Friday, June 29, 2012

"BIG LOVE" ~ This Weekend's Msg of Love

When your heart is open, you open yourself to ALL of life.  You embrace the joys, as well as the sorrows, knowing that all of it is simply experience that helps you to learn and grow.  Learn what?  And what are you growing into?  The lesson is always LOVE, and you are growing into a more unabashed expression of unconditional love.  LOVE IS INNOCENCE and realizing that none of this life experience is to be taken personally.  Not even when someone does or says something that hurts you, is it to be taken personally.  Causing harm to someone else comes out of a lack of love.  When they know better, they will do better.  When you know better, you will do better.  WE ARE ALL INNOCENT.  We are all children in the cosmos, groping along in the dark, trying to find our way home.  LOVE IS HOME.  This weekend, some of us may be experiencing pain and sorrow.  We may be experiencing growing pains because some truths are simply hard to take.  There may be disappointment and crushed expectations.  Let it be alright.  Don't you dare think of closing your heart or extinguishing the fire of your innocence.  Love will always open again and again and again.  Love accepts that vulnerability is a strength in life, and the only pathway to lead you back to your authentic self.  So, feel it, cry, beat pillows, talk with a friend-do whatever you need to do to move through your sorrow.  Then, like a child, return to the world full of love and innocence.  Life has many more joys and surprises still in store for you.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"GET TO KNOW THYSELF" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

Love continues to gently whisper...slow down, go within...LISTEN.  If you have questions, ask, then sit in silence.  Touch your heart, as you relax and smile, and FEEL what is coming to you.  In the silence, in the peace and calm, YOU WILL KNOW.  You will know what path to take.  You will know and understand without questioning.  Take some time to be alone with yourself so that you can listen and hear what your Inner Guides and Inner Teachers are trying to get through to you at this time.  You are surrounded by loving guides and protection, but if your mind is too active, or your emotions are too chaotic, you will not be able to feel their presence or the clear insight and wisdom that is continuously flowing from within.  If you don't let yourself pause and rest...if you don't let yourself enjoy an intimacy with your mysterious Self, then you cannot KNOW THYSELF.  There is an oasis inside of you.  Everything you are seeking is inside you.  YOU ARE SEEKING YOU.  Go within and claim it so that once you return to your active life, you have a confidence, trust and presence that is unshakeable.  SLOW DOWN,  LISTEN,  FEEL and KNOW.  And so it is.

~ Old Sage

Friday, June 22, 2012

"SOUL AWARENESS" ~ This Weekend's Msg of Love

Dreamy, romantic, mysterious, LIGHT OF THE MOON.  We need your light so that we can SEE.  In the darkness, every little "snap" and "rustle" can have us imagining all kinds of beasts and monsters lurking nearby.  Within our own psyches, these monsters are the dim memories we have of past traumas and pain.  In our hearts and emotional bodies, we hold the residue from all of our past experiences.  Every now and again, our mind cycles back down into the deep unconscious in order to explore these dim memories and bring them to the light for understanding and healing.  These times can be very frightening and emotional, as we do not know why we are remembering certain things, and why we are feeling fearful, anxious, or confused.  At the same time, we may be SEEING and KNOWING without knowing how we see and know.  Everything is hazy and hard to discern in the darkness...even by light of the moon.  That is because we are so used to using our heads and our rational minds.  We have not been taught to trust our hearts and intuitive perceptions.  We have been taught that this is childish and dangerous.  This weekend, it seems the moon is calling...calling us down deep into our feelings and memories...into the dark caverns of the SOUL.  We cannot use our rational minds down there.  All we can do is FEEL, TRUST, and KNOW.  Symbolism is the language of the moon, and it reveals itself through INTUITION and PSYCHIC or SOUL AWARENESS.  To complete this right of passage through the deep unconscious, we must open our hearts and be prepared to EMBRACE EVERYTHING WE FIND AS OURSELVES.  THE MORE WE EMBRACE, THE MORE WHOLE WE BECOME...and the easier we make our way out of the darkness and back into the light.

~ Old Sage

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"ALL ABOARD!!!" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

There is ONE SOURCE from which all of your love flows.  This love flows from and through your heart and nourishes every aspect of life.  This love is like an eternal river; if you let go and enjoy the ride, it will take you all the way back to SOURCE.  And it is UNCONDITIONAL.  There is nothing you have to do, say, or be, in order to have it.  It is always and forever flowing to you...through your heart...cascading down your personal tree-of-life.  I have a feeling you have fought for your right to receive the love from SOURCE, and as you soak it up, it cleanses and lifts you, and you realize YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.  No one can stop you.  It is your cosmic right.  This is where you are this week.  Let it in.  Embrace this boundless love and be nourished from the inside-out.  It is always flowing-so there are no excuses for EVER being without.  Just find a mirror, have a look, smile, and feel love smiling back at you.  ALL IS WELL, if you let it be.  And so it is.

~ Old Sage

Friday, June 15, 2012

"SMILE AT UNCERTAINTY" ~ This Weekend's Msg of Love

BALANCE.  TRANSFORMATION.  BALANCE.  Can you feel the eternal contraction and expansion at the center of your being?  Breathe in, breathe out...feel the ebb and flow of consciousness.  This weekend, feel the exquisite growth and change that is happening within you and all around you.  It may seem as though your relationships, your finances, your home-life, you projects, are "up in the air."  Life may be very uncertain right now, but if you feel closely into your situation, you will see that you are simply growing, changing, and finding a new balance within yourself and within life. All is well.  Tread lightly this weekend, and try not to take instability too seriously.  Breathe in, breathe out, and allow the forces at play to shift and change as they will.  Some things are leaving you.  New things are on the way.  If you find moments to pause this weekend, be with your breath, and listen to your heart, you will experience BALANCE within all of this shifting energy.  LOVE IS EVOLUTION.  There is no way to hold on.  So, let go, and ENJOY THE RIDE!

~ Old Sage

Monday, June 11, 2012

"LEAVE NO TEARS BEHIND!" ~ Wkly Msg of Love for June 11-17

Grief is a part of life.  Change is always happening.  It can really hurt our hearts when a relationship doesn't go our way.  Don't let anyone tell you it is not okay to feel sad and to grieve.  Grieve.  Feel this loss to the core of your being.  Honor your feelings.  Just don't hold onto your sadness for too long.  Don't ignore the little messages Spirit is trying to get through to you about what possibilities lie ahead for you...just beyond the horizon.  When one door closes, another one opens.  Release expectations and move ahead confidently into the unknown, knowing that life is prepared to bring you to a new place...a place of increased freedom and fulfillment.  So, grieve, now, and get it over with.  Don't leave any tears behind!  Let them all flow...and when you are ready to embrace what awaits you, forgive the past, and walk into your new field of possibilities and abundant love.  YOU ARE LOVED.

~ Old Sage

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Coming Out of the Closet for LOVE!" ~ A Sage Confession for June 6, 2012

I feel as if I'm coming out of the closet...AGAIN!  This time, it's to say, "I am a LOVER.  I am here to LOVE.  I am here to spread a message of LOVE.  LOVE YOURSELF.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER."  There, I said it!  It's been awhile since I have posted a message on my blog.  I feel I go through fits of stops-and-starts, not only related to this blog, but in every other area of my life.  Why is that?  Because I have not really embraced who I am and what turns me on!  I have not really embraced my calling, my joy, my mission, my BEING.  I have not really summoned the courage to come out and really be transparent with who I am.  That's why I'm coming out today. I know, I know!  Those of you who know me are probably thinking, "Well, duh, Nicholas!  We already knew!"  I know.  But I have fought with myself for so long.  "What will they think?...Will people think me silly, odd, weak, foolish, annoying...will they think that I think I'm on the level of Jesus?"  I know, right?!  The self-doubts could go on and on.  But it seems I can't get to where I am going unless I come out and just say it; "I LOVE YOU.  I LOVE MYSELF.  I LOVE THIS LIFE.  I LOVE IT ALL!!!"  I am passionate about it, and doggonnit', I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVE.  This is what I am here to teach and learn.  This is my vision and mission.  All that I do is about discovering the right way to get the message across.  What are you here for?  What is it that you really want to teach the world?  What drives you from your core?  Come out of the closet.  Say it.  Do it.  BE IT.  You are LOVED.

~ Old Sage