Monday, November 7, 2011

"ONE MOMENT AT A TIME" ~ Tarot-Healing Message for Nov 7-13

Sometimes, life hurts.  No doubt about it.  We are in this process of learning through trial and error, and there is simply no way to avoid feeling hurt, pain and tears.  Just like joy, ease and comfort, tears are a part of life.  With every tear that falls, there comes an opportunity to grow.  Sometimes the reality can be hard to deal with, overwhelming and seemingly cruel.  But the truth is that growing pains are a part of life.  The truth is that we are loved beyond comprehension.  The truth is that we are safe.  The truth is that we are busy gathering experiences all about this play-pen we call the Universe...eternally safe and secure.  But I know that knowledge won't always ease our troubled minds or wipe away our falling tears.  If you feel like crying this week or like you are going through growing pains, breathe into it.  One step, one breath, one moment at a time.  That's all you need to concern yourself with.  Let go as much as you are able and do your best to appreciate the little gifts life gives you.  Life will never break your heart without the promise of a new one.

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