"As above, so below." ~ Hermetic Principle

The soul's (essence) evolutionary process for experiencing the physical plane and evolving beyond the physical plane.  Through this process, essence incarnates (embodies itself) through many different personalities/bodies over time.

Interference of choice that generates intensity.  This intensity does not have to be generated from a "negative" or painful event.  It can also be generated from a beneficial or "positive" event, such as a person choosing to financially support a struggling artist.  This would still be an interference of choice that was not anticipated by the receiver/artist, which also generated intensity.  Whether experienced as "negative" or "positive," an energetic imbalance is created between the two souls that will be balanced at some point in the future. (Michaels' Definition)


Michael teaches that reincarnation and karma are valid.  If this is true, then the astrological chart can be used as a tool for gaining symbolic insight into the design of your current personality and how you tend to experience your basic karmic patterns and themes.  Astrology is also a tool that helps you to gain insight into the timing of certain karmic themes.

Your birth-chart shows where your own soul essence intended you to begin in this life.  It is a symbolic map of how YOU AS ESSENCE intended YOU AS PERSONALITY to experience certain karmic themes and patterns this lifetime.  However, once you as personality are born into the world, you have complete CHOICE as to how this wiring and design will play itself out.  Essence establishes the parameters or the "playing field," but you as personality get to actually play the game...your way!  The ideal is that personality will align with and manifest its own essence so that the more loving versions of the potential of the design can be experienced, and therefore, evolution of essence would be accelerated and expansion would be experienced.  But more often than not, this does not happen in reality.  Even so, essence learns from every choice personality makes and uses it to evolve and plan the next lifetime.  NO LIFE IS WASTED.

Astrology is one tool that essence uses in its design and creation of a personality and lifetime.  Numerology is another.  However, your essence and personality dynamics (called "overleaves" within the Michael Teachings) as validated through the exploration of your "Michael Profile," tend to represent the fundamental design of personality that then is colored by and finds expression through the lens of the astrological influences.  And there are many more factors that go into the potential expression of a personality such as life-task, karma, imprinting and so on.

Many people come to astrology in order to have their futures predicted.  Skilled astrologers can sometimes predict certain types of events quite well, but this is not the most effective use of this art and practice.  The most powerful use of this tool is to use it as a means to KNOW THYSELF, and by "self," I am referencing the "little" personality self and the "big" essence Self.  As we are each wholes composed of many parts, from the most microscopic levels of atomic particles, to the more psychological realms of sub-personalities and on beyond the current physical time-line into the various personalities of essence, we could also say that the most powerful use of this tool is to use it as a means to KNOW THY SELVES.  When you know your selves and accept your selves, then you experience wholeness; you move into alignment with the wholeness of your own essence.  This alignment is most often experienced as a level of peace, happiness, trust, confidence, wisdom, harmony and healing that is not dependent on external circumstances.

I have been studying Astrology for almost twenty years, and I have been practicing professionally for the past five years.  I have professional certification through the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR).  If you would like to begin or continue exploring your "selves" through the lens of astrology, please go to my "Services" page to learn more about the astrological work that I do and how you can contact me for a consultation/session.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to the planetary symbols.

These symbols represent forces, energies and archetypes that drive our human experience:

SUN (Astrologers sometimes refer to the sun and moon as planets, even though, technically, they are not): Karma related to the Will to BE, to SHINE, to be a center of CREATIVITY and SELF-EXPRESSION, Energy, Vitality, Individuality, Conscious Identity & Purpose, EGO through which, the ESSENCE can MANIFEST; Primary Masculine Principle; this is a centering, powerful, transformational energy; The Father, The Hero...

MOON: Primary Feminine Principle, the MATRIX or soil where life grows, the force that is RECEPTIVE and In-Drawing, Magnetic; Karma related to Mother, women, the Desire to Belong, to Nurture, to Receive; PERSONALITY and the SOUL that creates and remembers ALL the PERSONALITIES; Mothering, The Mother...

The SUN and MOON are called the two LIGHTS or LUMINARIES.  They represent the most primal archetypal polarity: the marriage between YIN & YANG.  The rest of the planetary energies are various expressions and aspects of these two lights.

Within the scope of the Michael Teachings, the SUN is said to represent where the FALSE PERSONALITY and TRUE PERSONALITY meet and "do battle."  The MOON is said to represent your most unconscious drives or deepest motivations in life that, once made conscious, tend to be the most powerful paths for expressing true personality and manifesting your essence.

MERCURY: the MEDIUM through which we PERCEIVE and COMMUNICATE, a clear, alert, and ready energy, the force that wants to absorb, carry, and express information, SYMBOL INTERPRETER; Karma related to COMMUNICATION; The Messenger of the Gods, The Restless Mind...

VENUS: Principle of PERSONAL LOVE, HARMONY, & BEAUTY, our VALUES, DESIRE for erotic and sensual pleasures, for luxury, beauty, and art, for harmony and relationship, ATTRACTION; Karma related to RELATIONSHIPS; a dreamy, receptive, and creative energy, She is Aphrodite...


MARS: SELF-ASSERTION, Physical Energy, HOT, IMPULSIVE, FOCUSED, PENETRATING energy, coiled energy ready to be released, PASSION, COURAGE, INITIATIVE; Karma related to SEX and MEN; The Warrior...

The planets above are called the PERSONAL PLANETS because we relate to their energies in a very personal way, and their energies are easier to channel in purely personal ways.  They help us to most establish and identify our personal individual selves.

The next two planets are called the SOCIAL PLANETS because their energies tend to shape and define broader cultural contexts and patterns.  We do use these energies in personal ways, but they tend to pull us into a larger group context and identity.

SATURN: CONTRACTION, LIMITATION, RESTRICTION, SEPARATION, CRYSTALLIZATION, this energy is HEAVY and intense, it carries weight and "gravity," the force that creates our collective REALITY and STRUCTURE; Karma related to more intense LIMITATIONS in the life; Father Time...

JUPITER: EXPANSION, INCLUSION, OPTIMISM, GROWTH, this energy feels EXPANSIVE, LIGHT, JOYFUL, GENENEROUS, UPLIFTING, PLAYFUL, WISE, this force urges us to INCORPORATE MORE into our collective identity and reality; Karma related to more EXPANSIVE elements of the life; Old Saint Nickolas, The Benevolent Grandfather/Grandmother


CHIRON: This is a planetoid, comet-like body that acts as a bridge between the PERSONAL and SOCIAL planets and the outer 3 TRANSPERSONAL PLANETS.  It represents the bridge to higher perceptions and consciousness of the three outer planets.  Chiron symbolizes our desire to experiece HEALING and INTEGRATION and to SHARE what we have learned with others.  This energy feels INTENSE, FOCUSED, POWERFUL, there is a sense of KNOWING and the capacity to LEARN and GROW from all of life's ordeals, the WOUND/HEALING; Karma related to WOUNDING/HEALING; The Wounded Healer,  The Mentor, The Guide...



PLUTO: this energy is FULL, POWERFUL, DETACHED, KNOWING, the realm of DEATH/REBIRTH and EVOLUTION, PURIFICATION, this force urges us to CLEANSE, PURIFY and LET GO, also to wield and channel evolutionary forces with WISDOM, POWER; Karma related to DEEP CLEANSING/PURGING, POWER and CONTROL; The Destroyer


Planets represent one piece of the symbolic astrological puzzle.  The zodiac signs and the "houses" help to complete the puzzle.

There are 12 signs that closely relate to 12 houses:

SIGNS (evolutionary processes/functions)

ARIES - emergence, struggle TO BE

TAURUS - grounding, acquiring what one needs to survive

GEMINI - intellectual development, gathering information, making connections and learning

CANCER - emotional security, creation of home and family

LEO - self-expression, creativity, the joys of living

VIRGO - adjustment and refinement of the self, preparing the ground for relationship/partnership

LIBRA - awareness of other, relating/relationship, partnership, learning equality

SCORPIO - deep emotional purification, ego death, intimacy with what is essential beyond form

SAGITTARIUS - aspiration toward greater meaning and truth, expansion into new horizons

CAPRICORN - power and leadership within and for the community, personal authority

AQUARIUS - awareness of the whole human family, sharing knowledge in order to advance humanity

PISCES - universal consciousness, transcendence of the ego, soul service to humanity

HOUSES (the areas of life where the planetary forces express)

1 - persona, most personal and natural way of expressing one's self in relation to others

2 - personal resources, using your innate gifts to acquire what you need to survive, income

3 - intellectual development and perception, communication, information gathering and exchange

4 - parents, home, family, private self, psychological roots and foundation

5 - creative self-expression, hobbies, children, entertainment, romance, speculation

6 - work, service, responsibilities, health, self-improvement

7 - relating/relationships, partnerships, spouse, significant others (even enemies)

8 - issues of emotional intensity, crisis and transformation, death, inheritance, sex, power, the occult

9 - higher mind exploration, expansion of horizons, long distance travel, philosophy of life

10 - actions in the world, calling, vocation, community contribution, public self, authority

11 - group affiliation, friendship, support, foals for the future, hopes, dreams

12 - spirit vision, soul service, healing the past, places of confinement like hospitals, prisons, ashrams


For the curious, here is my Astrological portrait:

At the time I was born, the sign of CANCER was on the eastern horizon, the sun had just set on the western horizon in the sign of CAPRICORN, and the moon in SCORPIO had just passed an exact conjunction with URANUS in SCORPIO.

Here is a picture of my natal chart.  Click on chart to see bigger version:

Many blessings on your HERO'S journey of BEING and BECOMING...
may the SUN,
the MOON,
light the path before you...

Old Sage