Sunday, May 15, 2011


You are never at a standstill, though at times you may appear to be.  The only constant is CHANGE, and you are either contracting or expanding.  You are either fearing or loving.  Up and down, sadness and joy, suffering and freedom.  The circumstances of our lives continually change, and how will we react?  HOLD TO THE CENTER OF THE WHEEL OF LIFE.  FIND YOUR CALM ESSENCE AT THE CENTER.  See how all experience is neutral until you give it meaning.  This will be a week of change, as you experience the old giving way to the new.  It may seem as if you are carried along on wings of fate.  It may seem that you are flowing down a powerful river with no control.  Your fortunes are shifting.  Why do you worry so?  YOU ARE A CREATIVE BEING.  You can attract what you need.  You can ask for help.  You can intuit your next steps.  See that where you are now-you have been before...and you will be here again.  Take a deep breath, now.  Let yourself go into the center of your BEING and BECOMING.  Rest here for a few moments and feel the contractions and expansions taking place.  Now, affirm that you will be present and ALIVE this week, no matter which way the pendulum of fortune appears to be swinging.  You will be BIGGER than your circumstances.  You will use all experience to BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

~ Old Sage

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