Friday, April 8, 2011

REIKI EXPLORATION - "Just for today..."

I haven't posted a tarot healing message for the past two weeks.  Both previous Sundays, I was ready to write a message and post.  I sat down, and I pulled a tarot card.  Both times, words didn't flow.  In the past, I might have tried to force a force the flow.  Not now.  I trust the ebb and flow of insight, awareness, creativity, and expression.

I hope to be "back in the flow" soon and continuing my weekly tarot healing posts.

There is an intensity in the air, and I feel we are all having to wade through "stuff" that may appear to be slowing us down or diminishing our connection with SPIRIT.

For example; I am working a full-time job, rehearsing for a show in the evenings ("Rent" the musical!), and getting home late with only a few hours left in the day before bed.  I'm also saving to buy a car and juggling many things in and around my schedule as unexpected events pop-up that require something from me.  Require what?  My money. LOL!  Oh, and I forgot to mention my pollen allergies are certainly asking much of me!

Whenever I move through challenging phases in my life, I become even more centered in my Reiki practice.

The Reiki precepts are helping me to remain centered and present, moving gracefully through the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of experience, as I allow CHANGE and UNCERTAINTY to be and exist as they are.

Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki System, said that these principles or precepts were the "secret art of inviting happiness through many blessings" and "a spiritual remedy for all afflictions."  They are universal spiritual teachings that can help us to remember SPIRIT, to stay connected to the bigger picture, even in the midst of this roller-coaster ride we call physical life.

Perhaps they will be helpful to you, as well. 

This is my version of the precepts...what I resonate with most:

Just for today
I will let go of anger
I will let go of worry
I will give thanks for my many blessings
I will do the best I can
I will be kind to myself and every living thing

~ Old Sage

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