Monday, April 18, 2011


GIFTS OF THE HEART AND THE HEALING WATERS OF LOVE.  There are many layers, here-all happening at the level of the HEART, the feelings and emotions.  There is a return to harmony and equilibrium after some kind of "storm"...after some kind of emotional imbalance and trauma.  It is as if you have been made raw, and now you are being surrounded by the healing waters of LOVE.  OPEN OPEN OPEN TO LOVE.  Feel healing waters springing up from a source deep within.  You are being fed and nourished by a SOURCE that never runs dry.  Let your emotional body OPEN and fill with the waters of this eternal spring.  This week there are gifts of the heart to be felt, embraced and experienced to the fullest.  The waters of life are moving again, and any hurt, stagnation or low energy in your emotional body has the opportunity to be transformed in this rejuvenating fountain.  Know intimacy with the self and the other.  Touch the SOURCE in self and other.  Feel completely connected and at peace with the self and the other.  Feel this new harmonic sense of LOVE inspiring your heart, and let it take you on an intimate journey wherever you are being called.  This week you are reminded that IT IS SAFE TO OPEN YOUR HEART.  IT IS SAFE TO LET LOVE IN.

~ Old Sage


  1. I really needed this! Good confirmation ;)

  2. Yeah, it's been a rough few weeks. I didn't have any emotional traum per se, but I have definitely felt raw and depleted...stretched thin emotionally and needing some nurturing. There is a shift this week where I feel we will be tending to what we need at the emotional level and allowing some much needed nurturing and healing.