Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"HONORING THE FATHER WITHIN" ~ Tarot-Healing Message for Oct 17-23

Who is the man in your life?  Is he, or are you a father?  Whether male or female, we all have an inner masculine principle.  We all grapple with the challenges and opportunities that come with learning about The Emperor or Father archetype.  The challenges have to do with authority and learning how to develop trust in our own sense of authority and power.  Depending on the relationship you have had with your father, this exploration of authority and personal power can be effortless or extremely difficult.  Sometimes, fathers abuse their power, and through their example, teach those dependent on them that power corrupts.  If this has been your story, how hard has it been for you to claim your power and create your kingdom as you see fit?  Are you aware of your personal power?  Do you feel the inner fire?  Do you have a vision for what you want to create?  Do you know how to assert yourself without harming another?  Most importantly, have you forgiven your father?  Until you forgive that first man in your life (or anyone else who may have played the role of father), chances are you will not fully own your personal power.  When you forgive, your personal power naturally flows into creating a life you love.  Until then, your energy will be wrapped up in trying to prove something to "Dad," and you may find yourself accomplishing much but feeling quite unfulfilled.  The good news is that it is never too late to forgive and reclaim your full power.  Then, you will see just how much you can accomplish in your life that is truly satisfying and fulfilling.

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