Sunday, February 27, 2011


Passion.  Enthusiasm.  Vitality.  These are our keys to healing this week.  Imagine riding a brilliant black steed into a land of imagination and inspiration.  Let in this inspiration and warmth.  There is something stirring the soul: an idea, a project, a relationship.  Something wants to ignite the spirit.  In the image, a courageous knight rides atop a charging steed.  He holds the Ace of Wands (source of light and inspiration) in his left hand, as he guides the horse (primal creative energy) with his right.  He is guided by vision and insight, and his connection with spirit propels him forward into transformation.  His message to us is, "Learn to let go and let the heart be filled with new vision and purpose...and ride courageously into your new destiny!"  This week we can experience more of our wholeness through allowing our passion and sense of purpose.  Let new visions burn away any doubts and fears, and ride the creative energy into new possibilities. Perhaps there is a mentor or friend nearby who will gladly inspire us by their example?  Either way, the possibilities for having our fires ignited this week are many.

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