Friday, June 15, 2012

"SMILE AT UNCERTAINTY" ~ This Weekend's Msg of Love

BALANCE.  TRANSFORMATION.  BALANCE.  Can you feel the eternal contraction and expansion at the center of your being?  Breathe in, breathe out...feel the ebb and flow of consciousness.  This weekend, feel the exquisite growth and change that is happening within you and all around you.  It may seem as though your relationships, your finances, your home-life, you projects, are "up in the air."  Life may be very uncertain right now, but if you feel closely into your situation, you will see that you are simply growing, changing, and finding a new balance within yourself and within life. All is well.  Tread lightly this weekend, and try not to take instability too seriously.  Breathe in, breathe out, and allow the forces at play to shift and change as they will.  Some things are leaving you.  New things are on the way.  If you find moments to pause this weekend, be with your breath, and listen to your heart, you will experience BALANCE within all of this shifting energy.  LOVE IS EVOLUTION.  There is no way to hold on.  So, let go, and ENJOY THE RIDE!

~ Old Sage


  1. Interesting....this is extremely relevant to what was happening in my Universe at that time.

    1. That's great validation for me to get that feedback, Victor. I'm sure you have experienced the ebb and flow of resonance with the messages that we get...sometimes they are more resonant than at other times...especially with exploring consciousness with the tarot. Sometimes a card really speaks to me, and other times not...or I really have to search for the connections. But on that particular day, I felt a strong connection and resonance to what came through, not just for myself, but for many of us. So, thank you for sharing that with me!