Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"ARE YOU AWAKE?" ~ Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 31-Nov 6

Storm and stress.  These are the times we are in-on a collective level, and on a personal level.  Are you feeling the winds of CHANGE?  How can you not?  The evidence is all around us.  We are being swept up in unprecedented change that will ultimately benefit us all.  But we may have to endure storm and stress, in the meantime.  Birthing is a violent process.  Any mother will tell you that!  Hold on!  Fight to be born!  What is being born in your life, now?  What is emerging through you?  Like the Princess of Swords, you may have to stand courageously in the midst of chaos and strong winds within and without, while slashing away extraneous weight:  thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, static all around you, distractions that tempt you away from TRUTH.  New truths are now erupting from the depths of your soul.  WHO ARE YOU?  ARE YOU AWAKE?  There.  In these times of change, your power is your clarity and truth.  Stand up.  Be brave.  Soon the dust will clear.

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