Monday, February 14, 2011


Last week there was a completion and a fullness of being with gratitude for all of the abundance manifested in our lives.  The healing came through gratitude and acceptance of abundance.  This week, the message is about moving forward in new directions that bring us more ALIVE.  In order to heal, we must move forward.  Our desires and passions for life continuously renew themselves and propel us to create anew (Aries).  This week there is an opportunity to experience new vitality, warmth, and enthusiasm for life.  Spring arrives early and our hearts are seeded with new love (Venus).  The healing comes through allowing ourselves to be loved like never before.  The healing comes through allowing ourselves to love as much as we desire.  Something new comes into being this week, and it is a concrete expression of the fire in our hearts (4).  Revel in this new love, and let the fire burn away the tears of the past.
~ Old Sage

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