Sunday, June 12, 2011

"CAN IT GET ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL?" - Tarot Healing Message for JUNE 13-19

Day-in-day-out, you rise, you eat, you travel, you work, you play, you love, you hurt, you dream.  What is it all for?  What is it all leading to?  No one knows, except you.  YOUR LIFE IS YOUR LIVING WORK OF ART.  Through trial-and-error, you mix and blend the components of your life in order to create something beautiful.  It takes PATIENCE to "get it right."  It takes SELF-REFLECTION and HONESTY.  It takes TIME and EXPERIENCE to find the perfect DYNAMIC-BALANCE that will allow all of your parts to express themselves as one beautiful whole.  This week, go into the stillness and quiet of your being and FEEL THE WORK OF ART THAT IS YOU BEING CREATED.  At this stage in the game, the focus is on BEING and all that you are BECOMING...the doing will follow naturally.  Take a deep breath, and feel all of the various parts of yourself and your life coming into the perfect dynamic-balance.  In every moment this week, see yourself as THE ARTIST, patiently chipping away at the stone to reveal more and more of your true self.

~ Old Sage

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