Sunday, March 6, 2011


Illumination.  The Being Becoming.  The rose petals opening.  YOU blossoming.  Spark.  Lightning.  Fire.  Awakening.  You are deeply attuned to YOU.  Essence.  Awareness.  New Perceptions.  Pay attention.  The fire is burning...transforming your external life from the inside of your passions out.  Trust this process.  You will be inspired and awakened.  This is a new path of potential unfolding beneath your feet.  This is new awareness.  New energy.  All that is within you is finding its way into the world.  See/feel/touch this new energy spiraling upwards from deep within you and out through your body, igniting relationships, projects, future goals, and fire-dancing into the world.  You have a new vision taking shape.  Ride it into the future while staying present to every magnificent moment along the way.  This is the Ace of Wands.  This is the key to wholeness this week.  Trust the process.  Trust this spirit-energy moving you forward.

~Old Sage

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