Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"LET GO INTO DYNAMIC BALANCE" ~ Tarot Healing Msg for Nov 28-Dec 4

How do you stay balanced when you are free-falling?  There is only one way; LET GO.  The balance is dynamic.  The balance exists even as the circumstances continually shift and change inside our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our environment, our communities, our world.  There is a ton of information filtering into our psyches at the moment.  There is a great deal that we are considering.  Decisions.  Choices.  Communications.  So much is changing.  Will we make the right choices?  When we let go of the fear of making the wrong choice, we find our balance.  When we can let go into the truth that all choices and paths lead back to ourselves, we find our balance and integration.  These choices cannot be made completely from the level of the rational mind.  These choices and course-corrections must come from the whole of who we are, now, in this moment.  Trust your Self.  Reach for that dynamic new balance by letting go into everything in your life as it stands right now.  This week, clarity of choice and simplicity of action bring us into a new balance with life.

~ Old Sage

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