Monday, March 21, 2011


Focus.  Intensity.  Thought.  Idea.  Power of the mind to make distinctions, to divide, to separate what is real from what is false.  Truth.  Belief.  Everything rests on this.  Can you see with clarity?  Can you be brutally honest with yourself and about how you feel?  Your ability to be honest with yourself is a powerful tool to unlock greater avenues and pathways for the expression of your wholeness.  Look deeply at your life.  Where are the lies hidden?  What is the truth about you?  What is the truth about your life?  What thoughts and ideas are holding you back from being your TRUE SELF?  Now is the time to see with clarity what must stay and what must go.  Be compassionate as you use the power of your mind to bring greater clarity and awareness to every aspect of your life.  You are the master of your fate.  You are the Queen sitting on her throne.  You get to say "yes" or to say "no."  All of the creative force of the Universe is at your disposal.    See clearly the truth of your being.  You are the chooser.  You are responsible.  If it's going to change, you will be the one to change it.  This week, TRUTH will set you free.

~ Old Sage

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