Friday, August 26, 2011

SAGE INSIGHT ~ "Ready? Set? GO!!!"

This is CHANGE...

This is LIFE...

Life is constantly throwing "unexpected" people and events into the mix.

And how will I choose to relate to these little and big surprises?

I so often respond with annoyance, impatience, frustration, exasperation-to the point where I can actually laugh at myself, now! I laugh because I see the absurdity of it-of constantly getting disturbed because life is being itself!!!

People want me...

Life wants me...

I want people and life!

We are all one.

I am going to add to my daily acknowledgement of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION a new embrace of the part of life that is the SURPRISING...the UNEXPECTED...the BUMP in the road...the UNPLANNED...the DISTRACTION...

Are these things annoyances?

Or are they opportunities to experience BEAUTY and CONNECTION?

Is that traffic jam something that shouldn't be there?

Or is it a gift in some way? Or can it be seen as a gift and turned into a moment of BEAUTY and CONNECTION?

Truly there is nothing that should not be happening...that should not be there-if it is there, it belongs there.

If it is there, I CHOSE IT. On some level, I CHOSE TO BE A PART OF IT.

For example, I chose to be in Nashville and to drive a car again daily. Therefor, I also chose the traffic. I chose to work for my employers, knowing their hours of operation. So, I also chose the traffic.  I choose the same route to work every morning...

It goes on and on...


I see it!  I see it!

I see the BEAUTY and the ONENESS. I see how I am creating through my decisions and choices, and how everything that shows up in my reality is "put there" by me.

So, can I be in the moment of experience with these little "surprises" and say, "I CHOOSE THIS"?

I choose this.  It belongs here.

How will I respond to the unexpected?

I may not have chosen the details because others are choosing, too...but I chose the BIG PICTURE...I chose the parameters...I chose the "game," the environment, etc., that would put me in probable paths of all others and all the details...

I chose life.

Yes, I feel a little silly, now, at my life-tantrums...but I suppose some of us do like to be dramatic!

As long as I know the long as I can hold this larger truth steady...then I can RESPOND to life and CHOOSE how I will relate to what shows up in my reality from day-to-day...

And I want to relate with humor, with love, with wisdom.

I want to cultivate an appreciation for the unexpected, for the unplanned, for the surprises in life.

Ok, this will be fun! Life will never be at a loss for surprising me and not meeting my expectations!!!

Ready?  Set?  Here we go!!!



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