Friday, March 18, 2011


THE GREAT MYSTERY.  This is where my Reiki practice leads me over and over again.  It leads me HOME...back to my own mysterious Self.  Sometimes, like today, I don't even consciously intend to connect with Reiki; I simply find myself experiencing the deep waves of subtle vibrations and well-being coursing through me as I am pulled into a profound meditation of BEING...and I rest here for a moment.  It is as if there is a spontaneous turning inward that leads me back to the ground of my BEING.  And then I seek to find words to express what cannot be expressed.  I want to say something about what the Reiki path has done for me, but all I can seem to manage in this moment is...GREAT MYSTERY...GREAT MYSTERY.


  1. Nicholas: I am just writing you this note to encourage you to stay on your sacred path, enjoy it, and keep writing. I find your work inspiring. Peace, YaYa

  2. Thank you, YaYa! It is always nice to get positive feedback about my work/writing out here in cyber-land;-) I see that you are in Santa Cruz, CA and love the ocean? Me, too, and this is one of the reaons I will be moving to San Diego later this year. I do miss being near the ocean (used to live in San Francisco). I look foward to exploring your blog, too, as I can already tell that I resonate with your poetic spirit. Blessings, Nicholas;-)