Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6, 2013 ~ Lunar Phase Reflections ~ New Moon in Leo

August 6 ~ New Moon at 14 degrees, 34 minutes of Leo

It's NEW BEGINNING and RENEWAL time, folks!  It's NEW MOON time!  It's time to embrace the rising energies and enthusiasm and to focus your life-force energy on building momentum toward new goals.  This New Moon is in the fiery sign of LEO!

Remember the electricity in the air when we kicked-off the astrological new year with new moon in Aries back in April?  Well, now, the energy of the second fire sign of the zodiac is being activated, which means we get a another infusion of fiery life-force that we can channel towards manifesting our desires and dreams.  It is time to get moving with PASSION, BOLDNESS and THE JOY OF EXPRESSING ONE'S UNIQUE BEING IN THE WORLD.

The sign of Leo is all about embracing one's unique spirit and talent and unabashedly GIVING THAT SELF TO THE WORLD.  Leo overcomes insecurity and self-doubt.  It MUST be creatively self-expressed.  Leo knows that when it becomes a confident center of creativity and self-expression that others will be motivated to unleash their potential, as well. So, go ahead and get yourself out there!  Get in the creative "zone" for the sheer joy of it!.  Create the time to DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO!  Play!  Have fun!  Make love!  Be entertained by life!  Let your inner child inspire you to begin a new phase of enjoying your very own being.

Mars (energy and drive) and Uranus (innovation) are in harmonious alignment with this New Moon, and they are lending their energies to give us that extra boost of energy and ideas.  There is also a very powerful T-Square between Uranus (awakening), Pluto (transformation) and Jupiter (expansion) that might provide just the right amount of friction and conflict that may help us to unleash more of our creative potential than we ever knew we could.  Even Chiron, the "wounded-healer," is getting in on the action, as he closely aspects this New Moon.  With Chiron in the mix, you can bet that we will come face-to-face with any past wounding that has yet to be healed, as we attempt to move forward and express more of ourselves in the world.  And this is as it should be, if we want to experience greater wholeness.  Chiron teaches us to learn from our wounds and to transform past darkness into light.  When we have healed and accessed more of our wholeness, then we can use that same light to help others heal.  There's no doubt about it; YOUR LIGHT HEALS.  And there is no other light in the world quite like yours.  Do whatever work on the self that it takes to let more of this light into the world.  We are all in need of it.

We are leaving behind July's watery over-flow and soothing grand trines, as the planetary energies build momentum towards more creativity through tension and conflict.  This is an awesome time to bring forward more of our CREATIVITY, FLEXIBILITY and COOPERATION.  We are all in this evolution together.  So, let's see how much light we can radiate together in support of smoothing out the edges of this intense planetary transition.

Many blessings, all!

~ Old Sage

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