Thursday, October 27, 2011

"SEE NO EVIL...ONLY LACK OF LOVE" - Sage Insight for Oct 27

It does not help you to see any parts of yourself or others as evil.  For if you do, you will surely try to separate yourself from that evil, and if you succeed (which you cannot!), you will be divided and experience a lack of wholeness.  The best thing you can do in relationship to what you might call evil, is to accept it.  Accept it as a part of your self, as a part of others, as a part of reality, as a part of this universe, as a part of life.  It is the part of you that is afraid.  It is the part of you that reacts with defense.  It is the part of you that feels threatened and feels it must do harm in order to survive.  It is this same part of others that instigates "evil" acts.  If you can accept that you all have parts of you that are afraid and "evil," parts of you that become engaged under different circumstances of life, then you will be able to understand your fears and to soothe them so that awareness and enlightenment dawns in the place of darkness.  Love encompasses fear.  When you are in love's embrace, you will even embrace your fearful aspects and even come to accept and understand your own or others most "evil" acts.  This is compassion which leads to AGAPE.

~ Old Sage

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