, right now, your life is looking pretty darn good!  Sit back and rest in this sense of awareness and completion.  In the coming weeks and months, you will start out on new creative adventures.  But this week, let yourself appreciate all that you have already accomplished.  You deserve it!
~ Old Sage

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"LET EVERYTHING BE BRAND NEW" ~ Tarot Healing Message for Nov 14-20

And the wheel turns.  On and on and on it goes.  Each stop along the journey seems familiar.  "Haven't we been here before?"  Almost.  Though the circumstances seem the same, everything is different.  Everything is brand new.  That includes YOU.  Don't drag the past into the present.  Clean it up, sort it out, let it go, and move on.  What is in front of you can then be experienced with complete presence and innocence.  It may feel like a wild roller-coaster ride this week, as the wheel turns, and your fortune seems to rise or fall.  But truly, all is well.  Whatever it is, turn it into opportunity.  Reserve judgment untill later.  The whole picture can't be seen quite yet.  Let the wheel turn.  Embrace CHANGE.  Hold on to the center of your TRUTH, the center of your BEING.  Without these changes within and without, EXPANSION is not possible.  Trust this passage and let it flow.  You are on the right track.

Monday, November 7, 2011

"ONE MOMENT AT A TIME" ~ Tarot-Healing Message for Nov 7-13

Sometimes, life hurts.  No doubt about it.  We are in this process of learning through trial and error, and there is simply no way to avoid feeling hurt, pain and tears.  Just like joy, ease and comfort, tears are a part of life.  With every tear that falls, there comes an opportunity to grow.  Sometimes the reality can be hard to deal with, overwhelming and seemingly cruel.  But the truth is that growing pains are a part of life.  The truth is that we are loved beyond comprehension.  The truth is that we are safe.  The truth is that we are busy gathering experiences all about this play-pen we call the Universe...eternally safe and secure.  But I know that knowledge won't always ease our troubled minds or wipe away our falling tears.  If you feel like crying this week or like you are going through growing pains, breathe into it.  One step, one breath, one moment at a time.  That's all you need to concern yourself with.  Let go as much as you are able and do your best to appreciate the little gifts life gives you.  Life will never break your heart without the promise of a new one.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"ARE YOU AWAKE?" ~ Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 31-Nov 6

Storm and stress.  These are the times we are in-on a collective level, and on a personal level.  Are you feeling the winds of CHANGE?  How can you not?  The evidence is all around us.  We are being swept up in unprecedented change that will ultimately benefit us all.  But we may have to endure storm and stress, in the meantime.  Birthing is a violent process.  Any mother will tell you that!  Hold on!  Fight to be born!  What is being born in your life, now?  What is emerging through you?  Like the Princess of Swords, you may have to stand courageously in the midst of chaos and strong winds within and without, while slashing away extraneous weight:  thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, static all around you, distractions that tempt you away from TRUTH.  New truths are now erupting from the depths of your soul.  WHO ARE YOU?  ARE YOU AWAKE?  There.  In these times of change, your power is your clarity and truth.  Stand up.  Be brave.  Soon the dust will clear.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"SEE NO EVIL...ONLY LACK OF LOVE" - Sage Insight for Oct 27

It does not help you to see any parts of yourself or others as evil.  For if you do, you will surely try to separate yourself from that evil, and if you succeed (which you cannot!), you will be divided and experience a lack of wholeness.  The best thing you can do in relationship to what you might call evil, is to accept it.  Accept it as a part of your self, as a part of others, as a part of reality, as a part of this universe, as a part of life.  It is the part of you that is afraid.  It is the part of you that reacts with defense.  It is the part of you that feels threatened and feels it must do harm in order to survive.  It is this same part of others that instigates "evil" acts.  If you can accept that you all have parts of you that are afraid and "evil," parts of you that become engaged under different circumstances of life, then you will be able to understand your fears and to soothe them so that awareness and enlightenment dawns in the place of darkness.  Love encompasses fear.  When you are in love's embrace, you will even embrace your fearful aspects and even come to accept and understand your own or others most "evil" acts.  This is compassion which leads to AGAPE.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"THE TUNNEL" - Sage Insight for Oct 25

The journey can be likened to going through a long, dark tunnel.  At first there is nothing but darkness.  Why did you even enter this hole???  Are you crazy?  Your old life is behind you, familiar, "safe."  You look back and feel an intense pull to turn around and go back the way you came.  But there is a stronger force pulling you forward into the darkness.  It drew you here, and you entered.  Now, you know that if you turn back, you will surely die.  So, you turn toward the darkness and continue forward.  Though nothing can be seen or known in here, you do have your thoughts, feelings, memories...As you move forward, many images and memories begin to surface.  You see yourself, your life and begin seeing a continuity underneath all of the events.  You see themes, patterns...and you feel a presence with you.  You know that you are not alone.  You feel protected...guided.  So, for what seems like an eternity, you commune with these inner visions and landscapes of knowing, as you witness yourself through time.  You begin to feel an increased sense of awareness and understanding for your life.  Suddenly, you begin to see a glimmer ahead.  "What is this place?  How long have I been walking?  How much further do I have to go???"  You keep walking, learning, re-discovering yourself as you go.  You begin to make out shapes and textures in the tunnel.  You notice figures hovering beside you, walking behind you.  They are like specters of light...almost imperceptible, but you see them clearly.  Your fear is becoming less and less, as you feel a stronger sense of guidance and protection.  As a matter a fact, this feeling of protection seems strangely familiar...You continue on.  Every step you take, the light becomes brighter and brighter.  You are beginning to make out colors and shapes up ahead beyond the exit of the tunnel.  Your pace quickens.  You begin feeling a surge of excitement and joy.  You are nearing the end of your journey.  The purpose of this tunnel experience is becoming clearer and clearer to you.  You are about to be reborn into a new reality and a new identity. You are nearing the beginning of your emergence into the world as your TRUE SELF.

~ Old Sage

Monday, October 24, 2011

"BE STILL AND KNOW" -Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 24-30

Be receptive.  Be still.  BE STILL AND KNOW.  Some things need no explanation.  Sometimes, words obscure the truth.  When you are using the Priestess within, you are learning to trust your own inner knowing.  Mystery is appreciated.  Subtlety is welcomed.  No matter what is going on in your life at this time, challenge or easy flow, you can know how to take your next steps by going within where there is stillness, quiet, darkness.  Your intuitive knowing is speaking quite clearly, now.  How do your messages come to you?  How do you read them?  Sometimes, patience is needed to decipher the messages or for the full meaning of the messages to be revealed.  In time, they will be.  This week, take time for yourself.  Step out of the hustle-and-bustle of your day-to-day.  You will only receive this guidance when you have returned to the stillness and quiet at the center of your being.  This knowing is deep and will give you more confidence to navigate this adventure called life.  If there is too much static going on in your psyche at the moment, be on the lookout for someone or something that may be a catalyst for accessing your own inner knowledge.  The KNOWLEDGE is yours.   
~ Old Sage

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"HONORING THE FATHER WITHIN" ~ Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 17-23

Who is the man in your life?  Is he, or are you a father?  Whether male or female, we all have an inner masculine principle.  We all grapple with the challenges and opportunities that come with learning about The Emperor or Father archetype.  The challenges have to do with authority and learning how to develop trust in our own sense of authority and power.  Depending on the relationship you have had with your father, this exploration of authority and personal power can be effortless or extremely difficult.  Sometimes, fathers abuse their power, and through their example, teach those dependent on them that power corrupts.  If this has been your story, how hard has it been for you to claim your power and create your kingdom as you see fit?  Are you aware of your personal power?  Do you feel the inner fire?  Do you have a vision for what you want to create?  Do you know how to assert yourself without harming another?  Most importantly, have you forgiven your father?  Until you forgive that first man in your life (or anyone else who may have played the role of father), chances are you will not fully own your personal power.  When you forgive, your personal power naturally flows into creating a life you love.  Until then, your energy will be wrapped up in trying to prove something to "Dad," and you may find yourself accomplishing much but feeling quite unfulfilled.  The good news is that it is never too late to forgive and reclaim your full power.  Then, you will see just how much you can accomplish in your life that is truly satisfying and fulfilling.

Monday, October 10, 2011

"OPEN YOUR HEART" - Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 10-16

Open your heart.  Allow the inspiration in.  Be moved.  Be touched.  FEEL.  Do not let life pass you by without loving.  Love someone.  Love something.  Love yourself.  Love ALL.  Take a moment to pause and reflect on those relationships that touch your heart and soul.  Call someone up, and tell them you love them.  Find a mirror, look deeply into your own eyes, and feel the love coming from that very ancient being who gazes back at you.  Love can soothe over all the rough edges of life.  Love can place everything back into the proper perspective.  I'm talking about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, here.  There is nothing you have to do or be to know and have it.  You are good enough just as you are, with all of your seeming imperfections.  Love.  Give yourself the gift of loving another unconditionally, even if it is your pet, a plant, a stranger you see on the street, the sky, the rain.  Love...and by week's end, you will have come home to yourself and been cleansed and renewed by love's healing waters.

~ Old Sage

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS!" ~ Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 2-8

You are capable and powerful.  You are able to have and achieve whatever you truly desire.  Focus your desire and be willing to take action.  There is great vitality in your desire.  This week the message is about how you are able to create your world around you through the use of your own personal power.  Your power is not only in your desiring, but in your DOING.  What do you want?  Focus your power and manifest it!  Do what needs to be done!  Take care of business!  No one can do it for you.  It is up to you to focus and create your world as you would like it.  If you are having trouble feeling your innate personal power, remember all of the things you have manifested in your past and the steps you took to get there.  This time is no different.  Allow yourself to be powerful.  You may have to set new personal boundaries in your life and relationships in order to focus your energy and create what you desire.  Respect yourself and do what needs to be done.  The power is yours.
~ Old Sage

Friday, August 26, 2011

SAGE INSIGHT ~ "Ready? Set? GO!!!"

This is CHANGE...

This is LIFE...

Life is constantly throwing "unexpected" people and events into the mix.

And how will I choose to relate to these little and big surprises?

I so often respond with annoyance, impatience, frustration, exasperation-to the point where I can actually laugh at myself, now! I laugh because I see the absurdity of it-of constantly getting disturbed because life is being itself!!!

People want me...

Life wants me...

I want people and life!

We are all one.

I am going to add to my daily acknowledgement of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION a new embrace of the part of life that is the SURPRISING...the UNEXPECTED...the BUMP in the road...the UNPLANNED...the DISTRACTION...

Are these things annoyances?

Or are they opportunities to experience BEAUTY and CONNECTION?

Is that traffic jam something that shouldn't be there?

Or is it a gift in some way? Or can it be seen as a gift and turned into a moment of BEAUTY and CONNECTION?

Truly there is nothing that should not be happening...that should not be there-if it is there, it belongs there.

If it is there, I CHOSE IT. On some level, I CHOSE TO BE A PART OF IT.

For example, I chose to be in Nashville and to drive a car again daily. Therefor, I also chose the traffic. I chose to work for my employers, knowing their hours of operation. So, I also chose the traffic.  I choose the same route to work every morning...

It goes on and on...


I see it!  I see it!

I see the BEAUTY and the ONENESS. I see how I am creating through my decisions and choices, and how everything that shows up in my reality is "put there" by me.

So, can I be in the moment of experience with these little "surprises" and say, "I CHOOSE THIS"?

I choose this.  It belongs here.

How will I respond to the unexpected?

I may not have chosen the details because others are choosing, too...but I chose the BIG PICTURE...I chose the parameters...I chose the "game," the environment, etc., that would put me in probable paths of all others and all the details...

I chose life.

Yes, I feel a little silly, now, at my life-tantrums...but I suppose some of us do like to be dramatic!

As long as I know the long as I can hold this larger truth steady...then I can RESPOND to life and CHOOSE how I will relate to what shows up in my reality from day-to-day...

And I want to relate with humor, with love, with wisdom.

I want to cultivate an appreciation for the unexpected, for the unplanned, for the surprises in life.

Ok, this will be fun! Life will never be at a loss for surprising me and not meeting my expectations!!!

Ready?  Set?  Here we go!!!



Monday, June 20, 2011

"ENJOY YOUR BEING AND BECOMING" - Tarot Healing Message for JUNE 20-26

CHANGE.  OPPORTUNITY.  EXPANSION. CREATIVITY.  This week the Wheel of Fortune signals a time of much activity and shifting sands in your external reality.  Do you see your fortunes as rising or falling?  Do you label the events of life as good or bad?  Truly, all experience is neutral until you give it meaning.  Though it may sometimes appear as if a momentum is carrying you along to some kind of destiny that you have not chosen, you always have the power to CHOOSE HOW YOU RESPOND TO EVENTS.  Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to experience the center of your being.  Choose to remain centered within your higher perspective.  Choose to see POSSIBILITY and OPPORTUNITY within every experience and in the world around you.  Choose ACCEPTANCE and PEACE...come what may.  There will never be a time when you will not face change.  So, embrace it, and hold to the center of the wheel of life.  Go ahead and let yourself experience a calm and trust in life's unfolding that can only come when you are at the center of your BEING and BECOMING.  With every turn of the wheel, life is giving you the opportunity to experience more of your PERFECTION and WHOLENESS.  Go can smile, laugh out loud and be in awe at the mystery of life...the mystery of you.  It is more than okay to ENJOY EVERY EXQUISITE MOMENT OF YOUR BEING AND BECOMING.

~ Old Sage

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"CAN IT GET ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL?" - Tarot Healing Message for JUNE 13-19

Day-in-day-out, you rise, you eat, you travel, you work, you play, you love, you hurt, you dream.  What is it all for?  What is it all leading to?  No one knows, except you.  YOUR LIFE IS YOUR LIVING WORK OF ART.  Through trial-and-error, you mix and blend the components of your life in order to create something beautiful.  It takes PATIENCE to "get it right."  It takes SELF-REFLECTION and HONESTY.  It takes TIME and EXPERIENCE to find the perfect DYNAMIC-BALANCE that will allow all of your parts to express themselves as one beautiful whole.  This week, go into the stillness and quiet of your being and FEEL THE WORK OF ART THAT IS YOU BEING CREATED.  At this stage in the game, the focus is on BEING and all that you are BECOMING...the doing will follow naturally.  Take a deep breath, and feel all of the various parts of yourself and your life coming into the perfect dynamic-balance.  In every moment this week, see yourself as THE ARTIST, patiently chipping away at the stone to reveal more and more of your true self.

~ Old Sage

Monday, June 6, 2011

"BE YOURSELF" - Tarot Healing Message for June 6-12

BE YOURSELF.  That is all that is necessary.  "Get-off" on being you.  Align your truth with your heart and act accordingly.  There is great energy and vitality and courage in you, and you can feel it when you value your own authenticity.  BE YOURSELF.  The sun is rising, bringing a new dawn into your life.  BE OPEN.  BE HOPEFUL.  BE OPTIMISTIC.  New possibilities are erupting around you heralding Springtime.  There is new life, new passion, new creativity and new love all around you.  Commune with you and see what life wants to express through you.  Allow joy to be your guide.  Follow your heart, and watch this new energy open and blossom new projects and new relationships before your very eyes.  Pause, now, and feel yourself being flooded with the life force, with new possibilities, with energy, with courage, with boldness to think, feel, and act in alignment with who you really are.  This week, let yourself be inspired by the truth of YOU.    YOU ARE LIFE. YOU ARE LOVE. YOU ARE ALL POSSIBILITY.
~ Old Sage

Sunday, May 15, 2011


You are never at a standstill, though at times you may appear to be.  The only constant is CHANGE, and you are either contracting or expanding.  You are either fearing or loving.  Up and down, sadness and joy, suffering and freedom.  The circumstances of our lives continually change, and how will we react?  HOLD TO THE CENTER OF THE WHEEL OF LIFE.  FIND YOUR CALM ESSENCE AT THE CENTER.  See how all experience is neutral until you give it meaning.  This will be a week of change, as you experience the old giving way to the new.  It may seem as if you are carried along on wings of fate.  It may seem that you are flowing down a powerful river with no control.  Your fortunes are shifting.  Why do you worry so?  YOU ARE A CREATIVE BEING.  You can attract what you need.  You can ask for help.  You can intuit your next steps.  See that where you are now-you have been before...and you will be here again.  Take a deep breath, now.  Let yourself go into the center of your BEING and BECOMING.  Rest here for a few moments and feel the contractions and expansions taking place.  Now, affirm that you will be present and ALIVE this week, no matter which way the pendulum of fortune appears to be swinging.  You will be BIGGER than your circumstances.  You will use all experience to BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

~ Old Sage

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Who is reading this message?  Who is experiencing this moment of NOW?  Who is taking this journey?  STOP AND LOOK.  STOP AND FEEL.  STOP AND KNOW.  You are a miracle.  Life is a miracle.  Wherever you are, STOP AND ASK SPIRIT TO ENTER YOU and to help you SEE WITH NEW VISION.  We are all the FOOL-innocent children splashing about in the ONENESS.  This week, return to INNOCENCE.  Return to home-base.  It is time to hold the hand of the child within, and let her take you on a magnificent journey into the heart-of-things. YOU ARE SAFE.  YOU ARE LOVED.  YOU ARE ONE WITH THE ALL. PLAY!  LIVE!  DANCE!  SHOUT!  BE!  DREAM!  LOVE! CREATE! OPEN.  ALLOW ALL OF YOUR SPIRITUAL CENTERS TO OPEN AND RECEIVE LIGHT, LOVE, AND HEALING.  With your new-found trust in Self, where will you go next?  What will you do?  With whom will you share it all?  How will the next experience grow and transform you?  This week, BE THE FOOL AND DARE TO LOVE AND BE YOUR TRUE SELF.

~ Old Sage

Monday, April 18, 2011


GIFTS OF THE HEART AND THE HEALING WATERS OF LOVE.  There are many layers, here-all happening at the level of the HEART, the feelings and emotions.  There is a return to harmony and equilibrium after some kind of "storm"...after some kind of emotional imbalance and trauma.  It is as if you have been made raw, and now you are being surrounded by the healing waters of LOVE.  OPEN OPEN OPEN TO LOVE.  Feel healing waters springing up from a source deep within.  You are being fed and nourished by a SOURCE that never runs dry.  Let your emotional body OPEN and fill with the waters of this eternal spring.  This week there are gifts of the heart to be felt, embraced and experienced to the fullest.  The waters of life are moving again, and any hurt, stagnation or low energy in your emotional body has the opportunity to be transformed in this rejuvenating fountain.  Know intimacy with the self and the other.  Touch the SOURCE in self and other.  Feel completely connected and at peace with the self and the other.  Feel this new harmonic sense of LOVE inspiring your heart, and let it take you on an intimate journey wherever you are being called.  This week you are reminded that IT IS SAFE TO OPEN YOUR HEART.  IT IS SAFE TO LET LOVE IN.

~ Old Sage

Friday, April 8, 2011

REIKI EXPLORATION - "Just for today..."

I haven't posted a tarot healing message for the past two weeks.  Both previous Sundays, I was ready to write a message and post.  I sat down, and I pulled a tarot card.  Both times, words didn't flow.  In the past, I might have tried to force a force the flow.  Not now.  I trust the ebb and flow of insight, awareness, creativity, and expression.

I hope to be "back in the flow" soon and continuing my weekly tarot healing posts.

There is an intensity in the air, and I feel we are all having to wade through "stuff" that may appear to be slowing us down or diminishing our connection with SPIRIT.

For example; I am working a full-time job, rehearsing for a show in the evenings ("Rent" the musical!), and getting home late with only a few hours left in the day before bed.  I'm also saving to buy a car and juggling many things in and around my schedule as unexpected events pop-up that require something from me.  Require what?  My money. LOL!  Oh, and I forgot to mention my pollen allergies are certainly asking much of me!

Whenever I move through challenging phases in my life, I become even more centered in my Reiki practice.

The Reiki precepts are helping me to remain centered and present, moving gracefully through the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of experience, as I allow CHANGE and UNCERTAINTY to be and exist as they are.

Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki System, said that these principles or precepts were the "secret art of inviting happiness through many blessings" and "a spiritual remedy for all afflictions."  They are universal spiritual teachings that can help us to remember SPIRIT, to stay connected to the bigger picture, even in the midst of this roller-coaster ride we call physical life.

Perhaps they will be helpful to you, as well. 

This is my version of the precepts...what I resonate with most:

Just for today
I will let go of anger
I will let go of worry
I will give thanks for my many blessings
I will do the best I can
I will be kind to myself and every living thing

~ Old Sage

Monday, March 21, 2011


Focus.  Intensity.  Thought.  Idea.  Power of the mind to make distinctions, to divide, to separate what is real from what is false.  Truth.  Belief.  Everything rests on this.  Can you see with clarity?  Can you be brutally honest with yourself and about how you feel?  Your ability to be honest with yourself is a powerful tool to unlock greater avenues and pathways for the expression of your wholeness.  Look deeply at your life.  Where are the lies hidden?  What is the truth about you?  What is the truth about your life?  What thoughts and ideas are holding you back from being your TRUE SELF?  Now is the time to see with clarity what must stay and what must go.  Be compassionate as you use the power of your mind to bring greater clarity and awareness to every aspect of your life.  You are the master of your fate.  You are the Queen sitting on her throne.  You get to say "yes" or to say "no."  All of the creative force of the Universe is at your disposal.    See clearly the truth of your being.  You are the chooser.  You are responsible.  If it's going to change, you will be the one to change it.  This week, TRUTH will set you free.

~ Old Sage

Friday, March 18, 2011


THE GREAT MYSTERY.  This is where my Reiki practice leads me over and over again.  It leads me HOME...back to my own mysterious Self.  Sometimes, like today, I don't even consciously intend to connect with Reiki; I simply find myself experiencing the deep waves of subtle vibrations and well-being coursing through me as I am pulled into a profound meditation of BEING...and I rest here for a moment.  It is as if there is a spontaneous turning inward that leads me back to the ground of my BEING.  And then I seek to find words to express what cannot be expressed.  I want to say something about what the Reiki path has done for me, but all I can seem to manage in this moment is...GREAT MYSTERY...GREAT MYSTERY.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Inner Teachings.  What is your truth?  The inner teacher downloads messages directly into your heart-of-knowing.  Wisdom.  Understanding.  Teaching and learning.  The 5 of humanity.  5 revealing the quintessence.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  There is more going on here than meets the eye.  Sink down into your depths and LISTEN.  It is not enough to KNOW.  We must ACT ON WHAT WE KNOW.  Then Spirit is embodied.  Experience is our teacher.  Nothing to do but dive into life.  Live and learn.  There are teachers everywhere.  The heart can hear them.  LISTEN.  Find some time to be still this week and LISTEN.  Sort out your truths from others' truths.  You have come far along your path.  What does it all mean?  This week you will come to new meanings and truths about what you are learning and teaching.  You are a teacher.  You are a student.  Open to the teachings of your heart.  You will receive guidance.  Remain centered and open as inner teachings pour into your heart.  Each choice can be made from a depth of wisdom.  This week let the Hierophant guide you HOME into the WHOLENESS OF BEING and BECOMING.

~ Old Sage

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Illumination.  The Being Becoming.  The rose petals opening.  YOU blossoming.  Spark.  Lightning.  Fire.  Awakening.  You are deeply attuned to YOU.  Essence.  Awareness.  New Perceptions.  Pay attention.  The fire is burning...transforming your external life from the inside of your passions out.  Trust this process.  You will be inspired and awakened.  This is a new path of potential unfolding beneath your feet.  This is new awareness.  New energy.  All that is within you is finding its way into the world.  See/feel/touch this new energy spiraling upwards from deep within you and out through your body, igniting relationships, projects, future goals, and fire-dancing into the world.  You have a new vision taking shape.  Ride it into the future while staying present to every magnificent moment along the way.  This is the Ace of Wands.  This is the key to wholeness this week.  Trust the process.  Trust this spirit-energy moving you forward.

~Old Sage

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I had been limited by my attachment to a specific form that I thought I needed in order to fulfill my purpose.  I constantly tried to find that ever elusive "thing" that would allow me to express my sense of purpose and be fulfilled.  Now, I am seeing that this attachment to a specific form kept me from communing with and living my purpose.  Spirit said to me, "Your purpose is not a form.  It is a quality, a state of being, a way or a path-way that links you consciously to your soul's evolution.  The purpose IS the path.There will be many forms that reflect your ever evolving sense of purpose.  Your joy is in walking the path and en-joying  the constant re-creation of forms that reflect your steady movement forward."

~Old Sage

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Passion.  Enthusiasm.  Vitality.  These are our keys to healing this week.  Imagine riding a brilliant black steed into a land of imagination and inspiration.  Let in this inspiration and warmth.  There is something stirring the soul: an idea, a project, a relationship.  Something wants to ignite the spirit.  In the image, a courageous knight rides atop a charging steed.  He holds the Ace of Wands (source of light and inspiration) in his left hand, as he guides the horse (primal creative energy) with his right.  He is guided by vision and insight, and his connection with spirit propels him forward into transformation.  His message to us is, "Learn to let go and let the heart be filled with new vision and purpose...and ride courageously into your new destiny!"  This week we can experience more of our wholeness through allowing our passion and sense of purpose.  Let new visions burn away any doubts and fears, and ride the creative energy into new possibilities. Perhaps there is a mentor or friend nearby who will gladly inspire us by their example?  Either way, the possibilities for having our fires ignited this week are many.

Monday, February 21, 2011


The new beginnings continue this week (1).  There is a powerful rush of energy and inspiration that comes with a new clarity of mind.  The sword of truth and decisiveness is piercing the fog of confusion and doubt.  Our healing continues, and we can support this momentum by making up our minds about what we want and what comes next.  This week we will have the insight and clarity of mind to choose wisely and to take action.  We need to choose and to choose confidently.  What do we want?  How do we make up our minds?  What paths do we need to commit to?  Sometimes healing comes when we say "NO" to one path as we choose another.  We are responsible for our own happiness, and the only way we can move towards experiencing more of our wholeness is through owning our power to choose.  This week we will have clarity and intuitive knowing about which direction is best for us.  It will be up to us to act on what we know.
~ Old Sage

Monday, February 14, 2011


Last week there was a completion and a fullness of being with gratitude for all of the abundance manifested in our lives.  The healing came through gratitude and acceptance of abundance.  This week, the message is about moving forward in new directions that bring us more ALIVE.  In order to heal, we must move forward.  Our desires and passions for life continuously renew themselves and propel us to create anew (Aries).  This week there is an opportunity to experience new vitality, warmth, and enthusiasm for life.  Spring arrives early and our hearts are seeded with new love (Venus).  The healing comes through allowing ourselves to be loved like never before.  The healing comes through allowing ourselves to love as much as we desire.  Something new comes into being this week, and it is a concrete expression of the fire in our hearts (4).  Revel in this new love, and let the fire burn away the tears of the past.
~ Old Sage

Saturday, February 12, 2011


"It is not a lie, or a fantastical myth, for us to state that all forms of sentience are designed by default to seek pleasure, happiness, and laughter, NOT to avoid danger. Only the body is designed to avoid danger. This is why we have said that to be embodied is a struggle between the sacred and profane, which must eventually find resolution. That resolution is often found in the sweet comfort of living as your Essence, and finding it your responsibility to understand the moments of fear, helping the self to navigate from a place that teaches the body and Personality that MOST of life is fun and pleasant, if not hilarious and playfully absurd, but not the constant danger that might always be anticipated."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


"...your universe is EXPANDING, therefore Essence seeks expansion as well. Expansion is recognized in terms of pleasure, fulfillment, happiness, joy, and love… those things that give Personality pleasure are in synchronicity and alignment with Essence. This is so, regardless of temporary social mores, standards and judgments of the time."

~ Channeled by Troy Tolley of TLE

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This is a time of completion (10).  In the image, the Tree of Life is illuminated by gold coins.  This is a time of balance, harmony, flow, and abundance.  Be grateful for what you do have, and more will be added to you.  Take stock of the wealth that already is in your life.  Be grateful for your body and its health (Earth element).  Be grateful for your friends, family, and loved ones, the roof over your head, and all of the little creature comforts that keep your body and mind nourished and happy.   Be grateful for your work and the money that flows to you and from you.  This week, before making that list of all the improvements you'd like to make in yourself and the world around you, feel the completion and wholeness that already exists for you.  This week, you may begin a new cycle on your healing journey, and you can begin it from a place of wholeness and gratitude.

~ Old Sage

Friday, February 4, 2011


"ALL OF LIFE IS A HEALING JOURNEY...and I say this to mean that every moment of life is an opportunity to tune-in to and allow the order, the peace, the calm, the balance, the expansion, the well-being that is always there..."

~ Old Sage

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"You can create what you want with this life, within the parameters of what tools you have, what tools you gain, with your intentions, with your call for help and your openness for support, and your use of energy in a direction that is aligned with your desires, and your willingness to deal with the obstacles that arise from within and without."

~ Channeled by Troy Tolley of TLE