Michael Teachings

"The Michael Teachings" refers to a channeled philosophy of CHOICE, as well as a system for understanding the dynamics of the soul and personality.  These teachings are best used as a MAP to help you better navigate, understand and enjoy your self and life to the fullest!
 In a nutshell, Michaels' teaching is that "WE ARE HERE TO LEARN HOW TO CHOOSE AND TO CHOOSE HOW TO LEARN." 

Old Sage

"Michael" is the name used to refer to a group of individual soul essences or "fragments" from the same entity (spiritual family) who, due to the natural course of evolution (as they understand and teach it), have "moved on" from the physical plane and astral plane and now experience reality as a combined, reintegrated group consciousness on the causal plane (in some dimensional models, this would be called the 5th dimension).  They say they were human just like the rest of us but have already completed all of their experiences on the physical plane.  Though they no longer have physical bodies, they still exist on the causal plane, and they teach from this new perspective.

Michael is one of my non-physical teachers.  They are a very wise and infinitely compassionate guide who only wishes to share their perspective with the intent to help me grow and experience more love and peace within myself, between myself and others and between myself and life itself.

Michael acts as a teacher and guide to many others who consider themselves "Michael Students."

As Michael is non-physical, they must use a physical "channel" or "medium" in order to communicate their knowledge and perspective to us, and Michael works with many channels in order to reach their students.  In this process of being channeled from the causal plane, some of the information gets lost in translation or distorted in some way.  Even so, Michael students and channels have gathered a large body of information that has a great deal of consistency.  This information attempts to answer these questions that many spiritual seekers and philosophers have asked throughout the ages:

What is the meaning of life?  
(Life itself!  You create the meaning for yourself.)

Who am I? 
 (From our perspective, you are whoever you decide you are in each moment.)

Why am I here?
 (You are here because you CHOSE to be here, and you continue to choose to be here, otherwise, you would not be here.)

What is my purpose?
 (Your purpose is defined by YOU.)

Do I exist beyond death?
 (You most certainly do, though not in the same form.)

What is love?
 (Love is the reality of NON-ATTACHMENT that is also a reality of RESONANCE.)

Is there a God?
 (There is no "God" the way your religions have taught.  But there is your essence and "TAO," which would be the only "Gods" we know of.) 

And the questions and answers go on and on.

Below, I will briefly share the basics of their philosophy and teaching.  If you resonate with these concepts and words, then you may very well be a Michael student.  And to clarify, a Micahel student is simply someone who is attracted to and intrigued by this material to some degree and desires to study it, question it, test it, validate it (or not) and implement what has been learned and validated, so as to bring more understanding and compassion to the s/Self, others and the life experience.  Michael teaches that all of their students have agreements with them to study and explore this teaching on some level, and they teach that these agreements span many lifetimes.


We are a part of a greater whole that Michael calls the TAO (In traditional Chinese philosophies, "TAO" means "The Way").  TAO is the seen and unseen Universe of which we are a part.  Michael specifically picked this term instead of the word "God" because they knew we would not be able to personify it.  In this teaching, TAO refers to the greater whole that birthed us and to which we will always "belong."  TAO is the CONTEXT in which we exist, our "playground," so to speak, our HOME.

The structure of TAO is made up of three axes of experience: INSPIRATION, EXPRESSION and ACTION.  Each of these axes has an ordinal aspect (concrete, narrow) and a cardinal aspect (abstract, broad).  There is a neutral realm of experience that permeates the three axes, which Michael calls the realm of ASSIMILATION.  This reflects a total of 7 distinct aspects of experience within the TAO.

From this basic foundational structure of 7, comes the 7 PLANES of existence that exist within the TAO: the buddhic, messianic, mental, akashic, causal, astral and physical plane.  TAO represents the whole of the planes that is greater than the sum of the parts.  It is the gravity which holds all the planes in place and the context within which the planes exist.  TAO permeates all planes, even as it transcends all planes.

We exist within TAO as individual SPARKS of consciousness.  In order to expand consciousness and the experience of LOVE, we are "cast" or "birthed" from the experience of oneness with TAO into the astral plane (where the non-physical part of us is focused while incarnating on the physical plane).  As sparks, we choose other sparks to bond with who have similar interests, and we form a spiritual family called an ENTITY that will be our closest "relatives" throughout our adventure on the physical plane and beyond.

As individual sparks, we also choose a ROLE in essence.  This role represents our core "style" of being.  The role is similar to the concepts of "soul type" or "soul personality."  Once the role is chosen, we play this "role" throughout the entire physical plane experience.  Throughout each of our incarnations, we have and play the same role.  This role establishes our style of individuality while we incarnate through physical bodies, but once we complete out physical plane experiences and "cycle off," our individuality (and therefore, our role) becomes less and less emphasized.

There are 7 ROLES that reflect the structure of 7, the basic structure of the Tao that was discussed above, and each role has its characteristic part to play in the whole:

SERVER (ordinal) - The Server's essence is SERVICE
PRIEST (cardinal) - The Priest's essence is COMPASSION

ARTISAN (ordinal) - The Artisan's essence is CREATIVITY
SAGE (cardinal) - The Sage's essence is DISSEMINATION

WARRIOR (ordinal) - The Warrior's essence is PERSUASION
KING (cardinal) - The King's essence is MASTERY

SCHOLAR (neutral) - The Scholar's essence is KNOWLEDGE

Once we have chosen our role or individual "style" of being, we begin to incarnate on the physical plane.  For this particular Grand Cycle (a cycle of being "cast" or "birthed" from Tao, incarnating through physical bodies, cycling-off the physical plane, and evolving "up" through the other 6 planes, until we are "one" and back home with Tao), we have chosen to incarnate on Earth as human beings.

SOUL AGE refers to the individual essence PERSPECTIVE that has been achieved through having experiences on the physical plane.  Each soul age has a specific focus of learning that lays the foundation for the later soul ages.  To describe this progression of awareness and consciousness, Michael has chosen a progression of words/concepts that mirror our physical and psychological growth from infant to elder.  This reflects the truth that just as bodies and personalities have experiences and age, so too, do souls or essences.  Soul age reflects where the soul is in its context of maturity relative to the soul age progression.  It does not reflect on how inferior or superior a soul essence (and by extension, the personality that is embodying a particular soul essence) is relative to other souls.  "Better" or "worse" are human concepts that have no validity at the level of the soul.  At the soul level, ALL IS DIFFERENT YET EQUAL, and every part is just as necessary and significant to the whole.

There are 7 SOUL AGES.  Only 5 of these are experienced as an individual essence incarnating through a body/personality.  The other 2 soul ages reflect essence group consciousness that has reunited after individual essences have cycled-off the physical plane.  These reunited entities and cadres (a larger spiritual family) return to the physical plane and incarnate through a body for "unique" purposes.

Here are the 7 SOUL AGES and their specific lessons or perspectives:


CIVILIZATION (structure/order)



CONTEXT (the whole of which we are all a part)

(a reunited entity that returns to affect social transformation - Ghandi, for example)

(a representative of TAO itself that returns to affect spiritual transformation - specific periods of the incarnations of Jesus and the Buddha, for example. 

In order to evolve and grow in soul age perspective, an essence must experience physical life through a physical plane "vehicle" or "medium."  This medium is PERSONALITY and its BODY.  For each lifetime, each personality of essence is designed with a primary BODY-TYPE, GOAL, MODE of operation and basic ATTITUDE through which it will view life.  In the teachings, these terms are called OVERLEAVES because these personality traits "over-lay" the spiritual essence.

Whereas the role in essence remains the same throughout the soul's incarnations through various personalities, the overleaves do not.  Essence chooses the specific overleaves it would use to create a personality before each incarnation.  What overleaves it chooses depends on its intentions for the incarnation.  How carefully and masterfully it chooses depends on its level of soul age maturity (its experience with creating personalities).

* Essence also uses astrological influences to help create personality.  To learn more about how astrology plays into our design and lifetimes, please go to my "Astrology" page.

There are 7 GOALS, 7 MODES and 7 ATTITUDES to choose from (there are also 7 BODYTYPES, but I will not go into those in this brief introduction), and these also reflect the basic 7-realm structure of the Tao.  Below is an introduction to the overleaves or the core personality design elements:

The 7 GOALS (the primary aim of the lifetime that underpins all DECISIONS, CHOICES and ACTIONS)


ACCEPTANCE (cardinal) - Aims for AGAPE (unconditional acceptance)

SUBMISSION (ordinal) - Aims for DEDICATION
DOMINANCE (cardinal) - Aims for LEADERSHIP

FLOW (neutral) - Aims for PEACE/FREEDOM

The 7 MODES (mode of operation used for reaching the goal, RELATING and RELATIONSHIPS)

RESERVE (ordinal) - at best, operates through RESTRAINT
PASSION (cardinal) - at best, operates through SELF-ACTUALIZATION

CAUTION (ordinal) - at best, operates through DELIBERATION
POWER (cardinal) - at best, operates through AUTHORITY

PERSEVERANCE (ordinal) - at best, operates through PERSISTANCE
AGGRESSION (cardinal) - at best, operates through DYNAMISM

OBSERVATION (neutral) - at best, operates through CLARITY

The 7 ATTITUDES (basic PHILOSOPHY through which life is viewed and interpreted)

STOIC (ordinal) - at best, views life through a lens of TRANQUILITY
SPIRITUALIST - at best, views life through a lens of VERIFICATION

SKEPTIC (ordinal) - at best, views life through a lens of INVESTIGATION
IDEALIST (cardinal) - at best, vies life through a lens of COALESCENCE

CYNIC (ordinal) - at best, views life through a lens of CONTRADICTION 
REALIST (cardinal) - at best, views life through a lens of OBJECTIVITY

PRAGMATIST (neutral) - at best, views life through a lens of EFFICIENCY/PRACTICALITY

As ALL IS CHOSEN, personality has its own context of choice within a lifetime.  It is not guaranteed that we as personality will be in alignment with our own creator or essence.  Essence, as an extension of TAO, loves each of its personalities UNCONDITIONALLY.  Therefore, personality has ultimate control of each lifetime.  Essence designs the lifetime and personality and attempts to guide both, but it will never impose its will or override the choices of personality.

Each lifetime, personality has the choice of whether or not to align with its essence.  When personality is in alignment with essence, it experiences itself as it was designed; it experiences TRUE PERSONALITY.  When true personality is embodied, LOVE is experienced and essence can manifest on the physical plane, co-creating a fulfilling life with personality.  Until this orientation in true personality is chosen, personality lives much of its life "disconnected" from its essence and oriented in FALSE PERSONALITY.

FALSE PERSONALITY is the conglomeration of family and worldly conditioning and imprinting (beliefs and behaviors) that a personality adopts and embodies.  The foundation of this false personality is FEAR.  Fear is meant to protect personality from ACTUAL threats, but personality most often uses fear to protect and defend itself from IMAGINARY threats.  This reliance on fear as a defense and protection distorts personality's perceptions and influences its decisions and choices.  This reliance on fear effectively cuts-off personality's capacity to experience its own soul, which is the personality's primary guide in each lifetime. When in false personality, a person makes decisions and choices motivated from FEAR.  When in true personality, a person makes decisions and choices motivated from LOVE.

There are 7 CHIEF NEGATIVE FEATURES or OBSTACLES that keep a person attached to false personality.  They are fear-based, habitual, protective behavior patterns that are chosen during adolescence (one or two are chosen as the primary and secondary defensive mechanism), and they "block" the experience of love and essence.  The only way to transcend them is to first acknowledge that they exist.  Then we must be able to catch them in action when our fears are triggered.  Finally, once we are adept at noticing when we are being triggered and using the protective device, we must be able to evaluate whether or not there is an actual threat.  When we can see and understand that there is not an actual threat (which is most of the time!), then we are able to make a conscious choice to drop our defenses and unnecessary protection.  As we drop them, we are again able to experience love and essence.

The 7 CHIEF NEGATIVE FEATURES (defensive behaviors that are rooted in fears that are related to BEINGHAVING, DOING and UNDERSTANDING/KNOWING.

Related to the fear of NOT BEING ENOUGH (leads to SELF-ABASEMENT)
ARROGANCE (cardinal)
Related to the fear of vulnerability or BEING TOO MUCH (leads to VANITY)

Related to the fear of HAVING TOO MUCH (leads to SELF-HATRED)
GREED (cardinal)
Related to the fear of NOT HAVING ENOUGH (leads to VORACITY)

MARTYRDOM (ordinal)
Related to the fear of LOSING CONTROL OF SPACE (leads to VICTIMIZATION)
IMPATIENCE (cardinal)
Related to the fear of LOSING CONTROL OF TIME (leads to INTOLERANCE)

Related to the fear of CHANGE and THE UNKNOWN (leads to OBSTINACY)

There are many more aspects to this teaching, but this is a good place to begin.  And why share all of this anyway?  Some ask what is the benefit of having all of this knowledge, or having these labels and categories?  From Michaels' perspective, this mapping can be useful for helping us to know WHO/WHAT WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE and HOW TO GET TO WHERE WE WOULD LIKE TO BE.  When we have this information, it can help us to move away from many of our DISTRACTIONS so that we can simply enjoy who we are, where we are and where we are going.  They offer this information as a TOOL TO HELP US NAVIGATE OUR LIVES WITH MORE UNDERSTANDING, CONFIDENCE AND COMPASSION.  Most importantly, they share this teaching with us to support the ultimate goal of embodying AGAPE (unconditional love).

It is not necessary to have this information for our happiness, but for those of us who resonate with this material, it can help us to accept ourselves and get on with living a life we love and loving the life we live.

I'll end this little introduction with my own essence and personality dynamics, sometimes referred to among Michael students as a "Michael Profile."  If you are interested in having your own Michael Profile channeled for you, please contact me.  My contact information is on my "SERVICES" page.

I look forward to working with you, and HAPPY SELF-DISCOVERIES!!!


Nicholas Sweeney's Michael Profile (The "Trues," lifetime and grand cycle counts, are more advanced information and not included in the Basic Michael Profile that I offer.):


Role: Sage
Casting: Priest  (Artisan Cadence, King Greater Cadence)
Energy Ratio: 20% focused/male  and  80% creative/female
Frequency: 88

Soul Age: Old
Manifested Soul Age: Mature to Old
Soul Age Level: 6th

Lifetime: 211
Grand Cycle: 10

Essence Twin Role: Server


Goal:  Flow (sliding to Growth and Acceptance)
Mode:  Observation (sliding to Passion and Reserve)
Attitude:  Spiritualist
Centering/Part:  Moving/Intellectual
Bodytypes:  Mercurial/Venusian/Solar

Chief Negative Features: Impatience and Arrogance


True Work/Life Task:  To Create True Sanctuary ("Active Peace")
True Play:   Dancing, Sharing, Conversation
True Rest:  Day Dreaming, Exchanging Touch, Sensing Subtleties
True Study:  Inner and Outer Paths to Peace, Personal Dynamics of Behavior and Motivation, The Needs of Others

~ Channelled by Troy Tolley - creator of Truth, Love, Energy.

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