Sunday, April 24, 2011


Who is reading this message?  Who is experiencing this moment of NOW?  Who is taking this journey?  STOP AND LOOK.  STOP AND FEEL.  STOP AND KNOW.  You are a miracle.  Life is a miracle.  Wherever you are, STOP AND ASK SPIRIT TO ENTER YOU and to help you SEE WITH NEW VISION.  We are all the FOOL-innocent children splashing about in the ONENESS.  This week, return to INNOCENCE.  Return to home-base.  It is time to hold the hand of the child within, and let her take you on a magnificent journey into the heart-of-things. YOU ARE SAFE.  YOU ARE LOVED.  YOU ARE ONE WITH THE ALL. PLAY!  LIVE!  DANCE!  SHOUT!  BE!  DREAM!  LOVE! CREATE! OPEN.  ALLOW ALL OF YOUR SPIRITUAL CENTERS TO OPEN AND RECEIVE LIGHT, LOVE, AND HEALING.  With your new-found trust in Self, where will you go next?  What will you do?  With whom will you share it all?  How will the next experience grow and transform you?  This week, BE THE FOOL AND DARE TO LOVE AND BE YOUR TRUE SELF.

~ Old Sage

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