Monday, February 21, 2011


The new beginnings continue this week (1).  There is a powerful rush of energy and inspiration that comes with a new clarity of mind.  The sword of truth and decisiveness is piercing the fog of confusion and doubt.  Our healing continues, and we can support this momentum by making up our minds about what we want and what comes next.  This week we will have the insight and clarity of mind to choose wisely and to take action.  We need to choose and to choose confidently.  What do we want?  How do we make up our minds?  What paths do we need to commit to?  Sometimes healing comes when we say "NO" to one path as we choose another.  We are responsible for our own happiness, and the only way we can move towards experiencing more of our wholeness is through owning our power to choose.  This week we will have clarity and intuitive knowing about which direction is best for us.  It will be up to us to act on what we know.
~ Old Sage

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