Sunday, September 22, 2013

Refining & Putting Ideals to the Test ~ Fall Equinox Reflections ~ September 22, 2013

Now is time to put your ideals to the test.  It is not enough to have "nice thoughts," without actually learning how to apply them to your day-to-day life.  This Fall will be a time of moving deeper into the heart of your life, your relationships and your projects, so that you can put your ideals and strengths to the test.  This does mean there will be challenges.  Relationships appear to be one area of challenge (Equinox Sun in Libra, ruled by Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio), as you all will be sorting through what works and what doesn't, who now has similar values and goals as you and who doesn't, who has their own vision and who is sharing in your vision.  There may be some bittersweet goodbyes, as some from your circle of intimates move on.  There is a hectic pace to this Fall's energy, with a steady crescendo toward the end of the year.  It may at times feel as if the pace of life has accelerated beyond your control, and this of course is true, in the sense that you will be more aware of the aspects of life that you never had any control over to begin with.  In these areas, better to surrender to the flow and seek to change your own way of looking at things.  Life does not appear to be at a standstill at this time of the year.  It is just the opposite!  If you felt stagnant or like energies were not moving for you, this would be the time of the year where the dams burst open, and the energy begins to move again.  In terms of timing, October would be when the pressure builds, November the time when the cracks begin to appear and the water begins to spray forth, and December the time when everything is noticeably rushing forth to find a new level.  This pattern will more than likely be mirrored in the media and world events. This theme of "putting your ideals to the test" will be working itself out in personal and global circles.  It is true that this is a theme of importance and exploration at all times, for all groups of people on some level, but there is an intense focus on this theme at this time, and it will be unable to be ignored by most.  Over the course of the year, most of us have already been given an upgrade in terms of our VISIONS, VALUES and TRUTHS.  We KNOW what matters to us and how we want to BE in the world.  But many of us have not yet figured out what that looks like from a lens of realistic expectation and how life will refine those visions, values and truths, as we gain more experience along our chosen paths.  That may be the most intense realization for many this Fall; that IT NEVER ENDS SO I MIGHT AS WELL EMBRACE THE CHANGES AND FLOW WITH LIFE.  It is a scrappy time of diving into life and letting the current carry you, while you experiment, play, test out ideas, learn and grow.  You are planting seeds for the future and refining new thoughts, new impulses, new visions.  Enjoy this exploration, and remember to celebrate rather than condemn yourself when you find that some aspect of your ideal will not be manifested in the way that you thought.  This is where the SPIRIT meets MATTER and something new is created.  This is where the REAL WORLD teaches you something even better than what you had envisioned. Let all the parts coalesce into a workable whole, and by year's end, you will understand how all the pieces are beginning to fit together.

Key Astrological Alignments

* Oct 18 ~ Lunar Eclipse at 26 degrees Aries (Completion & Letting Go)  
* Nov 1  ~ Uranus Square Pluto, 4th exact alignment of 7 (REVOLUTION & EVOLUTION)
* Nov 3  ~ Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio (New Beginnings & New Opportunities)

We continue forward into this decade of the Uranus/Pluto Square.  We all continue to be shaken up by old structures collapsing and making way for new growth (Pluto in Capricorn) and a powerful, rebellious, inner spirit that is charging forth into life in order to express more of itself (Uranus in Aries).  Some continue to fight for the old way, as more and more get on board with change and EVOLUTION into more positive expressions.  Some want to maintain a false sense of power and security, but there are rising forces that are inciting REVOLUTION.  And the current keeps gaining momentum.  

Tarot Reflection ~ Adjustment/Justice (VIII) 
Adjustment reflects processes of clear and objective evaluation of various departments of life in order to bring about simplification, order, harmony, balance and beauty.  When Adjustment appears, we are in the process of making very important decisions and choices that will help us to return our parts into a better balance and whole.  In this process, it may seem that the emotions are disregarded.  It may seem that some aspect of life and circumstances are unfair.  But this could not be further from the truth.  On a deeper level, everything is allowed and/or created by us, and this is a time of reclaiming our power through accepting responsibility for the creation of our lives.

~ Old Sage

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