Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Coming Out of the Closet for LOVE!" ~ A Sage Confession for June 6, 2012

I feel as if I'm coming out of the closet...AGAIN!  This time, it's to say, "I am a LOVER.  I am here to LOVE.  I am here to spread a message of LOVE.  LOVE YOURSELF.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER."  There, I said it!  It's been awhile since I have posted a message on my blog.  I feel I go through fits of stops-and-starts, not only related to this blog, but in every other area of my life.  Why is that?  Because I have not really embraced who I am and what turns me on!  I have not really embraced my calling, my joy, my mission, my BEING.  I have not really summoned the courage to come out and really be transparent with who I am.  That's why I'm coming out today. I know, I know!  Those of you who know me are probably thinking, "Well, duh, Nicholas!  We already knew!"  I know.  But I have fought with myself for so long.  "What will they think?...Will people think me silly, odd, weak, foolish, annoying...will they think that I think I'm on the level of Jesus?"  I know, right?!  The self-doubts could go on and on.  But it seems I can't get to where I am going unless I come out and just say it; "I LOVE YOU.  I LOVE MYSELF.  I LOVE THIS LIFE.  I LOVE IT ALL!!!"  I am passionate about it, and doggonnit', I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVE.  This is what I am here to teach and learn.  This is my vision and mission.  All that I do is about discovering the right way to get the message across.  What are you here for?  What is it that you really want to teach the world?  What drives you from your core?  Come out of the closet.  Say it.  Do it.  BE IT.  You are LOVED.

~ Old Sage

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