Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"ALL ABOARD!!!" ~ This Week's Msg of Love

There is ONE SOURCE from which all of your love flows.  This love flows from and through your heart and nourishes every aspect of life.  This love is like an eternal river; if you let go and enjoy the ride, it will take you all the way back to SOURCE.  And it is UNCONDITIONAL.  There is nothing you have to do, say, or be, in order to have it.  It is always and forever flowing to you...through your heart...cascading down your personal tree-of-life.  I have a feeling you have fought for your right to receive the love from SOURCE, and as you soak it up, it cleanses and lifts you, and you realize YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY.  No one can stop you.  It is your cosmic right.  This is where you are this week.  Let it in.  Embrace this boundless love and be nourished from the inside-out.  It is always flowing-so there are no excuses for EVER being without.  Just find a mirror, have a look, smile, and feel love smiling back at you.  ALL IS WELL, if you let it be.  And so it is.

~ Old Sage

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